Should Arsenal recall Szczesny for Man City clash?

The Polish shot-stopper Wojciech Szczesny has been on the bench since his howlers against Southampton – followed by the badly-timed smoking incident, but Arsene Wenger has repeatedly said that Szczesny is still considered to be Arsenal’s Number One keeper.

With that in mind, Wenger may decide that the 23 year-old has served his punishment and theenforced rest may have made him realise that he has to up his performance if he is to retain his place, although Wenger refused to confirm his decision one way or the other. When asked in the pre-match conference who would get the nod against Man City, Le Prof said: “I have not decided yet. Ospina has done well.

“I rate Szczesny highly but I don’t think any individual will be our problem on Sunday – it will be our team commitment. No matter who plays, it’s important that the team performs and that the guy who plays, plays well.”

It’s a fair answer, and it gives both keepers a reason to try their hardest in training to impress Le Boss. We all know that Szczesny has hardly kept any clean sheets this season while Ospina has had two in his performances against Hull and Stoke, who can hardly be called stiff opposition.

Considering the importance of tomorrows fixture, who would you put between the sticks?

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      1. Tough choice but I’ll go with Szczesny for this one, if he flops, he makes an even bigger case for Ospina, if he does well, then good, Ospina will still be breathing down his neck either ways. If Ospina does well, Szczesny will still be breathing donw his neck but if he flops, Szcz will have am even bigger head. But that said, Ospina should come in the less tricky games irrespective of Szczesny’s form to assess him a bit more.

    1. Considering Szczesney’s form (or lack of it), his antics and the fact that Ospina has done nothing wrong as of yet, the choice should be clear cut.

  1. Ospina.

    And the writer says, “against Hull and Stoke, who can hardly be called stiff opposition “.

    Um how many goal has Schez conceded against Stoke and weak opposition? Exactly, Ospina for me, give him a chance.

  2. Give Ospina chance to prove that he’s better than Sczesny. Sczesny has been given a lot of chances this season, last season and season before. If you think Ospina did well in less competitive matches than Sceszny had, then this is Ospina chance to prove that he is competitive in tough match as well.

    Remember, Ospina performances in last World Cup gave him more experience to challenge Sczesny spot. 2 games on the bench doesn’t gave enough lesson to Sczesny and he’s need more than that. Believe me, Ospina last 2 performances had give much lessons to him and Sczesny will be back with better attitude, mentally and physically.

    Selfies, smoking, his father interference, inconsistencies should be considered before giving him back his position.

    Always Ospina at this time.

  3. wonder what effect shezza will have on fellow pole bielik.

    shezza “initiation time kid ….come in the showers i have something for you to put in yer mouth”
    bielek “what hold on, why, im not in prison, please, i like girls…i think”
    shezza “haha, no lil homey”
    *pulls out box of lambert and butler
    bielek “oh, haha,i was joking, haha, of course i didnt really think u..ha…”
    shezza “right”
    *bielek coughs, shezza stares at the floor

  4. Ospina is playing better so it doesn’t make sense to start him. By all means start him against Brighton in FA Cup. However, for a huge game like this you need to play your best playing player in every position.

    The same with Coquelin. Don’t start Flamini or anyone else over Coquelin because Coquelin is playing well.

    Personally, I would play Bellerin over chambers at RB, but I have no problem if Chambers starts.

    I would start Cazorla over Ozil simply because Cazorla is in form and Ozil needs to compete with him to earn his spot. Don’t get me wrong. Overall, in the middle Ozil is superior to Cazorla but not at the moment.

    At striker Giroud is the only option. Welbeck is injured and our best finisher is on loan.

    I would start Walcott and Sanchez. Obviously, everyone believes Sanchez should start. That goes beyond saying. However, unlike Ozil, I would start Walcott. I think his speed can cause City problems

  5. of topic, but seeing mourinho, the ex real madrid manager complain about fair share spending is too much to swallow, i really dislike the little turd, i think we will all become victim of chelsea vs city in the spending fight to win, could end up like la liga…

    1. should have been a transfer an wages cap years ago,

      now its too late the floodgates have opened…

      david luiz is worth 50 million.
      mangala 38
      darren bent 28

      1. agree, news flash, real & barca 1&2 in la liga, bayern 11 pts in bundesliga, chelsea & city leading EPL… EPL has been unique for keeping 5 teams that compete, I am afraid City & Chelsea could pull away, by competeing w Bayern, PSG, Barca and Real for the elites, forming a permanent 2nd and 3rd class… Second class is AFC, Pool, ManUtd, and maybe Spurs, the rest fight to stay out of regulation, then every once in a while you get a southampton that have a great yr, then get stripped of their players… look at dortmund, mortgaged the future, won a league, now deep in relagation, Bayern picking clean their players…

        1. If Wenger was doing his job and buying the players needed we would be competing with them but no Mr like us to go in the season with the like of Artefacts,Mertesaked as first choice when everyone give us a chance with the right reinforcement.
          We are there by Mr Wenger fault no one else.

