Should Arsenal rush Wilshere back into action?

Any guesses on what’s the top word any Arsenal supporter would associate with Jack Wilshere? Some may say potential, some may say wizard but many would say injury. For someone who’s long been touted as the midfielder to hold his own for many years, Wilshere has spent more time off the pitch than on the pitch.

For other players, the time off the pitch could be because of loss of form or any other problems. But for Wilshere it’s always been injuries. Time and time again, the supporters brace for the worst news on Wilshere when the medical bulletin is released.

No wonder then that most of the fans feared the worst when news broke out last month that Wilshere had suffered a hairline fracture in his left ankle (again!). While the initial assessment was that the midfielder would miss four to six weeks, there are suggestions that he could be in contention for next week’s trip to Stamford Bridge.

There is a mix of caution and optimism at the Emirates because on one hand they want the midfielder to be back in action sooner but they also do not want to rush his return.

Factor this – Wilshere has suffered 21 injuries in the last 6 years and has missed more than 100 weeks of action because of injuries. Considering the fact that he broke into the first team squad in the 2008-09 season, that accounts to more than a third of overall action missed through injuries.

There are growing concerns on the rehabilitation program at Arsenal with many players getting injured more frequently. Wilshere too has on many occasions expressed his unhappiness on the treatment he has received. It is often mentioned that the England midfielder would get actively involved in his rehabilitation plan.

Early in the transfer window, there were reports that Manchester City would be interested in signing Wilshere but he has quashed any such reports. Wilshere has often spoken about his desire of becoming a club legend and there are reports that he would soon sign a new contract.

It is imperative now than ever that Wilshere gets back on the field and probably stay fit for a longer period of time. Not just Arsenal fans but also Roy Hodgson from the England national team will be offering a silent prayer for this.


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  1. i want wenger gazidis wilshere walcott debuchy flamini giroud gibbs and mertesacker out of my club by sanogo.bring in stones cresswell barkley griezzman krychowiak carvalho gotze reus hummels and ancelloti next summer

  2. Define ‘Rush’ if he’s fully fit he should be bought in soon as possible, he looked a great player towards the end of last season. I want to see him introduced late in games to either defend or attack depending on the score.

  3. You guys are tripping mate,
    Jack Wheelchair is out for at least another 2 months!
    His fracture hasn’t healed up at all.
    Another balls up assessment by wenger and his merry medical team lol

    What a bunch of amateurs,
    Oh.. yes! .. Jack and Danny (How fitting their names are together) will be ready after the international break!…. NOT!

  4. No. If we Rush him then we rush him back to injury

    We can deal with his absence.
    We have Ozil, Cazorla, Rosicky, Ramsey, Arteta, Coquelin, Oxlade, Walcott

    We have enough players to cover b2b, holding mf, cam and wings

    I want him back but not rushed. He is already injury prone

  5. In January:



    1. I think it should be compulsory to have the posters name alongside their avatar, that way we know whether the member is young and naive, or a complete idiot.

  6. Arsenal should be endorsed by tampons. ..
    What with Jack and Danny being out of action for long periods at a time ??

    Only the london boy’s will understand this one ?

  7. This is an issue formedical staff, or medical Management.
    Players come to Arsenal and they get injured.
    They go to other clubs and they stay healthy…
    No! Medical managemnt!!

  8. Spending capabilities ..Chelsea Manu and Manc make up the top three. We are now fourth thanks to our stadium move. We are capable of winning the title ahead of three clubs who can boast more spending power. But does this not mean that Spurs and Liverpool fans can have the same opinion as ourselves. All want to win, but only one can. Some fans say a change in management is what is needed, but to me this sounds like they are saying lets give up on Wenger and hope that the next manager can do better.

    There are others who say Wenger has put together something very close to the top, and our future is also looking great thanks to Wenger ..but I think another manager can come in and get more out of these players. That is short term/sighted though as their will come a time when the new boss will have to do every other thing a manager at a top club is expected to do. Like build his own team.

    How can people acknowledge on one hand that Wenger has put together a top team which is only two to three players short of a terrific team. Then on the other hand say that he hasn’t got it in him to build a challenging team when evidence suggests he is getting there. He failed to bring in the players of his choosing because the quality was not available ..I don’t know about you but this sounds very promising to me. That coupled with the fact that these players are starting to taste success gives me confidence.

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