Should Arsenal sell Aaron Ramsey to Man City for £50m?

The Swiss midfielder Granit Xhaka impressed everyone on his Arsenal debut last night against the MLS All-Stars and this has once again highlighted the surfeit of midfielders now forming a crowd in the Gunners changing room.

Francis Coquelin, Mohammed Elneny, Santi Cazorla, Jack Wilshere, Aaron Ramsey and Xhaka are all vying for those two places in the centre of midfield, and even with Arsenal’s usual injury problems there will be some talented players left on the bench.

According to today’s Arsenal transfer rumours, as reported on the official Man City website, Pep Guardiola is preparing to persuade Arsene Wenger to let Aaron Ramsey be the next Gunner to make the move to the Etihad. They report: “The 25-year-old has two years left to run on his current deal at the Emirates.

“And Arsenal are said to be in no rush to sell the Welshman, who was linked with a move to Manchester United last month.

“They claimed the Gunners would only consider doing business at £50m.

“The big-money arrival of Granit Xhaka from Borussia Monchengladbach could serve to throw his position at Arsenal into doubt.”

I can certainly imagine Arsene Wenger cashing in on Ramsey at that price to help fund our chase for the much-needed centre-forward. There are many Arsenal fans that are unimpressed with the Welshman, despite his excellent performances at the Euros, and this could be the perfect time to sell. We may not like Aaron much, but I am sure he will be worth much less next summer if he spends most of this season on the bench.

Should we let him go?


  1. Ramsey best season was with Mikel Arteta at the base of our midfield. Xhaka is a similar type of holding midfielder like Arteta but much better. Wenger will get the best out of Ramsey next to Xhaka. With Carzola aging and Wilshere injury prone, Xhaka, Ramsey, Ozil will run the midfield at Arsenal for years to come. No way we let him go at any price, especially to a rival.

    1. No… and look even if we’re to let Ramsey go, i wouldnt accept anything below £70 million…anytime we bid for other players, their teams suddenly slaps humongous price upon them but whenever teams want our players, they bring peanuts. imagine juve bidding £30million pounds for Sanchez.. WTF!! what insult?? and Bellerin? i’ll slap a £95 million price on him..this has to stop

      1. 40M for Jack, 30M for Theo.
        Jack won’t’ have a place in central. just couldn’t find a role for him among Xhaka, Santi, Ozil, Ramsey Le Coq, Elneny. Also promising youngsters like Iwobi, Jeff both can play.
        As for Theo, I think after we sign Mahrez, we still have Alexis, Ox, Iwobi, Campbell, Welbeck. also we shall give Gnabry and Willock a chance.
        Selling them means saving wages and increasing spending spree. and for footballing reason both of them need to move on to play.
        However, to win something, we have to add a striker and a CB. and don’t see Chambers can make it.

      2. Ramsey for 50million is a no brainer, wether it be to a rival or not.
        If we’re seriously thinking of launching an assault on the title,then ramsey must not be seen anywhere near our bench muchless our first team. Wilshire and Walcott must also follow him out the door as . Ls be hhonest about it, those players are simply not good enough for any team that is serious about winning major honours.

  2. Wanted to say ramsey should join city to show justarsenal fans what he’s capable of, but with the 1st comment here…we still have some decent fans here…

  3. Hahaha I don’t comment on too many articles these days but seriously, if Arsenal were to sell anyone in midfield it would have to be the injury prone smokin’ Jack.

  4. Dont you think we can sell the like of Walcott or Wilshare befor even thinking that.
    Ramsey is miles ahead of them and should be utilized properly.
    His energy is devastating. He can defend , attack, assist and score goal as well.
    Wenger somehow need to utilize him properly.
    In most of the games I would like to See Ramsey and Xhaka behind Ozil. In tough matches COqualan should get in in Place of any one of them.
    I do not see any place of Jack in this team unless he improves a lot.
    We need Mahrez as Wlacott is looking lost in mots of the games
    We need ramsey at his best if we do not top goal scorer


  5. Hypocrites!!! Many are now saying Ramsey shouldn’t be sold am sure the change is because of his display at the Euros….

    For 50m, I will sell Ramsey, as we are very rich in midfield,with the money I will buy Draxler/Mahrez and a deadly striker…

    But I would have preffered Wilshere to be sold ahead of Ramsey, and it would have been better if the offer came from abroad…

    I dread what kinda beast Ramsey would turn to under Pep, so no way!

