Should Arsenal reconsider Aaron Ramsey’s contract?

So it would appear that the rumours were true and it was Arsenal’s decision to withdraw the contract offer to Aaron Ramsey, well that is what the Welshman is now saying. “Everything has been going great with the club,” he said. “We thought we were in a position where we had agreed a deal but that’s no longer the case.

“So I just have to carry on playing my football and do my best for Arsenal this season and I’ll leave the rest with the club now.

“Am I disappointed? That’s a decision that they have made and things happen in football and you just have to get on with it and carry on playing the best I can.

“That’s all I am concentrating on and giving my best for Arsenal.”

With no contract offer on the table, it looks like the 27 year-old will be leaving next summer so he can gain a massive signing on fee from his new club. “Would I stay for the rest of the season? Of course, yeah,” he continued.

“I am contracted to Arsenal and I am going to do my best now this season to try and achieve something special.”

Obviously it could be not all the clubs fault of course, pèrhaps Ramsey wanted a big signing on fee from Arsenal as well, and the club refused to cave in to his agents demands. I am sure Arsenal will never give us their side of the story….

But after Sunday’s performance should we be reconsidering the offer of a new contract?



  1. Sal says:

    got to give it to him he’s saying all the right things, and showing loyalty by still maintaining a strong position for himself it’s smart off him. The guy knows what to say and do, and if he carries on like he did at fulham why not stay till the end of the season!!

    yes it’s money lost but having a player giving it his all is a no risk for arsenal and will give us more time to identify targets for next season, either way january or end of the season pulling his contract was the correct move by the club in my opinion, and for once we are ruthless for the good of the team in the long run, that my friend is how you win titles. in my eyes the ramsey saga is progress we are holding all the cards for once!!

    1. Phil says:

      You are wrong to suggest we hold all the cards.We don’t.Ramsey and his Agents are the ones with all the cards not Arsenal Football Club.The player is the one who let his contract run down.Im sure the offer from the Club was a good one but Ramsey wanted more.So he obviously values himself more highly than we do so the Club was right to withdraw the offer.
      Let’s face facts here.If Ramsey has not scored THAT goal against Fulham last week then we would not be having these comments about keeping him.That is his TOTAL CONTRIBUTION to the team so far this season.Not a lot when you think about it.

      1. Sal says:

        reread the comment you know where i stand on ramsey, and yes we hold the cards when it comes to a player that we handed a contract that decided against it because we don’t want him anymore, that is the defintion of holding all the cards the deck and sliding a fiver to the dealer 😉

        1. Phil says:

          We failed to hold all the cards as of 31st August when the transfer window closed.Since then the player and his advisors are the ones dictating.The Club withdrew the offer so at least they can plan ahead for life without Ramsey and the player can now choose between sitting on the bench of a top club or signing for West Ham or Everton next season.I can assure you Ramsey will miss Arsenal far more than Arsenal will miss Ramsey.

          1. Sal says:

            miscommunication for sure phil, so i’ll be plain:

            1) i don’t think ramsey is a must in the team and having him run his contract shouldn’t be a problem for any fan he’s not messi

            2) the club withdrawing the contract after handing him an obscene amount that he accepted is great sign for our club and our fans

            3) the definition of holding the cards means he wants to stay it’s obvious we all know that who wouldn’t this is arsenal, so if we don’t beleive in our youth or can’t sign a much better improvement in the summer we can always go back to ramsey and offer him the money which we can!!

            4) don’t see where i lost you 🙂

          2. Ne says:

            I agree with you. Will the coach waste him on the bench for £110k, I can do better for less since I will not be on the pitch. Seriously attack and pressing game needs Ramsey. He is the only one running around to deny the opponent freedom. No 10 position is his. He can also score. But he will only make the bench when he leaves, the arsenal love affect will destroy him. Look at all the stars that left arsenal, nowhere to be found. Henry will not call his stay at Barcelona great.

      2. gotanidea says:

        Arsenal can choose not to extend a player’s contract or put him in a transfer list. A football club is always bigger and more powerful than any of its players

        If players like Ozil, Sanchez, Chamberlain and Ramsey want to run down their contracts, Arsenal can simply sell them. If there is no good offer for the want-away player, Arsenal just need to lower their price, but they stupidly did not do that to Ozil, Sanchez and Ramsey

        What I like from the ex-Gunners and Ramsey is they remain professional till the end. No matter what the childish fans say, their contributions at Arsenal speak louder than the foul mouths

        1. stubill says:

          Arsenal ca lower the price as much as they want to, even accepting a goldfish and a balloon, but if they player doesn’t want to sign for that, or any other team, he can simply see out his contract, The club can’t force him to leave, unless of course they pay up his contract.

