Should Arsenal sell if Ox rejects new contract offer?

I think that most Arsenal fans agree with Arsene Wenger on the issue of Alexis Sanchez and refusing to sell the Chile international star despite the fact that our striker will almost certainly walk away for nothing next summer unless the boss can somehow persuade him to sign a new contract, which looks very unlikely.

I am not sure that we would all say the same about Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain though, despite the fact that the England international is looking good in his new wing back role. The Ox does not hold the same importance to Arsenal as Alexis does, by any stretch of the imagination, and he would not be as hard to replace either.

So with The Mirror reporting that Chamberlain is set to reject the new contract on offer to him, even though it is reportedly worth well over £100,000 a week, perhaps Wenger needs to consider selling him and doing it fast so he has time to bring another transfer in before the window closes.

I would not say it even needs to be a like for like, because we already have Bellerin on the right and the new man Kolasinac looks better further forward than in a three man defence. I do not like the idea of selling to a Premier League rival but if Chelsea are offering good money for a player who will leave for nothing very soon and who is not vital to our season, is it not better to take the cash?



  1. arsenal fans are similar to flat earther how the hell we should sell Olivia giroud an keep the ox base on production giroud is our second best player on the other hand Chamberlain is one of our worst performer we can buy better players who would demand less salary for instance players who play for Real Madrid and Bayern Munich they are playing for less

  2. Ljgomez93 says:

    Just pay him!! He’s playing well, if he goes somewhere else we’ll be kicking ourselves!!!!!!!!

    1. Bah says:

      Which OX u watching..? His final decisions r always poor.#fast&foolish

  3. Jonm says:

    I thought when he arrived that we had a real future star. He has not developed as well as
    I expected but recently seems to have improved. If he will not sign new contract then sell. We could be faced with ozil and sanchez leaving for free in a years time, the financial hit will be massive. Remember that we fund players from our own resources, players leaving for free are effectively lost to us, they will not be replaced, other than by not strengthening elsewhere. And do not believe the media hype about our cash reserves, a lot of that money is from the sale of season tickets and is required for paying things like players wages.

  4. Bakri says:

    I think Arsenal shouldn’t lose their best players for the sake of money , if and only if Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is insisting to leave the Arsenal should swap him with Chelsea Costa who is used to playing in the premier league and the Champion League , as well he is living in London and understand English , he does not need a work permit and above all he can score goals which Arsenal need badly.Chelsea are eager to get rid of him and they are very interested in Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain . Arsenal will not have a better option. All the premier league clubs have strengthen their squads we hope Arsenal will not be the only club to have weakened their squad .

    1. Waal2waal says:

      assuming we did (the swap) what becomes of OG, or Theo and who fills at RWB position.

      1. Waal2waal says:

        .we’d prob have to sell these strikers and get cover for bellerin.

  5. Atid says:

    Sorry but he is not that good to dictate his terms. Even if he went Chelsea he would struggle to start.

    As long we spend the money, on good replacements I would sell any player who doesn’t want to play for Arsenal Football Club.

    Look we could collect over £150m for the 3 wantaways who could walk for nothing next year. Instead we could get 3 players on 5/6 year contracts. Lemar, Mahrez and carvalho would be a far better option for us right now and all 3 will jump at the chance. Just get it done and move on. Then we would start having a team where half the players are tied to long contracts. Surely that is better than the current situation?

  6. Adajim says:

    Ramsey has had his season, same with Wilshire, Bellerin, Ozil, coqueline and Sanchez. Ppl can Olivier lamppost but he hasn’t been displaced as arsenal first choice striker ever since his arriver, besides he has d EPL record of scoring from bench.
    Where does ox rate in all this aforementioned characters, he should be sold off, promote Nelson and use the money for good investment. He thinks he is bigger than the club or better than he is. Ppl said he has improved but am not surprised that is typical of arsenal player, they put in the best performance of their life when their contract is due for renewal. The fact is, ox is good but not consistent, this alone is enough reason to let go off him

  7. JJPawn says:

    I hate letting opposing team getting stronger at our expense. In this case we will weaken them. So sell at a high price.

