Should Arsenal refuse to sell brilliant Ospina? Or let him go?

Ospina proves he’s too good to sit on Arsenal’s bench!

Although there is little debate about who should be Arsenal’s number one next season, with Petr Cech seemingly having that in the bag for sure. There is instead much debate surrounding who will be Arsenal’s goalkeeper on the bench for next season.

It has raised the question of whether it will be Szczesny or Ospina, and although Szczesny arguably has more potential to keep growing into a better keeper with experience, Ospina on the other hand seems to seal the win according to many, with his performances for the Gunners overall. Although that’s not something I necessarily agree with,

Tonight Ospina proved his worth in Columbia’s international match against Paraguay. He pulled off a few fantastic saves and really kept his side in the game. Ospina has proven on many occasions just how good of a goalkeeper he is. When he had his first solid run in the Arsenal team after Wojiciech Szczesny was dropped, Ospina proved to be a fantastic keeper that Arsenal had just sitting in the stands. Sadly for the Columbian, he is extremely inconsistent and his biggest flaw is on set pieces, especially catching.

Despite his inconsistencies many believe Ospina may be too good to sit on Arsenal’s bench and therefore it comes as no surprise that he may be considering his future at the club. According to reports, the 27 year old is being linked with Turkish side Beskitas, in a deal rumoured to be under £2 million, after two seasons with the Gunners.

Is Ospina too good to sit on Arsenal’s bench? Or should Arsenal try even harder to keep him at the club?


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  1. I’m sure that we have been here before? ?
    I suppose that’s what happens when there isn’t much to report?

    Yes, Ospina is too good to sit on bench, he is more than likely to leave, unless, Wenger gives him more game time.
    It would be a shame to sell him and then watch Cech come of old age, next season… I wouldn’t be surprised if we see Cech having a nightmare in the Euro’s!

    I just read a report which claimed that Sanchez is already feeling tired, before the new season even kicks off!
    Which is stupid when the season only finished less than a month ago! And then he flys out to the USA, to play for Chile in a tournament, I’m sure that all the players are feeling tired, who are on international duties.
    At least Sanchez had a few months break when he was out injured lol.

  2. I can understand if he wants to leave, but I’d rather prefer we offered him an improved contract. More than most can think about, Ospina together with Cech makes us very solid in the defensive department.

    In other news,
    LACAZETTE on my mind. Why are refusing to even touch him with a long stick so to speak. Surely, he has proven he can offer most of what Vardy can give to us. He might just move to another club and do exactly like Aubameyang did when he moved to Dortmund without much interest from the other bigger clubs in Europe.

    1. In other news:

      Vardy is staying at Leciester. THANK YOU JESUS! Not trying to sound salty but I was actually upset that we were even linked with him in the first place. I would put a bid in for Mahrez instead, then accompany him with Mhykitaryan and Morata to be honest. That’s just my personal views while everyone hates Morata, some players come to life when they feature for certain clubs and I just have a feeling Morata could pull something like a Henry if he ever was to join Arsenal. Wenger needs to go all out whether it’s his final season are not and build a squad able to withstand the Capital 1 Cup, FA Cup, Premeir League, and Champions League.

      1. @JAmerican
        I agree…
        Even though Vardy is a deadly enough player. I don’t think he was the guy we needed. To me Mahrez is more of a fit for our style.
        I also agree that we should be going all out for all the Cups…To win them that is.

  3. Ospina should get more games.. which is why we should have a squad good enough to have a 2nd team good enough to stay long in Capital one cup and the FAcup.
    …those competitions help ur backup players stay in shape.
    we should try to retain him and if he leaves get Donnarunma from Milan or a good EPL-proven goalkeeper like Krul.

  4. I don’t think Ospina will be too bothered at sitting on the bench at Arsenal in this coming season while Cech does most of the keeping job for Arsenal. He was at that level last season and we didn’t hear him making any serious complains.

    Like all good professional goalkeepers, I believe Ospina will not be that foolished to ask for a move away from Arsenal this coming season. But bid for his time and wait for his chance and take it when it comes to him during the season’s campaign which will surely come to him. So if I were him, why should I be worrying myself?

    Goalkeeping issue at Arsenal is not a headache pains for the Arsenal boss now to start looking for the drugs to get a relief from it. What I believe is giving him headache right now is, the acceptance of Vardy to agree to come to Arsenal. Or to later get another equivalent striker to Vardy or better than him for Arsenal should Vardy refused to come to Arsenal.

