Should Arsenal sack Aubameyang as captain?

We are now just one week away from the restart of the 2019/20 Premier League season, and we are still nowhere near knowing whether the Arsenal captain Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang will be still with us for the start of the following season.

The Gabon hitman was made Arsenal’s first captain after Granit Xhaka was stripped of the armband by Unai Emery after his infamous attack on the fans way back in November, and Mikel Arteta chose to keep Aubameyang as his leader after he re-joined the club.

But with all the uncertainty of whether our leading striker will be agreeing a new contract, it is being suggested by the Gunners legend Martin Keown that Arteta should appoint another captain until until his future has been settled. He told talkSPORT: “I think the message needs to be to the player, ‘Look, we can’t have you captaining the club if there’s uncertainty around your contract’, in the last year of his contract, that can’t be allowed to happen.”

To be honest I’m not too sure why Keown thinks that this should be a problem, as we were in the same position when Aubameyang was made captain in the first place. And it’s not as if we haven’t had captains before that have forced moves away during the close season.

There was Koscielny as leader last season and we know how that ended. We’ve had Cesc Fabregas who was captain for 3 years before forcing a return to Barcelona. Not to mention the one year that Robin Van Persie was our leader before following the little boy in him to Man United. After him we had Vermaelen, Arteta and Mertesacker, who were all long term injury problems during their captaincies and hardly played on the pitch.

So, do you think it is such a big thing to have Aubameyang in charge? I don’t see any point in upsetting him needlessly right now, can you?


  1. Lol what a funny post😂😂😂😂 sack our best player ahhahhahaha. On a serious note who is in charge of transfer and recruitment, Chelsea sold Hazard with a year contract for over 100million, why can’t we sell Auba for the same price, I can guarantee you auba still have 4 good years in him, auba and Suarez are almost the same, put Aubameyang in in that Real Madrid team and you are guaranteed 27 goals a season.

      1. Funny comment Sue.

        Getting a quality finisher like Auba will cost us over 60m pounds. We should keep him for another 2 years. sign Thomas Partey and a goal scoring midfielder( Fekir, Lemar, Isco).

        1. I’d love to keep him, Skills, I’m praying he signs!
          And I’m with you – Partey is a must!!
          Fekir would do nicely also, but hey come on, this is Arsenal we’re talking about! Where’s the cash to splash 🤪

          1. lol. one way to keep Aubameyang is to add more quality. to have a team that can compete with Man City. We need a stronger midfield. Partey and Fekir will cost around 60 million pounds. Fekir went for less than 20m pounds to Betis. These two would be an upgrade to What we have. we need steel in midfield. a midfield enforcer with strength and agility. Another attacking midfielder in Fekir who can score goals

          2. All this Partey talk – everywhere you look – has really raised my hopes! I hope we’re not disappointed come the end of the window. He’s just what we need… there is another name mentioned – Marc Roca – but my heart is set on Thomas.

            Wow, imagine having a midfielder who can score goals?!! Been a while…
            Let’s hope Arteta is an admirer of Fekir 🙏

        2. Skills1000 anything more than £50m for Auba would be hard to refuse. Personally I have high hopes for Eddie. Leeds really messed him around but he was knocking them in just before lockdown.

  2. Two things:

    1. Give Aubameyang an improved offer of 300K per week. He should be kept at all cost.

    2. Sign Thomas Partey.

    This is not rocket science

  3. If you sell Auba who will you remain with? Lacazeee.
    From the frying pan to the fire.

  4. Two thinks for all the fans & supporters of Arsenal.
    1.If Arsenal is more interested in making business, then it will sell Auba.
    2. If Arsenal is interested in trophies, it will not sell Auba but instead it will buy more players. Hence building the team on him like how Barca has done it with Lionel Messi.

  5. I totally agree Pat, I can see where Martin Keown is coming from but my advice would be to leave well alone for now.

  6. Auba is here to the end of the season and he is our captain. I see no problem with that, the rest is just football matter and goes on every day.

  7. I would sell Auba and stop Pi**ing about another Ramsay situation I would sack the 2 clowns upstairs we are always late when it comes to signing players and miss out the best it is like buying Quality Oats or buy the cheaper ones that been through the horse first

  8. Thomas Partey signing is a must. Our club should be ambitious. Arteta needs quality signing to succeed as a coach

    Fekir and Partey signings are a must.

  9. Auba is doing his work that Arsenal is paying him for. He has never disappointed us. The guy just needs a better life. Does he have to be crucified by doing so?

  10. It would be a great shame if we lost Auba, the guy is a natural athlete, never gets injured and has at least another 3 years in him. He is also the only regular goalscorer we have and I don’t see the point in taking the captaincy away from him. We need to concentrate on renewing his contract, which will cost money, the alternative being finding a replacement up to his standard. Very difficult and even if we do the cost will be over £60m plus a hefty salary. Once again the club is in a familiar position but hopefully they will get it right this time.

    1. It will never be a shame to lose him. Football world doesn’t revolve around him and live goals on. You need to look at Dortmund. He forced his way out of their hands and look at them today. If he agrees with the offer on table fine and if he doesn’t sell him ASAP. All this give him what he wants talk is rubbish when non of us is the one making that decision. If he fails after getting bumper deal are we going to accept it nd not blame the club as usual.

      1. Exactly my thought
        Many people were saying give Ozil what he wants and now blaming the board when he fails to live up to the salary

  11. Whether you stripe Auba of captaincy or not would not make any difference if he finally choose to leave or see out his current contract. So for me the approach is not a solution and would never yield any positivity.

    The quickest way of convincing Auba to extend is by bringing good positive minded and valuable players to the team. Move in quickly to issue a statement by signing Partey, Fekir, a high quality defender and I can assure you Auba will be convinced that his club can achieve champions league finish next season, he will surely put pen to paper.

    Moreso, we’ve had repeated situations in our poor history as a club. Yes! we might be angry with the likes of Van Persie, Nasri for deserting us when we needed them most but their major reason has been lack of ambition on the part of Arsenal. This lack of ambition has not departed from us as a club.

    By all standards the big clubs winning trophies is not because their first 11 players are way better than ours but because their bench can hold their ground against other first teams in the world.

    Come to think of it, why is it that we can’t sell our players reasonably? Imagine selling Gnabry for nothing. Iwobi was sold for less than 40m in these crazy days where players are worthmore than the price of Diamond. Do you know given thesame circumstances, Everton would have sold him(Iwobi) to us for 70 or 80m claiming home grown.

    Each day I think about Arsenal I end up feeling very sick.

    Please I rest my case.

    1. Very well analysed, Jude. You just poured out my mind. I feel your pain and I’ve been feeling same ever since.
      A large part of these problems stem from the owner, Stan Kroenke. I’m afraid it’ll continue until a change of ownership.

    2. I share your opinion on very other points you raise except where you presume to know what Auba wants or what we need to do by this statement ….The quickest way of convincing Auba to extend is by bringing good positive minded and valuable players to the team… He knew fully well where we were when he joined us and the squad he met had been improved on with addiction of great prospect.

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