    Chelski, with klepto money from oil, wants to have an English player who is a bit more than a token. Sell him near 50 million, by playing Wenger’s game of hard to get. Maureen has his Sir Alex stream of English players, but Conte needs some. (Can Wenger pull of 100 million for Alexis from the prima donna Pepe?)

    The problem with Ox is his head space. His decisions are poor in the final phase to be in a team like Arsenal (well… in its ideal past). There are better younger players in the team and outside as well.

    Say Wenger gets 120 million from Alexis and Ox, then he can actually fund a rebuild without entitled English players. Maybe even raid the Spuds, whose players want to be paid now? Or other proven players sitting on the benches in big clubs, but who would move for 150K/wk and regular playing time.

    There is a price for any player, even for Alexis. I hope Wenger pushes a hard bargain.

  8. Dalinho says:

    Is that Wenger has aloud Chelsea to buy bakayoko we have no choice but to get carvalho and seri or goetzka if Wenger don’t do that then oxlade will be the last thing he worries about but I do agree we should probs sell Alexis ox and ozil and bit buy replacements if we can draxler lemar seri carvalho are all young and would be here for years but Wenger ain’t gonna build a team for another manager to come and take over he’s to self centred

  9. Turbo says:

    If it’s true Ox has been offered 125K and he is turning it down, then yes sell him if you can get a fair price. Even if he winds up at Chelsea, he is not going to get lots of regular first team action and is not the potential harm to us as opponent as Alexis would be. We have to stop overpaying marginal players or we wind up stuck with them and unable to move them out when and if necessary. I like him a lot as a player, even though he has not matured as much as I had hoped over time, but the wage offer is MORE than fair so if he doesn’t take us it means he truly doesn’t value playing for Arsenal and if so I’d rather not have him on the team then. We have sufficient cover for RWB and players on the development squad close to ready who can step up down the road also.

    1. ClassyGunner says:

      125K, if true, is too high for him. He was a great young potential once upon a time and was expected to mature into a fine player for Arsenal and England. Unfortunately, he has still remained just potential. Sure, he does have an odd good spell, but soon after he looses form or gets injured.

  10. Jay says:

    Sell him. He will never be any good.

  11. Turbo says:

    I’m kind of wondering if we shouldn’t just accept the likelihood that, given the extreme dithering in the transfer market, we’re no longer going to be able to make the moves that would give us a true chance at contending (esp. relative to what City & United have done, and with Chelsea, Liverpool, and Spurs very strong and Everton and others also stepping up to nearer the top), that we might well be outside the top four unless others falter or we have a truly exceptional season. If so, maybe we would be best served to bite the bullet, move out Ozil, Ox, Alexis, even Ramsey right away before the window closes so we don’t have those lingering uncertainties and drama, and focus on rebuilding the squad by giving players like Iwobi, Nelson, Holding, Laca, Koila (and ideally a couple more last minute additions) primary emphasis and full opportunity. We might still even make the top 4 with that squad, could certainly be top 8 if we play well and have some reasonable strategies rather than AW’s recent craziness in team selection/positions, (maybe even especially if we don’t have CL or even any European football the following season), have an effective transfer season next summer, and make a serious badass run at the title for the next few years from 2018-19 plus. I really don’t know, but I’m wondering and it definitely deserves thought. Given the largely wasted summer, at this point I’d give those guys one last contract offer with decision due in 72 hours or less, and move them out pronto if at all possible if they don’t sign the contract.

  12. Finding Dory says:

    Absolutely sell him. Get rid of Ox. Now, while is is obviously gifted, pacey, and skilled on the ball, Ox lacks vision and football (soccer) knowledge. Too often he makes a great run utilizing his pace and skill and drawing defenders to him and out of position. He needs to realize that in doing this he draws defenders out of position and sets up his teammates. However, most often, he takes his runs too far instead of passing to a teammate who is left in space and in good position. In the end, most of the time, he winds up taking a shot on goal himself from bad angles or with too many bodies between him and goal. That said, he does show flashes of brilliance when he makes a good cross (Man City in FA Semi) or nice pass back to the center of the box. But, these are the “exceptions” as opposed to the rule.