          1. stubill says:

            Jesus, there are some typos there, that’ll teach me to post while making a cuppa lol.

          2. jon fox says:

            Only two very minor ones actually. You should see how many some of my posts have. No one cares provided your post is clear. And it IS! But you have clearly learned that a little bit of self deprecation always goes down well with others. I use that trick too . Trouble is as I know I am, in fact, perfect in every conceivable way, people see through it. Can’t think how!

      3. jon fox says:

        Could not agree more. HOW FICKLE SOME FANS ARE, rating him higher now merely cos he scored a great TEAM goal. Done sweet FA THE rest of the season and has always been an in and out player, plus often injured over ten years and now he seems to think he is a star. WELL HE IS NOT. Goodbye next summer then Mr BIGHEAD RAMSEY AND SHUT THE DOOR BEHIND YOU. The most indisputable fact that most fans are happy he leaves says it all.

        1. Andrew E says:

          I used to be a Ramsey fan and I’ve given him the benefit of the doubt on numerous occasions but you are absolutely right. We should try to sell him next window if possible.

          1. Break-on-through says:

            I never mentioned his goal once, that day I don’t really recall anyone mentioning it after the game. Lacazette, Iwobi, Mustafi, Torriera, and good game good second half was most of the talk. And Emery got allot of mentions. I’ve always said I want Ramsey to stay, but don’t like that he’s running the contract down. But with me not knowing the full details, am not gonna bad mouth him while we have Ozil, Welbeck, Cech as well as others like Monreal who’ve done the same. If you think that one goal is after changing minds I’d say I don’t believe you one bit. I’ve heard the way people in here speak of him whether he’s in good form or bad, none of the ones (people) I remember looked anywhere near on the fence. If you can prove otherwise you should name them. This is one of those baseless statements I see in here from time, and when I say otherwise they usually say well its my opinion deal with it. People like to make out fans of Ramsey are kids, another baseless statement.

  2. Bobby says:

    No, that ship has sailed he has been average for far too long, one game in 20 doesn’t change that, thank God some arsenal fans are not the ones making decisions, they’ll probably give every crock and flop a life time contracts

    Has anyone seen resource or rememberresource

    1. gotanidea says:

      Even though Ramsey is a good midfielder, we all have seen his limitations and I’d prefer Arsenal to gamble on the younger midfielders (Guendouzi, Maitland-Niles, Smith-Rowe, etc)

      Big applause to Arsenal for not repeating the same mistake on Ozil’s contract extension, because they need younger players with more motivation, hunger and energy

      @kev is @Resource or @Remember Resource?

      1. Bobby says:

        The new guys really deserve praise for taking the contract off, this guy has been with us for 10years??? and still has no known position, we can’t afford to put the club in another ozil situation, just imagine having ozil and ramsey on 550k a week my God.
        Hope we sell him by January that could be funds added to getting a younger better and dominating center back or a competent winger

        1. Enagic says:

          Exactly! I am with you on this one Bobby

        2. Ingleby says:

          Hard to disagree, Bobby. My sentiments entirely.

    2. Durand says:

      Well said Bobby, I agree with your statement.

      We don’t know all the facts, or what else Ramsey wanted.

      Maybe he was expecting to be captain? Maybe he didn’t like 4 other players sharing that position?
      Maybe he wanted a guarantee in starting 11?
      Maybe he wanted a guarantee for a position?
      Maybe he wanted bonuses team was unwilling to meet?
      Maybe he wanted team to shell out cash for White Rhinos, rather than pay himself from his paycheck?

      I don’t know myself, but team tried negotiations when Wenger was manager right?
      F#&k off I say, and good riddance to 10 years of mediocrity.

      At least Wilshere said he talked to Emery about starting 11 and Emery said no guarantees, so Wilshere moved on. Love Jack for honesty, much respect to him.

      1. jon fox says:

        And maybe he just had far too high an opinion of himself eh? I think so and am glad to see you do too.

        1. Durand says:

          Jon we see this the same. Ramsey is all about himself and less the club. It’s his right to do so, I don’t begrudge him trying to get himself a bigger paycheck.

          However anyone suggesting he is team first guy, leadership, or bleeds ARSENAL is mistaken. I always think of Tony Adams who said if Arsenal put a contract in front of him he’d sign it.

