Should Arsenal sacrifice Ozil to get Pogba?

Mesut Ozil is Arsenal’s record signing of all time, and despite his new-found consistency towards the end of last season, he still hasn’t convinced all of the fans that he was worth his massive transfer fee, so I am sure there are some that think that we should allow the rumoured interest from Juventus to regain at least most of the cash we splashed out on the German international.

The fact is that Arsenal are blessed with an amazing array of attacking midfielders, and especially have Cazorla (Wenger’s Player-of-last-season) and Alexis Sanchez who are more than capable of making the No 10 role their own next season, while we are desperate for a more defensive-minded midfielder to share the burden with Francis Coquelin.

The Champions League runners-up Juventus have two such examples of the type of player we need, and with Arturo Vidal being 28 years old, Paul Pogba is certainly the most likely target for Arsenal to take us to the next level. The ex-Man United youngster has improved massively and it seems that Juventus are open to any massive offers for the Frenchman. If they are serious about trying to lure Ozil away from the Emirates, and the German expresses interest, then Arsene Wenger should respond with a counter-offer for Pogba and maybe work out a player-plus-cash deal with the Serie A Champions.

Would you agree to sacrifice Ozil if we could get Pogba this summer?

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  1. I watch loads of Juventus games and I came out asking myself what is special about pogba?
    Look I will take Ramsey ahead of Pogba anyday and anytime. I have watch pogba enough as a Cm to understand that the hype is just crazy. Playing in Italy also helps his hype as the league has been weak in the last few years. Adel tarabat and gervinho did wonders in Italy.
    Ozil + cash for Pogba= What are you smoking? Luca toni at 40 is still the best striker in Italy. lol
    Juventus wanting Ozil for £29m. lol What are they smoking. Khedira tapping up ozil today. What a joke. lol
    Right now only 5 clubs can afford pogba. City United Madrid barca and PSG. lets not even watse our time. 250k a week in wages while sanchez is on 140K . should I write an Article on why we shouln’t be looking at Pogba? l rather save ma ink.

    1. You’re probably going to get downvoted by our dumber fans who only know Pogbas FIFA rating. If you think we should exchange Özil for Pogba, I really wish you would go support another team. Your lack of intelligence makes the rest of us look bad.

      1. Carzola is ageing and Sanchez doesn’t have the passing and vision of Carzola or Ozil to bring other players into the game. (not slating Sanchez but he is good where he is interchanging with them).

        When Carzola leaves or can’t play every game then what, we buy someone else, yet we already had Ozil.

        What a waste of cash, plus we got Ramsey.

    2. Ozil is unique a fantastic asset that no other team really has. Like you say Ramsey at this moment in time is better than Pogba. People might say Pogba will get better but so will Ramsey. Also a fully fit Jack in my opinion is better than Pogba. Also the Ox playing centrally could be as good as Pogba. I’d take Vidal over Pogba any day of the week and he’d cost far less he’s more efficient in every aspect of his game. I think we lack someone with the passion and aggression of Vidal but we already have “Pogba’s”. Still think it’s a shame about Diaby more talent than Pogba without injuries would have been a 70m player.

      1. Ryo was unlucky with
        injuries would have
        been the new Maradona
        and been worth 900 mill.
        Wilshere would have been
        the new Lionel Messi
        and been worth 6 trillion.
        Sanogo…the New Henry
        while Chamakh well…BergKamp Ronaldo Pele…
        Diaby was factually too loose.
        Dribbled himself into
        dead ends, was too selfish,
        slowed down the flow and
        gave the ball away too easily.

        1. Shut up you clown. When you actually say something related to a player or the game you show how little you know. How can someone spend day in day out an a football forum talking utter shite. Please for your own sake get a life get a job just do something else.

          Ryo was a talented youngster branded “the next ” ” ” by the media. Jack will become one of the best midfielders in the world. Diaby showed how good he was on many occasions and got selected as soon as he was available for France. I’ve seen him with my own eyes and I know how good he was and I respect the opinions of those who played with him and when Keown Cazorla the ox Wenger and many others say he was one of the best I’ll sure there opinion and not yours.

