Should Arsenal really make Aaron Ramsey captain?

On the day we find out that the actual Arsenal captain Laurent Koscielny has actually returned to full training after the operation on his Achilles tendon, it has been suggested by Jack Wilshere that the Gunners should not have closed contract talks with Aaron Ramsey, but instead should make him the captain!

Wilshere said: “He’s grown up to be a great player with Arsenal. They could do with someone like him. We know what he can do for the club.

“For me he’s a future Arsenal captain. I know he loves the club. It’s difficult for me to comment on because I’m not there but I do know he’s a great player – if it was me I know I would want to keep him around.

“He’s a great guy to have around. He’s been at the club so long and knows it inside out. If you look at what he’s done for the club too.

“We went into the first team in the same year. He came from Cardiff and I came from the youth team. We automatically clicked because we were both young and new to that sort of environment.”

“I think you’ve got to look at the situation and ask: ‘How many top teams in the Premier League and elsewhere could he get in?’

“And you’d have to say them all – and that speaks volumes about the type of player he is.”

I’m not sure that all Arsenal fans would agree with Jack on that score. Many of us think that the Welshman has been consistently inconsistent (and injury-prone) for most of his career at the Emirates. And as for giving someone who is going to leave the captains armband, you could say that Emery already has done. Ramsey was announced as one of five captains at the beginning of the season, and was named captain when we played Watford not so long ago.

I know everyone is saying that it was Emery who withdrew the offer, but he has since denied that is anything to do with him. I am sure that the talks ended because the Gunners negotiators refused to meet Ramsey’s demands. So after all that, do you think he should be a captain of Arsenal in the future?

Darren N


  1. gotanidea says:

    According to Ornstein, the new contract had been agreed by both parties, but then Arsenal withdrew. Therefore it is not Ramsey’s mistake because he has agreed to extend

    Monreal and Cech could be in their final seasons too. But they are much older, can see the game better (because they play in the back) and they are more consistent than Ramsey, hence they would be better candicates for captaincy

    1. Th14 says:

      Nicholas Pepe —P9 G6 A4

      This is the player we need to become title contenders.

      1. Sal says:

        th 14 yeah he is a showman for sure unvelivable on the ball, it’s glued to his feet but still raw with some final decision making and defensive display in my opinion, but definetly one to watch could become great under a good manager.

  2. jon fox says:

    Who cares what Wilshere thinks! Ramsey will not be our captain under Emery, unless he is re-offered a deal and signs it. And he won’t be re-offered a deal IMO. The reason? Because NOW, unlike before, Emery has had ample chance to assess his use to us and has decided against it. Correctly! What cannot be disputed is that he has been here a decade and failed to win most fans over. Had he been remotely good enough to NOW be offered a huge increase, he would certainly have Tthe fans wanting him to stay. But very few do. HE IS NOTHING SPECIAL AND JUST NOT WORTH HUGE WAGES.

  3. Hez says:

    Some guy just became a manager and now thinks openly that Peb was his best manager when a certain Arsene vastly improved a clueless winger into one of the greatest strikers in the PL!

    1. AshX9 says:

      sorry mate but you have no right to start a trash talk about Henry! He said nothing wrong, Pep is the best manager from the ones who managed him in his opinion! Did he deny what he gained from Wenger’s management? No! don’t he forget that he won every possible competetion with barca that season and the way barca were playing that time was something out of this world! Don’t think Henry is ungrateful he never was! but his gratitude for Wenger shouldn’t matter and shouldn’t affect his opinion on who he thinks was the best manager!

  4. Declan says:

    To answer the headline question,No.

  5. Dudu says:

    Why are we still talking about clueless Aaron Ramsey….please let Ramsey go,we need a player like David Silva or Erickson not Ramsey locomotive player he can’t run ? with all he cares is to score even if lose 10:1 he doesn’t know his primary assignment as a midfielder…No Wenger No Ramsey finish.

    1. Crispen says:

      Why and how do you include AW??

  6. Break-on-through says:

    If he was seen as true captain material well then this contract business would not be happening, he’d have been tied down long ago. I like that we already have some stronger personality at the club and its Emery’s first season. Most of it is probably coming from the manager and the people he brought with him. Iwobi is the only one that fell back into that childish, cringe-worthy, way of reacting to a small bit of form. It used to be that our most experienced players talked the way Iwobi did with the season barely even started for the true title chasing teams. Klopp is trying like a mad man to swat the title talk away, trying to drag us into it so he can shift the focus to more than one club challenging the city slickers. Ramsey is a good guy, he puts some good work into our games. A captain though, I’m sorry but he just ain’t that guy. He never hides even when some fans would love nothing more than to see him disappear. All professional’s past and present rarely have a bad word to say about him, they all seem to respect Ramsey. Its not because of English courtesy towards one of their own neither cause the guy is Welsh. I have to be honest here though. Ramsey doesn’t speak up enough, he’s not demanding of other players and a captain must be that! above all. Also a captain must be more about the team and our other players even at the expense of his own reward. One thing I do agree with the naysayers, on Ramsey, is that he can be a bit like a man on a mission at times for himself to be the difference maker in the team. A captain will put others ahead of his own personal targets for the season. I’d prefer if we groomed Torriera to be captain eventually. With either Xhaka or Lacazette stepping in for the time being. Chambers looked like he could be groomed for it to suit well one day, but first he’d have to prove that he’s good enough for the starting eleven.

