Should Arsenal sell Alexis to Man City if he wants to leave?

Alexis targeted by Manchester City!

Arsenal seem to have a bit of a battle on their hands, with several clubs beginning to keep an eye on the Alexis Sanchez contract saga.

Many media outlets understand that Alexis Sanchez is hesitant towards signing a new contract with the Gunners and that he may be unhappy about staying in North London. The winger currently has a deal with Arsenal until June 2018 and the Gunners are keen to extend his contract before it runs into its final year. Arsenal reportedly received offers from Juventus over the course of the summer for Alexis, but rejected them in order to keep hold of our star player. Despite therefore batting away interest from the Old Lady, Juventus still reportedly remain interested and now the Gunners may have Manchester City to compete with.

The Sunday Express claim that Alexis wants to be on par with Arsenal star man Mesut Ozil and that could mean a new £200,000 per week contract. If Alexis is to sign a new deal, he also reportedly wants a release clause inserted, with the Chilean still supposedly unsure on Arsenal’s level of ambition. Alexis wants to see that Arsenal are ambitious of not only challenging, but also capable of winning major trophies like the Premier League and Champions League.

The report continues to suggest that new Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola is keen to link up with the former Barcelona man and for the pair to rekindle the form and success the Chilean brought to Barcelona. City would have no problems meeting his £200k wage demands, whilst Alexis would know he is more than capable of challenging for major honours in Manchester.

Even though Alexis was seen to press his hand up to the Arsenal badge yesterday after scoring two goals in Arsenal’s 4-1 win over Hull, I think we are in for a long running saga over this contract extension. But if the Chilean really doesn’t want to stay with the Gunners, should we cash in by selling him to City in January or next summer?



  1. josh37 says:

    Is this even a real question….?
    The only plausible way this happens in an acceptable scenario is if we get absolutely silly money from them and we have a bonafide superstar already lined up who will improve us more than Sanchez. Griezmann, Reus or Lewi spring to mind.

    This being said.. If he does want out, we’d be silly not to try and strike a deal with Bayern for Lewi for Sanchez. Surely with Bayern’s Champions League dreams they’d be more likely to want him to play for us than Real… And we’d obviously prefer not to strengthen anyone in the prem with him!

    1. Break-on-through says:

      Lewy has always been out of our reach, that hasn’t changed. Arsene wanted Reus and Alexis, so would I, but losing Alexis and getting the injury prone Reus, is not an upgrade for me. Greizmann, again Wenger wants the two of them, might be dreaming but never the less, that would be more acceptable, also allot easier said than done. If we cant hold onto our biggest players, the big players wont see us as one of the biggest clubs.

      1. Godswill says:

        @Break-on-through. If we can’t hold on to our biggest players depends also on the players. Why is Ozil’s contract not as problematic as Sanchez’s own?
        He says He’s on the same level as Messi and Ronaldo. But I disagree with him on that.
        I regret Wenger not adding 5M to the buy out amount to get Saurez when he wanted to come to Arsenal.

      2. Incarnate says:

        Alexis for Iheanacho.

  2. SUNNY13 says:

    No way, we can sell to City. I would rather run down his contract till 2018, remaining another season, where we can also win something, even if we have to afford a loss

    Arsenal are not a small club, selling our most important player to a direct rival is a huge step backward,
    Arsenal have to do what ever it takes to convince him to sign a contract,
    if he demand release clause the put 80 million,
    Liverpool did not sell Sauraz to us even though he agitated a move publically and also had small release clause.
    My point is do not sell willing fully to a direct rival. Fight to keep best player

  3. Uzi Ozil says:

    You don’t strengthen your rivals. I thought we have learnt our lessons.

  4. dragunov762mm says:

    This should be simple. Accept his 200K demand and we can consider that the rest of Alexis story is full BS. ManUre paid RVP even more three years ago. It’s time for Arsenal to enter top clubs new wages structure.

