Should Arsenal really give Kolasinac another chance?

One More Chance For Kolasinac? By Dan Smith

So if I wrote there’s an Arsenal player who can’t even get in our squad that we can’t offload due to his excessive wages, yet has told the club he’s staying even though it’s been made clear to him that he doesn’t fit into our first team plans, you would assume I’m taking about Ozil?

I’m actually referring to Kolasinac, who is rumoured to have had a heart to heart with his manager stressing he believes he can change his coaches mind about his ability.

Or to be more accurate……he was happy to return to Schalke, but they can’t afford a transfer fee on top of an estimated 100,000 pound a week salary.

In a genius ploy to give us an advantage on Saturday, we convinced West Ham to take the Bosnian off our hands, but he’s rejected the option, even if his earnings stayed the same and he remained living in London. So that tells you his opinion of the Hammers.

Now Arteta has shown he’s willing to give talent a second chance and Kolasinac might be looking at the likes of Xhaka, Mustafi, Maitland Niles and even Elneny as examples that it is possible to change the Spaniard’s perception.

The exception to the rule remains Guendouzi due to his attitude, and Ozil (which I have given my theory in the past).

Arteta would struggle to keep a straight face when claiming he makes all his selections based on footballing reasons if Kolasinac is on the bench.

Imagine being Ozil and having to pretend that your coach really believes Joe Willock or Reiss Nelson are better creative alternatives. You are promised it’s not personal, not a ploy to drive you out, not designed to make you miserable …… then Kolasinac is a sub?

It’s funny to me how our fanbase is very selective with their principles.

They describe Ozil as a thief for collecting 350,000 pound a week because they don’t rate him as a player, which is their right. Yet why are they not as angry that someone no longer trusted to play full back is taking home 100 000 pound a week? It’s fitting, as the left back stayed under the radar for a while.

Arsene Wenger and Unai Emery would change formations if he were playing, due to not trusting him defensively to play in a 4. I remember his final ball in the Europa League Final being terrible (and attacking is meant to be his strength).

No one can fault his effort, but I don’t understand what he could possibly say to Arteta to get another chance. His boss even gave him a chance to see how he gets on as a centre back and he kept getting his feet muddled up.

He’s simply not good enough.

I refer a lot to the 55 redundancies. If I got sacked to save the club money and then heard that Kolasinac was allowed to stay on 100,000 pound a week?

I would go to Citizens advice ASAP!

Dan Smith


  1. You don’t necessarily pick the best players you pick the best team – I think I may be paraphrasing Sir Alf Ramsey – and that is a key reason why Ozil doesn’t get into the squad.

  2. I’d sell him to reduce our Non-home grown quota. Clearly he’s not needed.
    Tierney will move back to the LB position when Arteta switches back to a 4-3-3 and Saka with Niles can play LB for more game time.
    By the way, he could fetch more money too.

    Bayer Leverkusen are willing to pay his fee of 12M to us to get him. I just hope he doesn’t chase them away with his wage demands.
    Also Arsenal are set to receive 1.5M if China Akpom completes his transfer to Middlesbrough.

    Dan I left a reply for you in the article about getting rid of non home grown players first

      1. So to clarify Eddie
        Your contacts told you yesterday Kolasniac was staying – reported online
        Yet today he tells you a German club might get him – also coincidentally online ?

  3. Just like Ozil, he’s had enough chances, and in different positions. Which is a shame, because I really liked him when he arrived.

    Will all depend on the wages again.

  4. If the “Tank” is serious about
    playing meaningful futbol in
    the not so distance future than
    a return to Germany should be a
    no brainer for the Bosnian. If he
    rejects the reported interest from
    BL than it’s all about the
    benjamins for Sue’s favorite LB.
    As noted by Eddie, KT, AMN and
    even Saka have the position
    covered and even Gabriel could
    feature as a LCB if MA decides to
    go with a back 3. I tend to like
    Kolasanic but there simply isnt a
    way back for him in the starting 11
    on a consistent basis.

    To think his possible move to BL
    could cover the transfer fee for a
    young, stud DM like Sangare from
    Toulouse. 🤔

    1. 😂 ACE…to look at, have I ever said he could play football?! 🤣 Even I think he should be sold, preferably to West Ham, for obvious reasons 😉

  5. You ask what the difference is between Ozil and Kolasinac in this scenario and I’d say it’s the difference of skill versus will.

    Ozil could play the way Arteta wants to; it appears that he just doesn’t have the will. He refuses to commit sufficiently to pressing or executing Arteta’s tactical plan despite having the requisite skill and fitness.

    On the other hand, Kolasinac is committed and has the will… just not the skill to apply it.

    Fans can forgive someone who wants to play and help the team but is unable to… versus someone who really could play and help the team but won’t do so. They don’t forgive that so slightly and nor should they.

    That’s the difference.

  6. If he doesnt want to leave he should be loaned, also Arsenal can pay some of his wages to enable him to move to another clubs

  7. He’s definitely not good enough and needs to be moved on.His defensive capabilities leave much to be desired and his wages are ridiculously high for someone who is nothing more than a “bench warmer”.Add into the equation Arsenal’s need to reduce the numbers in their senior squad to fit in with League requirements and he is certainly surplus.

  8. Arsenal should allow kolastinac go
    We have more than enough quality players in the defence at the moment please!!!n

  9. Kola should get off this ‘fight for my place’ crap and face the reality; MA has a clear vision, Kola is not part of it and is never going to dislodge Tierney, Saka and AMN ’cause the manger doesnt rate him. He’s had his chances already. Look at Elneny, straight from loan and he’s fitted into MA’s system yet kola’s been here all season and still cant do sh*t.

    P.S. His madness cost us the NLD. It offered the scum a way back into the game. Funny how a professional who kicks the ball seven days a week could be so casual at such a moment.

  10. A player with limited abilities, surplus to requirements. We should even give him away for as little as 5m or loan him out to cover part of his wages. We need to make room for our newcomers

  11. Tired of this never ending “Give a Second Chance” to certain players. They have been here for at least 5 seasons each and we are still talking about “Give so and so a second chance”.

    It’s become a predictable Catchphrase each season.

  12. Besides being overpaid these players deemed surplus are probably wanting to stay because the clubs on the way up which only adds value to them.

  13. There is no difference between any other player who decides to stick it out due to inflated wages.
    The article purports to be about Kolasinac but really you want to bring Ozil into the equation because you believe that there is a deliberate ploy to exclude him. It must be difficult in your shoes to see the good in the Arteta transformation of our club if you think he is deliberately excluding Özil. I can’t keep repeating how silly it would be to exclude a player that can truly benefit the club’s progression.
    Arteta chooses the team and the club has to swallow the bitter pill of the wasted money spent on salaries whether it is Kolasinac, Ozil or any other player who chooses to do the same

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