Should Arsenal risk signing a one-season wonder?

Will Vardy be the right signing for Arsenal? by SS

Arsenal is in search of a top striker and as usual linked with all possible & impossible targets. By signing Xhaka, AW has shown good intent – and he has to built on it. We have to have reinforcements in defense, midfield and up front of course. Today all the newspapers are flashing with the news that Arsenal will trigger the 20m release clause of Leicester’s Jamie Vardy. Nothing has yet come from AW camp and after all this may be just another rumour.

But if, at all, there is any shred of truth in the news, then the decision must be carefully critisized. Vardy was a non entity before this season and to sign him based on the performance of a single season who will shortly turn 30 is surely not a step forward. If you are in the January transfer window and need a panic replacement then it is understandable. We have to bring someone keeping in mind a long term policy. If we can get Mahrez than it is another thing but buying Vardy just doesn’t seem to fit the bill.

Look at the following players who are considered one season wonders….

2012-13 Played – 35, Scored 18… 2013-14 Played – 17, Scored 2

Roque Santa Cruz
2007-08 Played – 37, Scored 19… 2013-14 Played – 20, Scored 4

2008-09 Played – 31, Scored 14… 2013-14 Played – 10, Scored 0

Andy Carroll
2007-08 Played – 35, Scored 18… 2013-14 Played – 17, Scored 2

Do we need someone like this? Or is it too much of a risk?

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    1. I would take a one-season wonder (Vardy) over a no-season wonder (Giroud), any day any time

      1. Vardy is no one-season wonder. I watched him in the 14/15 season, and he was just as good. Scored in that win over manu in the beginning of the season, was generally someone to be on the look-out for throughout the entire season. Calling Mahrez and Kante one-season wonders I can understand, but Vardy? No. Five goals in a team that struggled avoiding relegation is not that bad. Almost as impressive as scoring 20+ for the league winning team.

        But is he someone for Arsenal? He’s a more physical and clinical version of Walcott, and Walcott isn’t being optimalized in Arsenal, so why would Vardy be? I foresee Vardy flopping if he comes.

    2. Fact that Vardy would be playing ahead of Giroud is enough for me to say “SIGN HIM UP….else i can’t really judge him based on one good season”

      and besides, youthfulness really won’t be on his side in the next few seasons

      for all those thinking ….. F*** Ibra would be explosive in a Man-utd shirt….. I’d say…. Pause!… This is the EPL (where outsiders and non-favourites could easily ruin ur day) not some one teamed league like the french and german

      while vardy may be a good signing for us, it comes with the fear that we’ve only known him for a season….if his 1st season in an Arsenal shirt dn’t turn out 2 be the Bomb, how many would complain?…how many would be willing to give a 31yr old the benefit of a doubt two seasons from now?

      {F%d for Thought}

      1. You know know he means business, When Arsene signed Xhaka (long ball master) and now vardy (counter attacking wizard) on top of Ozil and Alexis, Change of tactics of curse, with those in the line up I expect us to play faster and more direct, and I also expect us to lick less goals. Sign Vardy now.

        1. I think Vardy will replace Iwobi, not Giroud as starter….hahahaha.h..sorry Giroud haters….

          1. Now we have sanchez and vardy hunting defenders like a pack of lion…(wenger was quoted on both vardy and sanchez regarding the lion bit during this season)

  1. Even if he’s a one season wonder, and performs another wonder of one season for us, might end up making us the champs for that one season. Much better than the twelve seasons of having to look at the EPL trophy from a distance while Chelsea, United, City and lately Leicester danced with it!
    And hey, Vardy came from a long long place to be here. This hero doesn’t seem to me a one season wonder or whatever.

  2. you forgot to name one season wonders who went onn to become world beaters…want vardy and mehrez/abuamayang/ Henrikh Mkhitaryan/ Antoine Griezmann

  3. I see it this way. If Arsenal want Vardy, go get Him. If Vardy wants to come, then welcome son… Life itself is a gamble. Some gamble are worth taking and some ain’t. He could be flop or he could do a Robin Van.P and win us a major trophy next season..