          1. You dont remember right then bec many fans where feed up with him many times for playing very poor. He was an hoot and cold player. Great with the ball but fragile and not smart with his head. Injuries killed him and he had never a chance to beginn with.

      2. @AlanFrank
        I do respect your opinion dude. But in no universe is Jack or Aaron better than Paul. Pogba has an engine, neither Jack nor Aaron can match. Jack plays in 10/15 minute burst, then lags off, same with Aaron. Pogba gives you 90+
        Though I don’t think he’s worth the massive price, he is a streets ahead of any of our guys in that position.
        We do need to stop being so emotional when it comes to our players and be more realistic…

          1. @ks_gunner
            We just had a topic on being “emotional” about our players. But forgot to mention those injury prone guys who give us 10/15 matches a season while we wait years for them to come good.
            Sad, when we always add”a fully fit” to any of our players…

          2. KS I read your comment below don’t pass that off as me Never said any of that. Pogba is quality but he seriously is no better than Ramsey. Ramsey in that midfield with Vidal, Pirlo, Marchisio would have still walked the Italian league every year. And I can’t wait to see Jack prove everyone wrong. Not deluded just seen them perform at levels average players can’t. Just injuries disrupting there full potential. Even more new fitness coaches joining arsenal this summer who are some of the best in the industry it will give these players the best opportunity to reach their potential.

            1. @AlanFrank
              Jack is at best and average player. But according to British standard, above average. Same with Aaron.
              It’s sad to see someone like Gervinho, boo’d out of the squad by fans, yet injury prone , 1 dimensional players like Jack are praised everytime they merely touch the ball…

            2. I am not saying that our players are not good enough, i do even rate them very highly, i do even rate Wilsher more then i do rate Ramsey as i know that Jack can do things not many can emulate. He has talents which cant be stopped that easily, but he has yet not master them. Messi does his traid mark trick over and over again, all the defenders know what he is about to do, but they cant stopp him. Jack needs to learn how to protect himself and play smarter. And goals, he needs to score goals bec stupid fans care only for goals.

              But claiming that they are better then Popga is simple a wrong thing to say. He has the talent Jack has and the never back down attitude of Ramsey.

        1. Ramsey has got an unbelievable engine I wouldn’t say Pogba works harder than Ramsey. Jack hasn’t been able to have a really good run of games but his condition at the end of last season and for England looked fantastic the fittest I’ve seen him for years genuinely believe his injury days could be over a lot of injuries were caused by pins in his foot but have now been removed so fingers crossed. But he also has a great engine not quite as good as Ramsey’s.

          1. Alan, do your self a favour, go out on a football side where all the fans around the world do visit and then make your claim about your football openiouns and see how the football world reacts to you.

            1. See how the football world reacts to me. Haha good one. Same differences of opinion everywhere just different size audience. Go to places like Twitter people just Eco what they read. It’s all utter bollocks footballs 1-2 games a week 90 to 180 minutes of football people want to talk about it 24 7. I see people every day who change their opinions to fit an argument with no consistency to what they say. I’m consistent and I don’t chance opinions on what other people say. I watch quite a lot of football and I judge people on what I see. So many people’s opinions are terrible honestly don’t care if a few disagree.

              1. There are many football neutralls in the world who watch football for the love of enjoying football alone. Being objective in football matters is a diff thing, knowing that we tend to be very biased towards our club.

                According to Arsenal fans. Giroud is class and Falcao is sh*t. Why? Bec he had one bad season right after hin injurie and Giroud had an okay ( better) season. Do you see how stupid we sound. Neverless a good day to you Alan.

        2. fair enough about having an opinion but bias and delusion folds both ways. Pogba was pants in the world cup and france was way better without him.

          then again he was good in the CL final..

          Ramsey was outstanding year before last but this year he fail to meet them high standards.

          wilshere looks great. played great for England this year. showed good form this year hampered by injury. last year looked average 2013-2014.

          pogba is ahead but not by much. ramsey has gone an extra level in the past and pogba has dipped. come next year the scale might tilt in ramsey’s favor.