  5. Slap a £10mil price tag on Ospina, that will either ensure he stays because others ill not pay that much for a GK or we make a nice profit which can be used to get some young GK that has potential and a degree of experience.

    Tell Ospina that they value him and £10mil would be a bargain for someone like him. Try and get him of the opinion that £10 mil is perfectly fine and why do they not offer that much…

    he might just fall for it, look at how we valued Sczc…

    1. As much as I wish Ospina be our first choice, he may not be eligible for that,not qualitywise but in terms of fitness…

      How many have noticed he is so injury prone,I might be wrong but I haven’t seen a GK as prone to injury as him…

      If he will be our fist choice, then who will be the 2nd,the second must be a top GK too so that we can have a strong team overall…

      The problem is,most goalkeepers won’t like to sit on the bench….

  6. We should keep ospina for sure He is world class and a good man
    To be honest I would like players that fit the Arsenal some one fresh and young that would play for Arsenal a minimum of 5 years I am sorry but I find many cementers in here pick unsettled players a 2 season wonders just for kicks

  7. @JAmerican. Arsenal may not sign Alvaro Morata this summer at the £59m asking price Juventus are reported by the media to be demanding for his transfer. And beside this high transfer fee place on him by Juve, we’ve been made to understand by the media that Morata is still a de-facto player of Real Madrid who have to first activate their buyback clause on him and sell him on to a buying club. So his transfer from Juve is a complicated one if all these reports are true.

    I posted a comment today on the Untold Arsenal site saying, Arsenal may sign Henrikh Mkhitaryan from Dortmond this summer. But on a second thought, I think Arsenal may likely not sign him after all, if his rejection of the £6.4m offered him by Dortmond in an improved contract deal to keep him at the club is taken into account. The £6.4m per season deal is translated to him collecting over 130k per week. And yet he would not take that. From this angle I told myself Arsenal won’t sign him.

  8. I watched ospina in last world cup and was very impressed. When I heard he was coming to Arsenal I was delighted.

    In his first season, 2014/15 he took his opportunity and was awesome. 11 goals in eighteen games in the PL That it the equivalent of 23 goals over a complete 38 game season. That is like having hart, courtois or de gea in goal plus scoring another 11 or 12 goals. All his other stats, like clean sheets, saves per goal conceded were the best. I cannot see “extreme inconsistency” in these stats and neither did I see it on the pitch during this period. I cannot recall him being criticised for any of the goals. I only recall one game where he appeared rooted to the spot, the replay showed the shot had been deflected, ospina checked his dive but could do no more.

    Moving on to the last copa america in 2015, there was a double save against Aguerro and then Messi.

    We get to the 2015/16 season and Ospina is on the bench. OK Cech is great and perhaps too good an opportunity to miss. Ospina was apparently poor against Olympiacos but I did not see the match. All I would say is that every goalkeeper has an off day, Cech had one in our first game against west ham and at the end of the season I recall a couple of low shots he could have done better with.

    Ospina is too good to sit on the bench and I expect he will leave. We should try and persuade him to stay but if he wants to go we should let him.

  9. I’m probably in minority here, but I think Ospina is a very average keeper, and one of his biggest flaws is his height. He has one good game for Columbia (against Paraguay by the way, who are way down in the ranking), and now all of a sudden there’s a debate on whether he should be starting more games or not? Have you people forgotten his “heroics” in CL last season already? He constantly gets exposed on set pieces. He does not command the back line the way a good keeper should. He is inconsistent. I can go on and on… Now while I think 2mil for him is not a lot of money, I still think we should offload him this summer. Give Martinez a chance, or pick up another promising young goalkeeper, and develop him.

  10. During the years Arsenal had goalkeeping problems Wenger never addressed it. Almunia and szcezesny kept on making avoidable mistakes upon mistakes yet Wenger kept faith with them. Ospina in my candid opinion is a decent and highly rated goalkeeper regardless of the bad day he had against olympiacos. Cech had his numerous share of avoidable errors too.
    Cech for everyone’s information was the ONLY keeper in BPL to concede most goals scored from shots OUTSIDE the 18yard box this past season. To be precise he conceded 6 goals from those shots which cost us 14points.
    Those who are condemning or undermining Ospina are either delusional or unnecessarily biased because he is not a BIG name like Cech. Unfortunately, a big name will not prevent a simple shot from outside the 18 yard box from going into your net ONLY your REFLEXES does. Cech has lost those reflexes due to advance in age and the horrible head injury he had. The more reason Mohrinho preferred Courtious to him and kept him on the bench.

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