          No wonder Tony is “Mr. Arsenal” and Aron is Mr. Ramsey. Legend status for one, soon forgotten and not missed for the other.

  3. Howard says:

    Letr’s get rid of Ozil even if we need to pay part of his wages and allow him to leave. He’s useless, don’t tackle, stroll around in games and his killer passes are dwindling meanwhile he receives the highest cheque. Move on Ozil and retain Ramsey; who’s very loyal instead.

    The damage, Arsene and Gazidi did to the club is just too much.

    1. jon fox says:

      Howard, I am with you . I detest idle , lazy, players like Walcott AND OZIL TOO! They are always poison in any team sport. Mystery to me is why so many still say he is not lazy , when he clearly IS and big time so. A waste of space for about a year now and regularly so.

      1. Totally disagree with your stance on Özil. If you understand football You will understand what he brings to the team. He provides the fluidity which allows the team to work as a cohesive unit. Many of the touches to retain possession and move forward go unnoticed because that’s what they are One touches. Ozil plays off the players around him. You don’t develop a pedigree at the highest level like he has because you can’t play. No one in the Arsenal side and few in the premier leagiue have achieved what he has. With regards to some comments on assists only from crosses an set pieces so what. I have also seen plenty assists from clever through balls. I have also seen plenty of thtough balls fluffed. That would also make a great video. Do some research on the player before commenting ignorantly. I have been supporting Arsenal for 47 years and seen many greats. I appreciate what Ozil can bring to the table.

        1. Tony says:

          The reason why Ozil is so slated is because in most games he will give you a 10 out of 10 moment but for the remainder of the game he’ll give you 1 out of 10 which simply isn’t consistent enough to warrant a place in the starting 11. Ozil is a weak player who bottles out of challenges and even makes a 50/50 challenge look like 70/30 in the oppositions favour with his hesitation. Ramsey can go and take Ozil with him.

  4. Amunds says:

    As Mr. Wenger said; more and more players will run down their contract. I think that is fine, we all see the prices the clubs have to pay these days. No players are worth that sort of money

  5. Grandad says:

    In a word no.Had Emery been in charge when negotiations with Ozil were taking place i very much doubt if he would still be with Arsenal.As it is we are stuck with him for the duration.

  6. Ramsey scored one good goal and suddenly becomes a superstar lol
    Ramsey needs to move one to a different club, not good for arsenal in my opinion.

  7. Kofi says:

    We are in a sorry state as a club in terms of management of players. Of the current crop, he’s the inly player to have won Arsenal player of the year twice. If he’s average, the whole team is average . And he’s Arsenal most important cog for me. What’s the point in paying Ozil 350k to walk in the park and let a player like Ramsey leave? For how long will we painfully to let heroes(yes, won us 2 fa cups in our most barren spell) of the club leave?

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Two wrongs don’t make a right.
      Arsenal is stuck with the Ozil situation. Time will tell whether Emery can get the best out of him, or whether he will be transfered out. Having made one overly ambitious offer, Arsenel weren’t going to mke a similar one to Ramsey; a player who is always one game away from the treatment table.

  8. team Ramsey took so long to conclude the deal,so arsenal have learnt from the past,its no longer the Wenger era,we need to move faster rather than dragging for two or three months dealing with a single player contract,arsenal should not be taken for granted,we support the badge not individuals, players come and leave that’s the criteria,sign up or u ship out.

  9. John Rambo says:

    Wish we could do a swap deal with PSG. Aaron Ramsey for Adrien Rabiot. I’d be ok with that.

    1. ozziegunner says:


  10. Andrew E says:

    We already have his replacement, Ainsley Maitland-Niles, so bench Ramsey when as soon as he is fit again. I really do rate this lad and love his attitude, hope he proves me right.

  11. Farhan says:

    From purely business point of view, it looks like a very bad deal to me. Ramsey now at 140k (I think), wud want 60-70k more per week, tat comes up to an additional 3.6 million a year. Sell him in the first year of his new contract and you’ll at least get 50 million. So we r losing 40 – 50 million for saving up on 4 million. I don’t think it’s a great idea.

  12. roshan says:

    Deal with ManU. Ramsey + Cash for Martial

  13. Dave Huntley says:

    The club offered an improved contract long before the story broke but Ramsey and his representative turned it down, the club’s valuation and Ramsey’s clearly differ, maybe Ramsey should concentrate more on his performances on the field than his healthy bank balance, more and more players think they can hold a gun to the club’s head, a younger, hungrier player is waiting for his opportunity and under Emery glory days aren’t far away, with or without Ramsey.

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