  5. NY_Gunner says:

    If he wants to go, sell him. There’s always another player waiting in the wings, ready to step up…

  6. Twig says:

    I think we can afford 200K. But do his performances warrant that? I’ll say no. He’s far too inconsistent and contrary to widespread opinion is NOT a world class player. In the current squad, only Koscielny deserves that kind of wage. If he’s not happy with his current wage, do a player + cash swap with De Bruyne (laughs evilly)

    1. josh37 says:

      200k is nowhere near crippling.. Whilst i do agree that consistency is more of an issue with Sanchez than a lot of fans acknowledge. He’s a double digit goals and assists forward that can be flat out inspirational, scores big-time goals and has big-time moments whilst having an immense work-rate that sets a standard for others around him.
      He’s worth 200k a week to stay. As I said above though… If we can get Griezzy, Lewi or Reus to replace him though, I don’t think I’d be sour for too long.

  7. Big G says:

    Absolutely not, Alexis either stays with us or goes back abroad. It makes no sense strengthening our rivals though I doubt Kroenke would care with £ signs in his eyes. Even if Alexis did go, who could Arsenal afford who is top class that we could entice to the emirates, Lewandowski err I don’t think so somehow, De Bruyne would be nice but not going to happen, Griezmann….not without Simeone.

    1. Break-on-through says:

      The truth is there isn’t a better winger around that Arsenal could get. We were hugely lucky that it was us juve and pool chasing him along with us. He’s a prem winger who scores very close to one in two, and his commitment is absolutely top draw. He was a big player for the biggest club in the world right now. There was only maybe two or three players at most who could arrive at Barca with Alexis becoming dispensable.

      1. josh37 says:

        We supposedly had a deal in place for Reus right before he did his major injury and then Alexis was also available. Draxler was also coming off an absolute blinder of a season as well but his club blocked his move.. Mahrez supposedly wanted us after being deemed the PFA player of the season.
        This we’re a small club mentality is absolute trash. Our wage structure now has the flexibility to offer superstars superstar wages which is what we sorely lacked for so long.
        Maybe the Pogba’s and Higuain’s are out of our reach transfer fee wise. But we can absolutely draw top drawer talent.

  8. ruelando says:

    In truth he probably deserve the raise, however consistency is important to this arsenal squad and if he is not going to be consistent in play then move him on for the right amount outside the EPL amd i do not see that happening until next summer, so lets focus on this season and not the papers nonsense.

  9. Break-on-through says:

    Really not liking these rumours, Pep wanting Alexis and Barca wanting Hector, I wish they’d just stop. We need to give Alexis a big pay rise but I’m not too keen on a buy out. If we give him that buy out well then he’s as good as gone next season. I’d probably prefer to either sell him abroad or keep him til the end of his contract rather than watching Che, Manu, Manc all sweep him off his feet with us powerless to stop it. Juventus are clever buggers, they unsettle him, and now Pep, others will follow, but Juve is the only one we can do business with.

    1. Jansen says:

      Unless we turn into Champions this season we will likely lose our best players to the richest clubs over the coming years. Our gamble on a new stadium and FFP has backfired and now the club has come out publicly and admitted we can not compete for players with Europe’s elite clubs.

      Elite players want to win trophies and many elite players who left Arsenal, if not all, have been rewarded with winning major trophies. Sooner or later Bellerin will want to win a major trophy as well.

  10. butters says:

    Sanchez home is london, I heard his dog (that has his own instagram account) doesnt want to leave London.

  11. Jansen says:

    He has us by the balls IMO. If he doesn’t renew we have to sell this summer. You don’t want to run his contract down and with a money hungry owner and manager they will not let him run down his contract.

    Selling him to the highest buy is what we should do if he really wants to go. If Wenger stays City is not our competition, and they would just buy Griezman instead, so it would not be a case of strengthening City. They will strengthen no matter what.

    Best thing to keep our best players is get a new (big name) manager and sign a big name striker. That would show the ambition top players like to see. No one who has observed this club over the last 10 years can believe our competitive ambition ranks equal to our financial ambition.

    If Sanchez wants to go and Wenger stays we might as well sell Sanchez to the highest bidder no matter who it is (unless it is Spurs, Liverpool or Everton, who are our direct competition IMO – but they are unlikely to the highest bidders and Sanchez would not want to go to them anyway)

  12. Ronny331 says:

    If he loves and is settled in London then surely his agent will be looking to get him a move to Chelsea. Pay ot don’t pay the 200k of he no longer wants to wear the shirt he has to go and another similar class player be brought in.

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