    This transfer window will be interesting. We want top strikers but we also have to pay a fortune to get them while some of this top strikers don’t want to leave their respective clubs so they want a move to another club… It will be great to get a top striker and hope he does well. Its all gamble.

    Vardy is quick and clinical. He is a box man too. We only hope he performs. He reminds mi of some strikers that peak @ their late 20’s (Wiltord, Ian).

    He is a gamble worth taken. if not, then get mi Vincent Janssen from AZ.

    Arsenal All The Way!

  4. If this happens then I will be overjoyed, this is the ambition we want from our club. We won’t sign players with over high tags but will at least try to get in winners with our available money. In my opinion this will be a really good signing

  5. Sign Vardy and Jansen for a combined 40 million might be better than signing Morata for 50?

    1. Oh & for all those banging on about his age, Ian Wright was 28 when he joined us from Crystal Palace. How’d that work out for us? Yep went on to become our all time leading goal scorer. Nuff said.

  6. Vary is very different to Giroud and he may prove an excellent buy, he’s quick, good technically, hard working and he’s go drive, similar to Xhaka. This has improved Arsenal is it enough we will see. i would like Mharez and Laport then i will be happy .

  7. These one season wonders…maybe they stagnated by carrying on at the same club when they should have moved on to a different challenge and maybe that’s why Vardy needs to move 😀

  8. 20+m for Vardy is a gamble but then so would anyone else. At least he’s not going to break the bank and we DO need a ready made finisher if we are to challenge for the top titles, not another “one for the future”. Yes it is only 1 season but I see his attitude as a lot like Ian Wright’s, I don’t think he’s going to flop. I think he will be excellent for overall mentality of the squad. My concern is can he fit our style?
    Then of course I think he has every reason to stay at Leicester, they are seeds in the CL, giving them a great chance to reach the quarters at least. However, at his age he would probably be tempted by a big payout.
    I think we should go all in and try to get Mahrez too, Theo and Ox plus cash? lol

  9. You don’t want Vardy @20M who scored 24 goal in the PL bt you want Morata @50M who scored 11 goals in 47 app.

    You don’t want Vardy because he’s 29 bt you want Zlatan who is 35.

    You don’t want Vardy because he’s a one season wonder in PL bt you want Vincent Janssen who you hv heard abt this summer on Media.

    Simply, Arsenal fans learn to appreciate,stop complaining abt everything. We have been here every summer, have heard fans complain when Falcao joined Man U,When Balotelli joined Liverpool and when Benteke joined Liverpool….almost forgot Charlie Austin lol.

    1. haha, except none of our rivals are complaining about Vardy to Arsenal. They’re loving it. Chelsea, United, City all have better strikers than us even if we buy Vardy. It’s debatable whether he’s even an upgrade to Giroud. And comparing Zlatan to Vardy is the silliest thing i’ve seen. Zlatan has been world class his entire life and he can adapt to any league in the world. Vardy the Charlie Austin of this season and suddenly he’s good enough to be our No 1. striker. Thought Arsenal fans would have more ambition after all the complaining at the end of the season.

      1. I smell rival supporter.

        1. United don’t have a better striker yet.
        2. Costa Vs Vardy is a fair argument to have.
        3. He wasn’t comparing them, he was comparing their ages. Is he now older then Zlatan?
        4. How do you know rival fans are laughing? I suspect you might be one, are you laughing?

  10. There’s a lot of this “one season wonder” talk, and his age, from a negative perspective, but to put things into context – is Vardy a lot better than what we’ve got right now, yes he is!

    £20m in today’s market is nothing, and so what if we don’t get many seasons out him, as some people are suggesting, it’s far better than the last four years of the mediocre strikers we’ve been used to!

