Should Arsenal respect Alexis Sanchez decision if he wants Man City move?

There has been acres of newsprint about the future of Alexis Sanchez, mostly concerning that he is very keen to move to Manchester City and renew his acquaintance with Pep Guardiola. But Arsene Wenger has recently stated that he expects Sanchez to honour his Arsenal contract for the next year even if he doesn’t sign a contract extension with the Gunners, and we know how Wenger feels about honouring contracts!

But now, according to Mesut Ozil, the final decision should be from the player himself. The German midfielder told Sky Sports News: “I hope Alexis stays, but I do not know what the status is to be perfectly honest, but I value him a lot as a player and he is very well suited to the game Arsenal play. So from a personal view I would really appreciate it if he stays. However, it’s the player’s decision after all.

“It would hit the team quite hard if he left because he is a player who always delivers. It would be a setback to winning the title but in the end it is a player’s decision.”

I think I have to disagree, and I think Arsene Wenger does too. When Sanchez arrived he signed a contract with the club to play for them for four years. He has only played three so he has no right in law to break that contract and play for someone else unless the club are willing to sell him on.

This should not be the player’s decision at all. It should be Arsene Wenger’s…. and Alexis should abide by his decision!



  1. I am getting a bit fed up with all this Citeh talk surrounding AS. We haven’t heard it from the player himself or Arsenal, it is all media and agent talk. Arsenal is perfect for AS – and he knows it. Before he joined Arsenal, we all thought he was on a similar level to Pedro, and we could take one or the other. Now we and the world know how much better he is, and Pedro is still a good player. That was brought to the forefront, because of the freedom he was given at Arsenal, and because there is no doubt that he is the main man. Why would he want to go back to a Pep Guardiola team, where he would be in a similar situation to what he was at Barcelona, with the only advantage being CL, where debatably they did worse than us last year? He would hate it. We all know that now.

  2. With all due respect admin we’ve had this discussion over and over let’s either leave threads open longer of choose different topics

  3. What an original article topic lol
    It’s not in our hands

    My opinion hasn’t changed. Don’t sell to City or any premier league rivals unless they are willing to part with say Aguero. We don’t want to strengthen City while weakening ourselves. If we need to sell, then sell abroad

    I would rather we lose him on a free transfer than do another RVP situation. Those days are over.

    Anyway, shall find out in due course. According to Wenger, Alexis hasn’t asked to be sold. He has also modeled our new kits. These are good signs that he will be with us for another season at least.

    If Alexis stays and we win the PL, it will make losing him next summer more bearable.

    I’m hoping this coming season we have this attack:
    Lemar… Ozil… Alexis
    ……… Lacazette

    Sweeeeeet! 🙂

  4. He stays end of. Can’t sell hem to EPL so make him play his last year and see this team change as I think it will. He will play EPL and fa cup games because of the World Cup and AW will play the kids in Europe. Think it’s the best thing to do

  5. 80mil – sell him, and he can play second fiddle to Jesus or whoever else all he wants. City won nothing last season, and I have a very strong suspicion they won’t win anything again next one either. Aguero is unhappy. Yaya is past it. Their defense is extremely shaky (Stones – LOL), and they still have huge question marks over their goalkeepers. So if Alexis really wants to join a club like that, you’re more than welcome… but only for 80mil as I said before. Otherwise, he stays and honors his contract in a calm and professional manner. A year is a long time, and who knows what the next season brings. We might win the title, and/or get CL back, and if it happens it’ll be a lot easier to convince players to extend their contracts. Heck, even the mighty Bayern can’t pay the wages that we can.

    1. If the deal happens for Alexis, to any club, I would think it will be in the region of 50m. Arsenal is waiting on Lemar to decide on Alexis. If Lemar comes, as his wages will be less too, I think Alexis will be let go. Practically, if he wants to leave, I dont see Arsenal standing in his way. Rather if his wages+transfer value is spent on Lemar+Kovačić, we will do just fine.

    2. Not to another EPL club at any price, it makes the club look weak, selling your best player – not to mention the demotivating effect it has on players and fans. The Spuds were reportedly offered over 100m for Kane, but refused it – he is their talisman, but were more prepared to sell Kyle Walker. He could help Citeh, but he won’t win them the league, and IMHO they have paid well over the odds for him. AS has never admitted wanting to join Citeh, he reportedly hated Pep at Barce, its all just agents and paper talk. Walcott did the same, but it was hadly mentioned …. When clubs sell to Citeh, it’s all about milking them for money, not damaging your own title hopes.

  6. when I was in high school article writing were for the creative thinkers ,forward time to now…even a random wrestler guy can write an article for arsenal #IS Sanchez happy…

    1. If you think you can write then send me an article. .. otherwise appreciate that we have to find 10 topics a day to keep you all happy.
      Over to you….

