Should Arsenal save pass master Cazorla for Olympiacos?

Arsenal fans and our manager are waiting and hoping that the injury news on Alexis Sanchez and Santi Cazorla is not too bad. After we heard the good news yesterday that our French centre back Laurent Koscielny had no lasting damage and would be available to face Sunderland at the weekend, more good news on these two would be a minor miracle.

It appears that our Spanish midfielder is the most likely to recover in time and after reading the Daily Mail report that revealed that Cazorla was streets ahead of any other Premier League player with his passing stats, you might think that Wenger would want him straight back in the side as soon as possible.

But I would not be so sure. For one thing I am sure the manager will be feeling a bit more cautious with his key players after what has happened recently and for another I think that Santi´s return might be better left to the crucial Champions League clash in Greece next week.

This weekend´s game against Sunderland is likely to be a very physical affair and with no Coquelin it might be a good idea to strengthen that spine. One way to do this, and to potentially get the best out of the player at the same time, would be to start with Aaron Ramsey alongside either Flamini or Chambers.

We have Campbell and the Oz to play either side of Giroud and Cazorla could be used from the bench if fit. And his creative talents might be a lot more vital against Olympiacos, a game we have to win and score goals in. What do you think Gooners?

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  1. In a previous article….

    Rumours of Nolito’s signature in January

    Nonsense…… Why would we sign a player who turns 30 in less that a yr frm nw?……. Does Arsenal Look like an oLd people’s home?…..we’ve got tons of oLdies in this team eating up the budgets and the last thing we need is adding more to that List….. I’d say we go for someone younger, more dynamic and agile


    In times Like these, one could really use a signing Like “Aubameyang” (or any other good player)….. He could play in sanchez’s absence as well as across the front three


    What’s 42miL from a bank acct of 200miL+??? To Let rivals steal off rich talents off our hands….. This is one of my many problems with Arsenal under wenger

  2. Wenger did originally say that both Koscielny and Cazorla would be fit for next week, but now he is definitely going to miss both Sunderland AND Olympiakos, and probably a lot more

  3. Its funny how people still consider campbell as quality, he’s a mediocre winger who offers nothing offensively.

    1. i agree DJ…we are not a mid table club…Campbell just doesn’t cut it.I said this before and will say it again – how can he be quality if Ramsey (not an out and out winger) plays ahead of you in your position.

      1. I also remember loads of fans saying how useless Ozil was. They were to quick to judge too. If you couldn’t see how good Campbell was in the game vDZ, please just watch it again.

    2. You’re probably the same fan who brown noses Chamberlain when Campbell has proven to be a lot better than him on the RW.

  4. It’s a sad case of affairs when a fellow gooner is suffering from wengeritis!…. poor admin… The deludedness is fast becoming an epidemic ?
    Cazorla is out for months!.. maybe even for the rest of the season!
    A Serious knee ligament damage at his age could be career threatening! ?

      1. What do you mean add wenger to that list?
        The disease is named after him ?

        Wengeritis :
        It is known to infect the AKB’s with a mental health problem, Which is transmitted from ones tongue to the other’s ear,
        Through airwaves, which eventually absorbs into the brain, killing all the cells and discharging in its place a fungi called wengeritis! The effects are quite alarming,
        Which leaves the brain in a state of delusion, unable to make sense of facts or figures and often indenial to reality!
        The main physical symptoms are of a dumb expression and speech impediment with plenty of “errrhhhs” in between words spoken.

        The only known cure is a new Arsenal manager!

  5. Can anyone tell me why Wenger didn’t take Santi of after he did his knee? He was limping around and in obvious discomfort. Yet took Ramsey of instead if I remember correctly, yet he recognized Santi was playing on one leg?

    The guy takes strange risks and then says he can not predict when players get injured????

    Most fans predicted Sanchez would get injured and that it would only be a matter of time before Santi and Ozil would get injured.

    Most fans predicted we would have many injuries this year and thus it would be a good idea to buy cover this last summer.

    Wenger let us help you with your piss poor ability to predict injury:


    1. Unbelievable, in past seasons wenger would have took Cazorla off and we would have played on with 10 men,
      as all the subs were already used up.
      In the past he wouldn’t have risked Sanchez either or sent Walcott on without letting him warm up first.

      Looking from the outside, it seems as if Wenger is on a sabotage mission lol.. I wouldn’t be at all surprised,
      especially if he has already been told that he will be replaced at the end of the season, it would also make sense to why he didn’t sign any senior outfield players lol

      Just on a para trip.. but hey.. you never know!
      But you will, if he is replaced in 2016.

      1. Yeap I agree with your sentiment. The whole Norwich game risked people with injury. Alexis was”in the red” in his own words. Ramsey had far too little game time and was no where near 100%. Santi was injured in 1st half, but played until he is now out.

      2. Personally I think if he’s on a sabotage mission it’s because the board won’t let him spend. Imo Wenger gets paid the highest salary because the board know his reputation is being damaged by their greed. Seriously, a healthy manager as smart as him and with his experience can’t be acting mad unless he’s trying to make a statement of anger and frustration towards somebody.

  6. Why don’t we wait for the Boss’ update on the Gunners tomorrow? And also wait to hear what he’ll say to the media on Friday? For now, let’s be praying for the Boss and the Gunners to overcome their injuries problem in time and in the interim, find a way out to return to their winning ways which have suffered a setback since after the international break.

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