    Arsenal need to start acting like other big clubs: which means having a higher turnover of players, and bringing in top quality, even if it’s only for the short term. For too long Arsenal have held on to average players, in the hope that at some point they’ll perform well, and as we know, most of them don’t. Whilst at the same time, other big clubs are consistently upgrading their teams, and are less tolerant of players under performing.

    Vardy will improve us, that’s the bottom line!

    1. I really like Vardy for his work rate.. him, Sanchez and Welbeck chasing after defenders all afternoon would be our first line of quick as Walcott and almost as powerful as French donkey.. can head..can shoot from distance..and can win a trophy.. exactly what we need

    2. you don’t want average players at teh club. Tell me what makes Vardy above average? One good season? This is essentially buying Rickie Lambert/Charlie Austin. Good players that have one defining trait in their play. Outside of that they’re average players.

      1. @RSH

        You say “one good season”, but he’s only played two seasons in the top flight to properly judge from. So he’s got a 50% performance rate in the top flight. Whereas the likes of Walcott have had one good season in ten, Ramsey one in eight, Ox has never had a good season, and so on. One could even argue about Sanchez being a one hit wonder, given his drop in form from the previous campaign. We’ve been linked with Morata, who’s never had a good season, and at double the price of Vardy! So yeah, I’d say Vardy is definitely above average, especially when compared to the rubbish we’ve been used to at Arsenal for so long.

        You’ve listed one hit wonders in Austin and Lambert, but you’ve conveniently failed to mention many players who have had a great season out of nowhere, and continued that form into future seasons.

        At the end of the day, any signing is a gamble. Some are more of a gamble than others, but given the price, I think Vardy is a no-brainer.

  11. Vardy for me should be the more available Giroud. this means unlike Giroud who get injured for some periods, Vardy has the bones to fight through the season, except for a few suspensions. Secondly, he takes his chances and so he will not stay 15 games without a goal.

    So replace Giroud with Vardy, then bring in another striker, possibly Janssen. At 23 Janssen will get the comfort of taking his time to adjust and take over the reigns of scoring the goals for Arsenal. If This is the plan, OK. but if the plan is Vardy-Giorud partnership, it’s ill advised.

    1. To be fair to Giroud, he’s no where near injury prone he’s always available, only one long term injury in 4 years, and even that one he came back a month earlier than schedule.
      So you can accuse Giroud of anything but not injury.
      To make things clear I am not a Giroud fan.
      I will take Vardy 24/7 over him.

  12. sanchez vardy walcott vs marchial ibra rashford …. clearly we need another top class attacking option if we are going to match man utd … if wenger cant see that he is going to deliver another frustrating year to the fans … he should be camping outside griezmans bedroom at the euros till he signs up

  13. I’m tired of all these ‘one season wonder’ talk.

    Please let us give VARDY a chance to prove himself again, since that is who we want to sign.

    Many called Harry Kane a one season wonder too, until he proved himself for the second season.

  14. Okay lets put the age and one season wonder talk past us.

    Can we talk about Vardys antics? Cheating and diving? Same debauchery he performed against us? Remember when he dived on Koscielnys challenge? Remember when he got sent off for diving? Will we embrace him as an Arsenal player when he continues to dive ?

    He scored like +5 penalties last year. Wonder why..

  15. As a deadline day signing this would make more sense. But seems like Vardy was our No. 1 target and that’s disappointing. And take away his penalties this season he is barley better than Giroud. Sounds like Arsenal fans are settling cause we’re sick of Giroud upfront. Vardy hardly seems to be the answer.

  16. would be wise getting both Janssen and vardy for a gamble……

    Vardy’d got pace but i’m more worried bout him playing arnd too many Tempo-slowing arsenal players

    whom u’d have to cry before seeing em pass the ball forward

    can we play to vardy’s strenght?

  17. He runs into space, At Arsenal he wont get that because teams are already defending deep. Against Leicester smaller teams push up more giving him space. After everyone found out about him, he scored less goals in 2nd half of season.

