Should Arsenal sacrifice other signings to land Rice and Caicedo?

Arsenal wants Moises Caicedo and Declan Rice, which means they are looking to buy two of the most expensive midfielders available at the moment and it will be challenging for them to pull it off.

Mikel Arteta’s men also want a striker and possibly a defender. All these positions need to be strengthened, so it makes sense for them to spread their transfer budget.

However, Football Insider says they could sacrifice all their other targets and focus on adding Rice and Caicedo to their squad in the summer.

Their midfield is a position they keenly want to bolster and these two players will make it solid.

Just Arsenal Opinion

We need to splash the cash to win the Premier League, which requires us to spend on several positions in the squad.

It would be great if we buy both midfielders, but the entire team needs to be bolstered, so adding them to the squad will not make up for our lack of depth in defence.

The club must look at the positions it needs to strengthen and spend the money needed to sign the talents to make the group better than in this campaign.

Video – Alfie and Rob are back for the summer transfer window
Here is their first clip where Alfie and Rob predict every single Arsenal incoming and outgoing this summer, including fees and potential destinations for outgoings.

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  1. Really interesting question.
    If we keep Tierney, get Saliba and Saka to sign new contracts and bring Balogun into the squad, I would say yes, especially if Xhaka is leaving.
    I would also let Nelson follow his dream move, along with Holding and Viera moving out.

  2. I think Rice is regarded more as Xhakas position replacement..? And Caicedo as pure DM..?

    However we shouldn’t bend over for both of these clubs valuations. Great midfielders in other leagues as well.

    Need at least a fullback and likely a CB too. Not to mention a forward..

    1. DaJuhi I think it’s the other way round. Rice as a DM and Caicedo as box to box. I could be wrong though

      1. I think both would prefer the xhaka role though if they were in the same side, I’d tend towards caicedo being the deeper of the two (the DM) because his close control is far better.
        Rice is apparently very intelligent tactically and great for counters (in both directions)

  3. I wonder where the author of this article got the information that Arsenal is looking for a striker. I know most fans want another striker but I doubt that is Edu and Arteta’s priority. All the rumours tend to be revolving around these positions – CM/DM, Right CD,RB, RW,LB
    I’m yet to hear any concrete links with a striker,unlike the aforementioned positions. But we’ve been surprised before

    1. “Concrete links”? My naive friend, do you honestly EXPECT to hear “concrete links ” ever?
      I don’t, as all the media does is try to second guess possible links and most of the countless rumours, by the very fact they are so many and so very often, are little more then complete guesses. That is how things work!

      There ARE exceptions, as in most walks of life. But the chances of you , or any of us , ever having a “concrete link”, meaning solid and firm, are negligible. REALITY!

  4. Rice will be a perfect signing of course. however, there is a problem that need Mr. Arteta to work it out. this issue of Arsenal team dropping points toward the end of the season every year. which has cause us the champion league spot last year and premier league title this year. otherwise, congratulation to our team for ending this year in second place after seven years absent.

  5. Get Rice and Lautaro from Inter, and get ESR bussing
    again.. and maybe an assistant to MA he listens too and
    respects. Even sir Alex relied on one. I’ll suggest Keown
    to begin with and then some tactical wizard??

  6. Seems Zaha might join on a free, i just hope we don’t just get skilful CMs but also powerful,
    City prevail because 8 out of 11 on the pitch are ball carriers with alot of strength and stamina, each has the ability to beat atleast 2 players, Odegaard Can’t even outrun Benardo,
    If we can get powerful and skilful CMs,DMs and add to the CBs, Jesus will prevail, also I think Nelson, Tierney, Xhaka,Holding Balogun and Vieira should be allowed to leave.
    We need Cancelo, Alphonsus Davies, Zaha/Calvert because of their ruthlessness, Rice/Savic and Onana,
    Well just my thoughts.

  7. we don’t need another striker. G Jesus scored 10 goals this teem playing half of the season. Imagine if he played the entire season. Nketiah and Balugon are ample backup. Afterall we were the 2nd highest goal scorers.

    Saka needs backup.i say bring back Pepe or use ESR on the right. A right footed player on the righr could add another dimension to our play.

    2 midfielders is needed if Xhaka leaves.

    White can be used as a centre back again for a Saliba backup or as a righr back like this term. This would mean we need a rightback. Cancelo comes to mind who can play an inverted fullback role on the right.

    These acquisitions should cost the club no more then £170m.

    1. Sounds like that’s just pocket money for you then BangBang!!

      How we all loved to spend other folks money 🤑🤑🤑

  8. For the umptieth if we make the wrong transfer decisions, we will suffer again come end of the season.Can we be ambitious enough and show we want to win the premier league, FA cup and the Champions league just like man city are about to do.Our problem is we always think that we are a middle-tier club, we dont challenge hard enough for honours.Buy midfieldfers Rice & Caicedo, get Gundogan (free transfer),buy Cancelo (defender), Marc Guehn and more importantly buy a striker Vlahovic or Victor Osimeh.

    1. Yep, another one ready to spend kronkie’s money, while not having a care in the world!!

      How much do you think your players will demand in their salaries, especially as Zaka is now on a reported £300k a week?

  9. Hello l really support arsenal but l think we shouldn’t spend much money on Rice $170 and l also think we should give Balogun a chance next season and other young stars before u let them go like Ethan and patino

  10. We have to accept the reality if we really want to compete for trophies, no need of always buying bargain transfers who many come, then at the end of the day do not reach our expectetions (likes of Lokonga) Spend and bring Caicedo, Rice, Vlahovic, Cancelo and Guehi, then get hold of Tierney for the next transfer market, and we’re ready to go!!!

  11. Ken
    you were the 1st to reply ‘yes’ regarding this topic. So u are kinda HYPOCRITiCLE dont u think. SWEEP INFRONT OF UR OWN DOOR B4 U COMPLAIN BOUT UR NEIGHBOUR.

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