      1. What do you mean by he signed for four years so he can’t break that law?Did he not choose Arsenal over Liverpool and Juventus?He has the right to do whatever he wants and that cannot even be debated.It’s his life and his choice even Ozil sees that.People can hate him all they want but at the end of the day he’s the one working and playing the baIl day after day.He can’t even be faulted for not giving his all.If we don’t win the league this season with the same people who blamed Wenger for not selling are the same who’ll blame for letting him leave on a free.It’s almost like Arsenal really don’t even know his stance yet. I mean why not speak to the player and know his mind.If we were serious we’d have known what do with him by now.We don’t even know whether we should keep him and allow him to go for frer or sell him and gain some money from his sale.I would have tried to sell him abroad this season and quickly replaced him so that it won’t affect our season.

      2. We are sorry if we seem ungrateful sometimes Admin, you are really doing a GREAT job making me especially happy and i don’t know about any other person cause i might not comment very often but i visit this site every single day of my life to read comments from everyone and it really makes my day… So thank you very much and nevertheless,i personally am tired of reading articles of Alexis Sanchez now… I must admit i personally thought Sanchez was holding Arsenal to ransom before, until Wenger came out to say he has never asked for a transfer request and i think the club has made there intentions known that they don’t want to sell him, not even to a title rival and i think that is why city are now going after mbappe, seems they are desperately in need of a striker and if they are that desperate they should fork out 80m for Sanchez if they really need him, I LIKE THE RISK ARSENAL IS TAKING AS REGARDS SANCHEZ.. The club is finally showing strength and if Alexis decides to leave we all know they club really wanted him and was doing everything to keep on like previous cases of V.P and C.F

  7. Why would anybody respect a person who is trying to break the contract they have with them?

    Especially Arsene Wenger who has never broken a contract?

  8. I’m in two minds on Sanchez. Unlike many, I don’t think that it would be a disaster for him to go. He’s 28, he will never be worth more. We will maybe only get two more good years from him, so sell him, spend a bit more and bring in a 24 year old of even better quality.

    On the other hand, if we’re serious about not being a selling club, then the price of not being a selling club is 50 million (although I’m not sure where that figure actually comes from).

    I don’t think that Sanchez’s opinion comes into it and while I understand he won’t get CL, what does a man need with £400,000 a week?

    While he is great in the Arsenal team, he’s not a team player.

    1. Let’s get the facts straight here.He never demanded £400,000 a week.All that is just media talk.However,I support your point of the fact that him going does not mean disaster.We’ve survived with far better players leaving you know.If Arsenal had replaced Van Persie the season he left we would’ve challenged them for the title that season.However,at that time we were financially poor and had to settle for some second rate players.Now we are in a better financial position and I expect us to be more ambitious and that involves trying as much as possible to replace any player who leaves.This doom prediction doesn’t show the character of a top club.Even Chelsea won’t behave like how we do if they lost Hazard.I hate the way Arsenal allows players to treat it.I actually thought only smaller clubs behaved that way.

      1. Agreed, the £400,000 was dreamt up by the press. You mention Van Persie, he was the last striker that we had at the club.
        I reckon that our new proper striker puts the Sanchez saga into the shade, as we’ve not had an answer to the teams who stick 11 behind the ball for years.

        How many points did this cost us last season?

    1. According to moley it’s a done deal and ready to be announced. No offence to him but although I’m hopeful it’s true, I’m not believing it until it’s announced

  9. No team sells its best players and claim to make progress….Arsenal have a small chance of winning the league with Sanchez (maybe 30%) given that we finished 5th last year with our best player..

    Without Sanchez its very likely we will have £50m in the bank and 2 years out of the top 4 and like liverpool struggle to attract top players…

    I will rather we take the risk keep sanchez and ozil with lacazette and lemar/Mahrez and an imposing CM i.e Goretzka have a good go at the EPL..

    Something tells me this is Wenger’s last chance saloon!…he won’t be given the chance to rebuild!.. he has to take it risk everything after all he has saved the club millions in the past

    Its not like as if the club will suddenly go in to administration if he takes a risk for once in his career at arsenal!..

  10. Rits simple. Man city pay 70-80million pounds for alexis or forget it. If we win the league with him then he is worth 350k weekly imo.

  11. What sort of question is that? You want Arsenal to respect his wish to score goals against Arsenal in the future and probably deprive Arsenal from winning the title like Van Payslip did to Arsenal? You must be joking. I say sell him to China if he wants out!

  12. Sanchez , Sanchez, his name grates on my nerves, i know it is part of media strategy to throw negativity at arsenal fans, but Sanchez himself have not come out and put a stop to the rumors in the papers, so he himself is helping the media stories.

    My stance on the matter, sell him to whosoever and carry in suitable replacement, a 20+ goals player or even high teens, this whole not selling to a rival is rubbish, any top team sanchez goes to at the moment he will not be “the man”, more like a plan B, therefore arsenal job is to get replacement to add to a squad.

    Arsenal keeping him for a year, is only spiting your nose for your face, meaning if you keep him the whole year still in peak condition, he leaves for free and goes to the same team, WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE!!!!


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