        3. Pogba may be physically more imposing than Rambo but Rambo CAN match him for stamina. Do not compare jack and Rambo when it comes to stamina. Moreover Rambo plays in a more physical league than the one Pogba plays in. And I think Ramsey is better with the ball at his feet. Poggy is good but overpriced. Rambo can do whatever we think Pogba can do for us. A box to box midfielder should not be our area of concern at the moment.

        4. I think the truth is somewhere in the middle – many guys on here are continually staring in to the yonder at the green, green grass on the other side – constantly eulogising about big name players and slagging off our own guys at the same time. Seems many are unable to praise anyone without kicking someone else at the same time.

          Being realistic is a two way street – to effectively suggest Ramsey is not fit to lace Pogba’s boots is a lie. Not everyone in the world is smitten with Pogba – watched him about a dozen times last year and frankly didn’t look as if he cared too much most of the time. I don’t know if this is what world class has become – just turning up , strolling up and down trying to look cool. Carvalho gives the same impression.

      3. I thought it was only me who didn’t rate Pogba as some kind of magician in midfield.
        He is good but when you look at young midfielder like Kroos, Veratti or maybe even our own Ramsey, then this whole Pogba thing becomes stupid.

      1. @Cashleycol
        Obviously, you haven’t seen him play before, or you’re being ignorantly biased…

    3. what has oziL done to deserve this bad treatment…… matter what quality pogba possess,…… I will {Love} ozil for the fact that even when he was world class at….. And we were way below class, quality and looking trophyless, he choose to join us …. He had a vision….he knew the arsenal will one day be great again……. And look were we are today….. I dn’t care what ppl say, OziL is integral to this team and pogba could join us (if he wishes to) but i won’t have him at the expense of OziL…..end of story

    4. Common sense posts backed by facts and logic are too rare on this site. Thank you for this post.

    5. Did Ramsey and Wiltshire just got compared with Pogba?..OK then..whatever is being smoked here

    6. I applaud you for that galen and judging by the current 176-6 thumbs up tally looks like you are not alone. You will see the bog-standard “delusion” and “bias” jibes beneath but these guys are clearly being slaves to a) the hype b) the highlight reels c) the price tag and d) his FIFA rating. No way have they watched him week in week out. For £80M I’d want a Vieira/Zidane hybrid and judging by some of the thoughts below you would think that is what he is. Let’s be clear – no-one anywhere here is saying that Pogba is not a very decent player and could go on to be one of the best of his generation. And actually no-one is saying Ramsey is way better.

      And to drag it way down in to the stats for the last 2 seasons – the 90 min metric on every recognised comparison sites will tell you Pogba is better than Ramsey at tackling and heading – probably not that surprising really. But AR beats PP in total score, attacking score, passing, accuracy of passing, key passes, assists, goals, blocks, interceptions, conceding fouls, number of shots etc. And this is a Pogba playing with Vidal, Pirlo, Marchissio in a very dominant Serie A side against a Ramsey plagued with injuries and played at times out of his natural position in a top 3/4 PL side that has struggled at times.

        1. It doesn’t register with them Goonsquad8 – I don’t expect to change anyone’s minds on here but I find it difficult to stay silent when the chat gets abusive, seriously deranged or most frequently – just displays no common sense or connection with the real world.

  2. damn arsenal, fact that nothing is happening on the transfer end so far is making our authors dream of such things that we know will never happen…..

  3. No we shouldn’t swap Özil. I’ve said throughout his time at Madrid and since he’s been at Arsenal, he’s the most exciting playmaker I’ve seen since Zidane. Not saying he’s on the same level but the way in which he drops his shoulder, feints and weaves his way around the pitch makes me instantly enjoy watching the team he plays in more. Madrid aren’t half as interesting to watch without Özil and we are so much better since Özil joined. If Pogba was available for £50M I’d say go and grab him, but at £70M he’s overpriced. Pogba is brilliant, but isn’t £70M worth of brilliant.

  4. When you wonder why the world loughs at us, you only need to visit the side from time to time and read the comments alone. The amount os biased Bs the fans on this side give away is pathetic.

    Walcottt is Henry 2.0
    Ramsey is Zidane and better then Popga and Bale.
    Giroud is better then Suarez and Benzema.
    Coquelin is the best Dm in the world.
    Wenger is the best manager in the world. And so one.