    Perhaps this last level will come with time and maturity. However, as I write this, I find him lacking in this area. So either he signs and extension with Arsenal and is taught this last bit and learns quickly or we sell him now for the max we can get and he learns this elsewhere at Chelsea or wherever he chooses.

    Finally, this is entirely up to him. At his age and skill level he can decide where to go. If he wants out, we must sell him now. If he can sign and extension, great! But he has to further develop his game and finishing/passing and team play.

    Love Ox. But he’s not there yet.

    1. Waal2waal says:

      we need to show the door to our dead wood and im ox chambo is not categorised part of that bunch. he see kolasinac come in as a wing back on top pay so we can assume he will want the same. we havr two bulldoser type WB players (either side) why should one agree to be lower paid. its just the principle.

      however, if the board want a sale they stand to get it with this case by simply producing ox chambo stats they reveal a player with insufficient goals and who has insufficient assists. it is dangerous for him to play contract rebel for long with his stats. so expect to see him sign d ting.

  13. DFC says:

    I hate to see a generation of contract rebel & greedy like this !! from van pu*sy then now ox & alexis..pheww..sell ox 40mil and alexis 60mil minimum, then get lemar, seri, mahrez, goretzka or else !

  14. Wengers Coat says:

    Everyone wants Chambo, becuase hes is Homegrown, clubs like man city, chelsea needs Ox. He will never be the main men in those clubs, but he doesnt care, the pay will always be better than at Arsenal.

    Ozil is a weird case, a star player, but i think no club wants him at the moment. Simply because of his wage and that clubs nowdays dont play a classic no 10.

  15. AllDwayfromAfriCa says:

    this is starting to feel like Walcott all over again. £125 per week is way too much for him,seriously he is not that good. the only reason some of us here are hoping he stays is bcus we got so many crappy players and he tends to stand out amongst them. now he is saying he doesn’t want to sign, probably hoping for a better deal. i say sell him, he isn’t going to make Chelsea better he wouldn’t even be in their first 11. £125 a week for the ox is just too much..
    morning guys

    1. damigunner says:

      you echo my thoughts as well …have said this before…. it seems arsenal doesn’t learn to the Walcott deal…. this was the same thing happening over again…. I guess this is because the club doesn’t have a sporting director…. to think the club is offering this chamberlain guy 125 is beyond me… is it that they are blind or what… a player with little football brain….can anybody tell me the difference between him and Walcott… I think just he possess some muscles than Walcott that’s all…. both have no brains with the worst end product in professional football…. and you want to offer that 125….is he better than rose in Tottenham who is on 65…..this wenger man must be very blind…. he doesn’t even know who a good player is anymore…. just can’t wait for him to finish his 2 yrs…and for those of you thinking Chelsea wants to sign him….those are just newspaper fake rumors probably started by his agent… if Chelsea are so interested what stops them from putting just 1 bid in for him all summer… plss… the guy is just crap and another over hyped English player usually with no football brain… I don’t even know if it is run run run they teach them in this English academies cos all of them have same attributes… from Walcott to ox Lennon welbeck gray Ramsey bale etc… check all this guy’s out they have one thing in common run run run with little football brain ….only that that bale scores and that makes him unique but still little football brain….

  16. shark says:

    I don’t care if we gonna lose players for free next summer and also how big are our player’s wages. If they don’t want to play for us anymore, they should leave immediately. If by miracle, we will transfer anyone before deadline day, those players should be played in their natural positions. Only at Arsenal is possible that the best LB from Bundesliga is played as a CB. That’s why Wenger seems like he doesn’t have a clue what kind of positions should we cover this window.

  17. jacob says:

    Am tired of talking…chelsea are busy adding quality too quality…the only thing arsenal fans in london know is talk and talk..dey cant act..I just don’t know wad to say…the club is so unserious

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