    2. Maureen needs a bitch slap, i hate him to the core. Hopefully he will get ran over by a caravan/

      1. fully agree, the hypocritical little twit, complains about unfair spending then tries to buy messi…

  6. This is how the team can develop competition in d GK position..

    Start Ospina vs City.. If Szczesny starts vs City he won’t feel the competition as he ll feel he is recalled for the big games..

    Let Ospina push Szczesny to the limit.

  7. No Scszesny along with Chambers can’t play tomorrow or we will lose for sure. I would keep almost the same team that started last weekend with Bellerin in for Debuchy. Ozil and Walcott can come on later in the game as they don’t defend much.

  8. Off Topic but serious,,, why not sell Diaby n Sanogo to QPR,, They give us Charlie Austin plus 1pound…… Good deal

    1. Fu&king sunday match again… what the hell do i do now, ive built my self up for a gooner match 🙁

      1. thinking the same thing, had to turn off chelskie, seeing cesc in blue makes me sick, turned off QPR v MUtd, cant deal w Harry’s face in 60″ HD, now watching spurs, since tied, hoping they drop points…

        1. It sucks seeing Fabregas in blue or RVP in red.
          only good thing is tomorrow we will not see Nasri in the other blue team. Just Sagna and Clichy

    1. I hate Mourinho but he knows How to build a champion team

      Wenger getting back Fabregas would have made us stronger and Maybe hurt Chelski’s chances.

      Costa shows How invaluable a WC striker is.

      Wenger gets Welbeck who is nearly as good as Giroud.

      That’s not ambitious

      1. Also getting back Song and Vela would have helped too. Song isn’t WC but he would have been better than Flamini. Vela had scored loads of goals.

        1. getting fabregas was common sense.
          getting costa was common sense
          getting matic was common sense
          getting hazard was common sense

          but through penny pinchin- all went for very fair prices.
          an lack of common sense- chelsea are looking favourites for the league

      2. give me or you an unlimited checkbook, we can build a team, but he knows how to motivate, having gone thru the one year saga of one of my hero’s, cesc, and having an overstocked midfield i understand not resigning him, though he is playing much better at chelsea then Barca, he is suited for English football, where I struggle is selling TV5, loosing Sagna, Jenks and not correctly filling in that back line, not to mention the DM… so every competitive team won today, pressure mounting

  9. The only good thing about the Chelsea game is that it confirms that we made the right decision not extending Fabianski’s contract. However, he never really had a chance against Costa, Fabregas and Hazard

  10. I wonders how many City will put past us tomorrow, 6 or 7 probably. Whoever thinks we can win tomorrow, forget it. We are useless against big opposition, we haven’t beaten a ‘top 3’ team in twenty-something games, that’s disgraceful. Basically our players are scared to face the big teams because the mentality in the squad is p*ss poor and weak- a reflection of the manager. We are so totally f*cked tomorrow, 100 percent going to loose. Call me a pessimist, I’m just being realistic.

        1. Wait, so that 5-1 counted for more than our 2-0 victory, and the FA cup match isn’t important even though it led to us winning a trophy. You make no sense.

  11. NO! Ospina please. Spurs, pool and mu winning hmm lets see how Arsenal respond to the pressure of playing later against the champions.

  12. I just worry that ospina has barely been tested. I still think szczesney is better but he made a fool of himself vs Southampton and is paying the price. Ospina should probably get the nod for this one though

  13. Benik Afobe scored on his debut for Wolves tonight. Not quite sure why he wasn’t given a contract and sent out on loan some more because his last two loans have shown how much a goal scorer he is.

  14. OSPINA is a world class GK Colombia played a great WC, he can handle the pressure of big games no question he should be given the chance…ZZZZNY must still feel the hangover of those 6 goals he conceded the last time he played at ETIHAD

  15. Szczesny is rubbish, has been and will always be. Can you imagine him at Chelsea, Manchester City, United? He may have great reflexes but so does every keeper in the EPL and in the lower divisions. He doesn’t have the basic goalkeeping skills to play at such a standard but anyway, regardless of all that, he is gutless and that disqualifies him from being anywhere near a first team. Sell the tosser now whilst we can still get some money and let him be a clown elsewhere.

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