    Some serious deluded fans we have got, its unbelievable

    1. Never seen anyone claim any of the above. I think the general thought is why don’t some people just STFU about what everyone else has got and stop getting hard-ons for everyone else’s players. What are we saying here – because we haven’t got the best in the world in a given position we should all wail like babies? And delusion is the territory of the mind that wants the world to be arranged in accordance with only his or her viewpoint – or is always wanting the unattainable or improbable. The guys who choose to support the club/players with a bias for their own players (an incredible idea isn’t it when you think about it – bias towards your own team) and just get on with it are 100% devoid of any grandiose delusion.

  5. And what for do we need to sacrifice in the first place? We dont need money but rather get more quality in the team in by Spending our own money.

  6. There is rumour going around that looserpool wants to replace sterling with reus. Thus that mean reus is ready to leave BVB? If so, is he the player muzzi ozcan is talking about.

  7. Wit piggy and without Oxil….

    Bellerin, Gabriel, Koscielny, Monreal
    Ramsey, Pogba
    Lacazette, Alexis

    4-4-2 diamond.

    1. I like this setup. If we don’t get Pogba why not put Ox as his replacement. The power of Ramsey and Ox as our midfield engines.

  8. @ ks gunner & ny gunner, Thank u finally some dwn to earth head screwed not biased fans.

    @alan frank & galen, just laffable Ramsey n Wilshere better then pogba I don’t think iv ever laughed so hard. #deluded# the football world is obviously wrong and you 2 right Happy!!!

    If arsenal want to progress it’s coquelin or new D.m ozil n Santi midfield end of, Ramsey n jack bench warmers at best.

  9. It’s really amazing when arsenal fans are quite happier to judge their players worst situations with those of other age mates best situations .Fact is , all these “better than arsenal” youngsters just happen to have coincided with periods of an upturn in form at their teams .Had Paul Pogba, Mario Goetze ,Marco Reus ,Ikay Gundogan and any of those other world beaters at other clubs been around during the hard times , they would be just as bajanxed as the ones we have and the reverse is true.Had Aaron Ramsey been at Barcelona ,Juventus ,Borrusia Dortmund during their bright periods,they would be world beaters .
    Now I’ve watched a lot of paul pogba ,and despite the fact that he has skill , he’s not a s far ahead of Ramsey talent wise as people state .Fact is , you arsenal fans are very willing to judge Ramsey on one offday out of say 5 matches ,then take that day’s result,and compare it to one paul pogba man of the match performance out of 5 quiet games .
    I’m a firm believer in form over class ,but i’m even a bigger believer in talent over form.
    On present form ,Paul is ahead .But on talent ,at their very best ,if we were to pick out videos /playbacks of thier best 90 minutes ,I doubt pogba would look as exciting as he does when they are not compared directly .

  10. Juve will want waaaaay to much money. Ain’t gonna happen so why worry. Plus….no I don’t want oil to leave….honestly for no one

  11. Pogba isn’t going to come to Arsenal. Players that are playing at elite or fairly elite clubs who are well sought after aren’t going to be interested in coming to Arsenal. Juventus is a champions league finalist. Dortmund is a better club on pure form in the CL than Arsenal so Reus will be setting his sights far higher than Arsenal. Its Bayern, Barca or Madrid for those guys. Fans need to get real!!

  12. The only reason I could see us doing this is if we wanted to play 4141 formation which leaves no room for a number 10…

    But didn’t Wenger say he was going to play Ozil as a number 10 more next season?

    And as others have mentioned… Arsenal have a wage structure and I dont think Wenger will break it for anyone! It’ll increase in time but it won’t make massive jumps like this would cause.

  13. Those who like to impress serve up champagne and caviar, personally I like neither and consider them expensive and over rated. Much is the same with Ozil.

  14. There are a lot of Pogba’s in this world but believe me there’s only one Ozil and that’s why he’s so special and we as Arsenal fans appreciate him more and enjoy his game.

  15. There are a lot of Pogba’s in this world but believe me there’s only one Ozil and that’s why he’s so special and we as Arsenal fans should appreciate him more and enjoy his game.

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