  7. qoni says:

    ramsey for captian? rubbish. let him leave. i will not use him as a substitute. how many good seasons he gave to the club? he does love the club at all. torreira for captain. gooner = for ever

  8. Thomo says:

    Ramsey had one good season that’s it the rest of the time he’s been injured and inconsistent

  9. kenya01 Ars fan says:

    hey he already is!!,,well one of the rotational captains we have. Never agreed to him being captain regardless

  10. LENOhappy says:

    Don’t even want to talk about Ramsey again,but i will take him over ozil everyday at least the boy can at least tackle and he loves scoring in big matches

    1. Phil says:

      Really?When was the last big match he scored in?Any game home or away against the 5 teams that finished above us last season?They were big games.Athletico Madrid home or Away?Citeh home or Chelsea Away this season?Dont invent a myth for a player that scored two winning cup finals and has had ONE good season out of TEN.

      1. Hardave Singh says:

        Phil it’s not fair to ask about last season because the whole team played cr@p last season. Ramsey did alright during his tenure but he had tons of injuries that prevented him being consistent. Personally I don’t mind him leaving as Amn can play in his position.

        1. Phil says:

          Why not last Season?What has Ramsey actually done to not have criticism levelled at him for last season?I agree Wenger let the whole team become a pale shadow of a competitive side capable of challenging for top honours but this is no reason for Ramsey to be exonerated.The point the writer wrote was that he “Loves scoring in big matches”.I pointed out the big games he failed to score in last season.Why should this be questioned when it is fact?

          1. Hardave Singh says:

            Exactly. The writer said he scores in big matches which is meant throughout Ramsey’s tenure and not just last season. I’m not exonerating Ramsey in anyway I’m just saying theres no point bringing up last season as even Messi would have struggled in our team. Writer’s main point that you miss was he would take Ramsey over Ozil everyday.

          2. Phil says:

            Again I question why anybody would seriously consider Ramsey over Mesut Ozil. Ramsey had his contract offer withdrawn simply because he was not thought good enough to improve the team.That will not happen with Ozil who remains our most talented player.Emery will get the best from him by playing him centrally instead of widecright to accommodate Ramsey

          3. Goonerboi says:

            The reason why Ozils offer didnt get retracted is because Ozil is more than a football player, he sells jersey, merchandise and grows the Arsenal brand that is to say he makes a lot of money for arsenal. As opposed to Ramsey who has definitely scored some very nice goals for arsenal but just doesn’t have the same effect off the field that Ozil has.

            I would only be open to Ramseys departure if we were guaranteeing he wasn’t going to a rival AND we were getting a player with greater or equal potential/quality e.g. Rabiot, weigel, Ndombele exc. Ramsey imo is still an integral part of our squad the same way milner is to Liverpool. He makes our bench strong, keeps the starting 11 on their feet and defs is capable of magic. He’s experience is worth a lot of money considering like Shaw just side a contract for 195000 a week. Arsenal should be able offer something similar incentive based

          4. Sarmmie says:

            All what you said about ozil working for merchandise and money for deals are just speculation, how many times has he been used for ads or as the face of the team in promotional stuffs, the players I remember seeing frequently are bellerin, lacazette and maybe mkhitaryan

          5. Goonerboi says:

            LMFAO he’s social media is infinitely more popular, think our deal with Adidas and Ozil longstanding relationship is coincidental? Don’t be a fool although Ozil has a fantastic agent and management team. He’s a “big name” player like pogba who is also extremely overrated but earns ridiculous wages. For example Kante is infinitely better than both aforementioned players in terms of skill but there’s a reason he earns significantly less than both. He isnt as marketable

      2. jon fox says:

        To be precise, the first half only of 2013-14, until he got injured ONCE AGAIN!

  11. LENOhappy says:

    most times I don’t understand the arsenal fans on this forum,what is bad in a footballer being ambitious,this is what iwobi said “Iwobi told the club’s official website: “We’re not afraid to play anyone. We’re playing without fear, we want to be consistent and keep it going.

    “The team spirit is better. The confidence is definitely better. We analyse the games a bit more and we’re proving to the fans as well as ourselves that we’re able to compete for the title.”

    Arsenal have clambered above old adversaries Tottenham and to within touching distance of the Premier League frontrunners.

    Pressed on whether a challenge for the crown can be maintained this season, Iwobi said: “Well of course!