  6. 50 mill for Ramsey they price tag alone made me laugh lol

    Onto last night’s game, Walcott, gibbs, chamber’s absolute utter garbage how they still play for arsenal is being me
    Walcott & gibbs how many years of loyalty are they going to be given by the wengers arrogance n ego accepts defeat and sells them.

    Chambers boy that lad is the worst defender iv seen in a long time clueless, holding for 2.5mill looked by a mile stronger in every aspect.

    Think the rest of the youngster did themselves no harm rene-adelaide, akpom etc

    Wengers admits “were short on forwards” well about time some 4years too late I think lol

    This season going to be be the same old
    Wrong tactics, players out of position, favouritism shown Ramsey,giroud etc deadwood not justifying places in the squads n the likes of players who played their hearts out Campbell n Co suffer.

    2016/17 wengers final years let’s hope

    1. Not sure what Chambers did so wrong. Or even Gibbs. Walcott wasn’t sharp but so was Wilshere although he managed two ozilesque passes in the first half. I thought Walcott played as he usually does but this time he was very vocal. I believe he knows that it is make it or break it this season. Personally I hope he will be Campbell’s sub but I have this feeling Wenger is not rating him as he rates Walcott. Gibbs had a quiet game but that was not a bad thing. Chambers partnered very good with Holding and Monreal. In the end is just a friendly and many things can change until the season starts.

  7. No you can’t have Ramsey
    but may I interest you in
    120 k p/w Walcott 90 k p/w Wilshere
    100k p/w Giroud 75 k p/w Wellbeck
    70k p/w Debuchy 80k p/w Cazorla
    65k p/w Gibbs 70k p/w Chamberlain.
    70k p/w Gabriel.
    All of these players are top top class and never get injured.
    Don’t go how about buy one get one half price.
    How about 5 for 100 mill special.
    Wait come back I’ll sell them all for 130 mill cash up front
    plus I’ll throw in Sanogo and Asano and Steve Boulds comb.

    1. Davidnz, what do you have against cazorla? Giroud is france’s best striker, chosen ahead of lacazette, or should i say lacassette, who many on here want to pay £40m for. Why get rid of asano so soon, we need the shirt sales and he may be the new thierry, or the new Francis Jeffers.

      1. I like Santi but he is struggling
        with an achilles issue after
        also having knee surgery.
        He is 32 in December also.
        Diarby Rosicky Arteta Sanogo Flamini
        Wilshere Walcott Wellbeck Debuchy
        were or are being kept on far too long.
        We don’t need Cazorla as we have 14 other midfielders.
        An ambitious manager would make the tough call.

  8. First thing first, NO HARD FEELING, we need more reliable players to run one full season and finish on top. JW10 and TH14 are two names that should be sold by now. We all know the reason, period.
    Don’t get me wrong, I like Rambo. He has potential to be the most balance (defending and attack) midfielders in the world. But for 50M pounds I will sell him. First, that’s a very good rare offer. Second, Rambo is not irreplaceable. Xhaka, Coquelin, Santi, or even Elneny could do what he could without a scratch. Sold him to one of direct rival? Why not? We will be just find without him.
    But, off course, like I said : NO HARD FEELING.

  9. Noooooo. …Dont sell him..

    Sell Walcott first……no one can predict the future but Walcott ain’t showing any signs of bouncing back. I want him to bounce back but I fear for the worst this season.. .

  10. Wenger must rate ramsey very highly, he plays him so often so will want to keep him. The fact that many fans on this site do not rate ramsey is irrelevant, i do not mean this as an insult, just that wenger will not be influenced by this.

    Big factor is whether ramsey is likely to sign a new contract, if not then we will have to sell him next summer. We will get a much better price now, two years left on contract, high profile after excellent euros helped by fact that wales were nowhere near as good in their last game without ramsey.

    I suppose it comes down to whether ramsey wants to win things and can see it happening with arsenal. If he wants to leave then it could well happen this summer. If he sees his long term future with arsenal then he will stay as wenger will want to keep him.

  11. there are 6 players for two central midfield positions. That may seem like overkill but Wilshere is injury prone and cannot be relied on to have an injury free season. Cazorla is 31 (32 at the end of the year) so one maybe two more seasons out of him. lets not forget that santi, jack and ramsey can also play in the number 10 role when ozil is not available or needs a rest. I think there is adequate cover in the middle of the park. no need to add or remove anyone at the moment

  12. @Budd, let’s not judge the players I mentioned on this one game but the last 10/5 years in Walcott and gibbs case & last season for chambers.