    Arsenal should be aiming for better players than Vardy. For 3 seasons we wanted WC forward and then we get Vardy. That’s no good. It will only make sense if we get him and sell Walcott then go and get a good player in any of the forward three positions.

  18. This article is in very bad taste! How can you call a league winner a one season wonder when he had earlier scored 16 goals during the season Leicester was promoted to EPL? This makes him a crucial player on two different occasions because his goals enabled Leicester to be champions of the Championship? How then can he be a one season wonder? This man has won two leagues in a period of three years. How many goals had Van Persie scored prior to 2011/12? Why wasn’t he called a one season wonder? Didn’t he go to Man U and win the trophy? Vardy is not an accidental player because he has all the qualities of a good striker: pace, alertness, positional awareness and shooting accuracy. Those who are obsessed with so-called big names will obviously not appreciate Vardy because he has not come from a big club. I have heard people clamouring for all sorts of players who don’t have any proven record as winners simply because their names have been mentioned several times. That can’t be serious. We know Vardy and I believe when he links up with our players he will do the required job. He could even score more goals than last season when he links up with Ozil, Sanchez, Iwobi, Elneny, Xhaka, Cazorla etc. Let us warmly welcome him if he comes.

  19. Vardy overall game is simple and direct, he chases all balls directed to him and take shorts on goal whilst on the run without thinking of setting any other player up. This is ok at Leicester, but Arsenal overall football is more complicated than that for a striker.

    In my opinion, whatever Vardy can do Mr Wenger can get that form Walcott. A better buy for Arsenal would be Alexandre Pato he got the game Arsenal are looking for.

  20. I don’t get it at all. I don’t understand the negativity about signing Vardy. If the guy was available in January when he was banging the goals for Leicester, wouldn’t we have loved the prospect of him playing for us? What is wrong with the fans? can 20m pounds get you Aubumeyang? they both scored same goals last season. can 20m pounds get you Lewandowsky? can 20m pounds get you Higuain? We should give credit to Wilshere for his role in convincing Vardy to sign for us. Forget the one season talk. I’m looking forward to him leading our line. 433 formation. Sanchez, Vardy, Walcott. We have the best midfield in the league. appreciate Wenger on this signing. This guy was the best Striker in the league last season. scored in 11 straight games breaking records. Wenger has done the right thing. He will get us more than 25 league goals. Wenger should keep the present squad including Walcott. We have Iwobi, Cazorla, Ozil, Enelny, Sanchez. we are in a position to win the league next season. Get Vardy, he is the missing link. he is mobile. his pace is terrifying, he has precision, unpredictable and a goal poacher. counter attacking football. Cazorla and Xhaka long balls for Vardy to chase. we are good to go. I’m excited about next season.

  21. I would be fine with Vardy, but would hope Wenger got a winger And CB too.

    If Wenger got one of these wingers it would complete our attack; Aubameyang, Mahrez, Greizmann, Reus, Gotze, Mkhthtaryan


    1. Ge probably the world’s best centre forward in Aubameyang ,and play him wide? I know he played there a bit when he first moved to Dortmund but those days should be long behind him.

  22. no risk , no gain. whether vardy will be a hit or miss at arsenal, who knows? we can only speculate but i for one wouldn’t mind vardy. he is obviously better than giroud. and what’s the worst that can happen that giroud hasn’t done.

  23. Auba has committed himself to Dortmund. Lewy can not leave Bayern. Morata says all roads lead to Real. Suarez is happy at Barca and Spain. Lukaku is attainable but at Everton who will hike the price to make a statement. Kane is at a rival club who will never sell. Lacazatte seems unwanted outside of France, maybe there is a good reason why. Higuain is over priced and we already had that headache. Benzema wants a Madrid stay.

    Options were limited and expensive. I think in that context Vardy would be an excellent piece of business.

    He isn’t a one trick pony or a one year wonder. What he is an unrecognized talent.

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