    “But there’s a long way to go. It’s a marathon, so we just have to carry on being consistent.”@Break on through,I know your personal hatred for the guy,I know you don’t like him but will you have preferred he said we are afraid of playing against some teams or we can’t compete with some teams.i will really love it if you can reply me

    1. Hardave Singh says:

      I personally love it when our players say they can win the title. It’s all about the believe isn’t it, the more you believe in something the more likely you would achieve it. I also love it when fans are incredibly optimistic. It creates an amazing atmosphere around the whole club. Yes when we lose or don’t achieve our expectation it’ll lead to disappointment but thats part and parcel of the game.

    2. Break-on-through says:

      I would’ve preferred it if he said: We are playing well and there’s a long way to go. We’re confident but its much to early to talk about titles. I believe in the quality of this team but there is still improvements that need to be made. For now we are focusing on the next game because every match is a big game. I have no hate for the guy he’s an Arsenal player I want to see him become one of the best players in this league. I’m sorry if you don’t like my comments but I just feel to talk about titles at this stage is foolish. I get why others commenting can be a bit annoying at times as I feel that way from time. I mean no offence its just a difference of opinion, so good luck mate and try not to take anything I say too serious.

  12. Biggs says:

    The mystery here is why in pre season emery spoke about building the team around Ramsey and yet we seem happy to lose him only a few months later. Any insights welcome…

  13. Durand says:

    Best to let a player’s onfield performance speak for them. Iwobi is showing a directness and purpose in possession that wasn’t there before.

    I like it when player’s keep the chatter to a minimum and let their performances make the statement.

    On Ramsey, if he showed ANY consistency over the last 10 years there wouldn’t be contract nonsense. Point being he’s shown nothing worth keeping and overpaying for, period. Won’t miss his play, stupid flicks, and absentee leadership on the pitch.

    Give AMN and Smith-Rowe a chance and Ramsey will soon be forgotten.

  14. waal2waal says:

    Unfortunately i lost interest at the point wilshere says “…I’m not there but I do know he’s a great player”. altho we love you jack, the flip-side is that being at the hammers can play havoc with your good judgement and better senses.

  15. Rkw says:

    He’s good enough for everton or may be AC Milan … Who cares … If we are to move ahead he is certainly one of the vestiges of the wenger era holding us back … So anywhere is fine by me … But I will bet my last dollar he’s not barcelona bound …

  16. LENOhappy says:

    Phil,ozil has been great but not anymore to be honest I will take any midfielder in the premier league ahead of him,what’s the point in having a player who only turn up when he like,I have nothing against him but I believe he is finished as a footballer

      1. Phil says:

        What?ANY Midfielder?So you would take any player just to get rid of Ozil?You obviously don’t rate him so who am I to argue.The fact he is the third top scorer in the League behind Aubamayang and Lacazette means nothing.Despite not playing in his required position.
        Seen how Germany are playing at the moment?Im not saying it’s all down to Ozil not playing but it seems they miss him more than they thought don’t you?Please let me know who you would have take his place will you? Thank You

  17. RichSAAlao says:

    @ Jon Fx
    ”And he won’t be re-offered a deal IMO. The reason? Because NOW, unlike before, Emery has had ample chance to assess his use to us and has decided against it. Correctly!”
    assessed in 5months, how many matches? was that that ample? this is not high INTELLECT statement.
    Though, situation does not make it right for captaincy, that goes without saying.
    Also, for you, Your legendary Henry, did not value his legendary time with Arsenal as the couple of seasons he did at Barcelona; where he was ballboy for Leo, the commander!
    This is what ” Cultured Left Foot quoted he said
    Pep for me is the reference. We learnt how to play the game when I went to Barcelona under him.
    Thierry Henry…ouch!”

    1. jon fox says:

      @ RichSAAlao, You said it right , he WAS assessed in five months and not wanted at huge wages thereafter, so that offer was withdrawn. Wonderful news! By comparison , the previous manager kept a non performing player there ten years. And kept the even more awful WALCOTT FOR TWELVE DREADFUL AND NON PERFORMING YEARS. How great to have someone here now who makes swift decisions and puts the club before ANY ONE PLAYER. If you don’t appreciate that, then more fool you!

  18. Robin Vanpayslip - the man is watching you says:

    His level of performance has never been of high enough standard to warrant him being a crucial player to Arsenal.

    Same with Wilshere. Glad he is not here anymore.

  19. who the hell is jack,he is now a westham player so why does he want to cause commotion in our club,Ramsey should bear in mind that the Wenger era is gone,we are in a new era no time for dilly darling

  20. Sal says:

    sorry jack hope he has a great season but it’s too late now, would like to see some young blood replace him it’s time for them to shine!!

    He also might join you at everton which is where he belongs a top 6-8 club which everton deserve to be in my opinion europa league club for sure and i mean it as a compliment they are not there this season 😉

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