    It’s honestly fans like you who baffle me, I ask you 1 simple question do you think they would even get into the squads of Pep, Jose,Conte ,klopp? ?? Il even throw Pochettino in there Hell no they wouldn’t .

    If jack hadn’t been injured so often I would throw him in there but I think we all want to atleast see him play half a season b4 the final verdict on him is given.

    Ramsey like the 13/14 i sesson is going to live off his Euros performance and get into the team without merit as per usual. Giroud let’s not even go there = Average
    It’s very simple the players barring cech, ozil,sanchez are not winners no killer instinct and their physically and mentally weak and deep down we all know it. This all boils down to the manager his methods and above all his Arrogance, it has been clear for many a year what we lack and what the flaws are for all to see yet it’s like groundhog day come the start of the season.

    Like it or lump it arsenal have atleast 5/6 absolute deadwood players in their squad, promoting the youngsters instead of them would do us no further harm.

  13. No way we have a big schedule we need a big strong team with injury fatigue and out of form we need every one if we get that striker this could be our season to win and I want us to win it badly

  14. no problem with ramsey coming off the bench and he is a utility player that can fill in for several other players but not a starter for me and both xhaka and elneny should be ahead in the pecking order in his best position …euro performance irrelevant given the second rate nature of that tournament … so would keep him unless man city were daft enough to offer 50m then its a no brainer but we heard this before with the silly barca rumours …prioirty is bringing in two quality attacking options (and selling walcott and ox or campbell) and a CB … and perhaps wenger will surprise this year

  15. What’s the point of selling anyone? We never get a replacement. The money just goes into Mr G’s back pocket to fund some hyper stadium somewhere else in the world. If he had his was he’d see off the whole of the team and put the stadium up for sale too. Wait until we actually buy a player to replace him before we sell.

  16. Q) Would I sell Ramsey to City for £50 million ?
    A) YES, Of course!
    What? ?? It’s not as if he will get much game time at City.
    Don’t forget that Ramsey’s hamstrings Snap, crackle and pop like a bowl of Rice crispys, everytime he milks it.
    You could buy Mahrez with that £50 million and have enough change left over to pay Wenger’s wages for a year. ?

    While we are at it, Sell Jack and the wheelchair, along with Walcott ? The fee from that sale would probably pay for Aubameyang? ?

  17. I must say that Xhaka and Rob Holding are a great investment and the young defender impressed me with his performance last night, he has the making to be the new Tony Adams.His worth alot more than the £2.5 million Arsenal paid for him, thats for sure. ???

  18. With regard to all these reported offers it does seem that the transfer market is overheating. It will be interesting to find out what money is actually bring paid. £75m for higuan at 29 years old seems astronomical but perhaps it is a one off, juventus perhaps see him as proven in their league and just what they need.

    Anyway, in the end you cannot beat market forces, if the market is overheating then there will be a fall and clubs who have borrowed heavily to fund player purchases and have committed themselves to large wage bills will have poblems. So there may be opportunities in the future for some good buys, examples of this are cazorla and monreal signing from malaga who had financial problems.

    Unfortunately that does not help us now, which is precisely what is driving up prices.

    I wonder how

  19. I don’t rate Ramsey but probably mainly because of the way we use him. I just don’t don’t think he is an outstanding right winger and that it where Wenger plays him most often.

    More importantly, in answering the question on whether we should sell him for or not, the answer would depend on what we do with the 50 million. If we invest it in a world class striker and without the 50 we would not get a world class striker, my answer would be; sell him and quickly. If the money goes into the the bank and does not get re-invested I would say keep him.

    Finally I would prefer to sell Wilshire. When both are fit I think Wilshire is the better player but unfortunately I think Wilshire will be injured more often than Ramsey although that could be a close battle since Ramsey is also often out.

    I would rather sell Theo for 20-25. In today’s inflated market we might be able to get 20-25 for him.

  20. I want to see Ramsey playing solely as a number 10 this season. If Wenger would use his transfer to buy Lewandowski, i would say sell him but since that will never happen we can keep him for a season.

  21. If the money goes on other good players like Mahrez etc then sell him. If it just goes back to make Kroenke and Co richer then don’t sell.

  22. Well…if they spend that money on Mahrez or WC forward….I dont care ,he can go… but if not…then NO!

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