Should Arsenal sell Iwobi for €25 million?

So it is definitely time for Arsenal to trim their over-bloated squad after seeing five arrivals already this summer, but could Alex Iwobi be one of the players that Unai Emery is happy to see leave if the opportunity arose. Well, according to, Lazio are keen on taking the 22 year-old to Italy. They reported….

Italian Serie A club, Lazio are understandably working around the clock to try to price away Super Eagles youngster, Alex Iwobi from Arsenal.

According to Italian news outlet, Lazio have lined up a move for the 22-year old alongside his Gunners teammate, Lucas Perez while also considering options in Sevilla’s Joaquin Correa and Atletico Madrid’s Angel Correa.

The report has suggested that Lazio will want to recruit the Nigerian in view of using him as a direct replacement for Felipe Anderson who left Stadio Olimpico this summer to join Premier League club, West Ham for a club record transfer fee of £36 million.

So what do you think? Should Arsenal listen to offers around €25 million for Iwobi, or should we keep him and hope he improves in the future?

Darren N


  1. Innit says:

    For €25 ??

    Iwobi is not a bad player but That’s useful money and we could use it towards signing a better player

    1. gotanidea says:

      Yes, if the offer is 25M

      However, this is too good to be true

      If nobody comes for him, he has to go for a loan, so he can learn like what Coquelin did

      1. kev says:

        A lot of departure expected in the next week or so; Ospina to Besiktas, Welbeck to Everton and possibly Iwobi to Lazio.

        Besiktas have offered £7m, Everton are likely to offer £19m and Lazio €22m as reported. All bids been around these will be accepted but Ospina will move to Besiktas.Seems as though the Boca move couldn’t materialize.

        In the event that Cech and Ospina leave we will target Sommer who is rated at £15m by Monchengladbach.Joel Campbell will also be leaving and Newcastle are interested.

        We want Reine Adelaide to go on loan to an EPL though he has offers from European teams in Germany and co.The player is likely to decide his future but if an offer of around £15m came in we’d sell and also insert a buy back clause into the contract.

        1. kstix says:

          you sound like you’re a member of the board of directors at Arsenal football club. kindly stop speaking with so much confidence and in the active term if you are reporting mere speculations. thank u

    2. Ian wrights bruva says:

      Alex had his chance to step up into Walcott and the ox shoes but failed to impresses. 25 mill, yes for a new signing not the boards bank account.

    3. I says:

      I think the calls for the sales of Iwobi are bias.
      I remember when Wilshere was wasting the clubs wages by spending more times on treatment tables only to return for a while and start running into legs of opponents. Many fans here were still optimistic about his chances despite the fact that his good games were few (against Barcelona and a couple of games). I didn’t see these calls for Wilshere’s sales then. Iwobi though not there yet, has potentials and he is not so expensive in terms if weekly wages. And he is the second best to Ozil in comfortable passes and one-twos in the final third among our attacking players. He is not bad for a back up player.

      1. Izuchukwu Okosi says:

        Alex Iwobi won’t even go anywhere. It sounds like the wishes of Arsenal fans who are not satisfied by his performances. He’s a real talent and will get better. The only thing missing in his game are goals.

      2. Enagic says:

        For Wilshire apart from that game he put in great performance against Barcelona yes he needs to go! and when you had Seaman come out and blame Unai for making mistakes i really think some of our former players played football but have very very low knowledge of interpreting it!!

  2. yes , never saw what Wenger saw in him ; fluffed too many chances like Giroud .

  3. funkyrith says:

    No way! He is academy graduate, no? He is good, and definitely worth +10mil

  4. eseosa says:

    Yes. 25 milion for Iwobi. The man has stagnated for too long with no signs of improvement in any near future,

  5. ruelando says:

    I would rather a loan to somewhere he will get game time

  6. jon fox says:

    Is this a serious question! The craziness of keeping Alex “Bewildered” Iwobi, IF we truly have a club crazy enough to offer 25 mill euros is not something Arsenal should contemplate for even a heartbeat. SELL, SELL, SELL. Only the clearly biased few Nigerians on this site disagree!

    1. kstix says:

      I’m Nigerian too and I’m going to be real with you. we can’t win shit with a player like iwobi. same goes for ramsey, I’m hoping to see what emery sees in him… Take a look at our rivals, the ones winning titles and aiminig to win. do they have any player of iwobi or ramsey’s calibre in their teams… sentiments aside. iwobi is usually very confused with the ball most of the time, gets tired easily. i know he’s an excellent passer up until he meets a strong defence wall, he starts to fidget. don’t even get me started on ramsey the selfish midfielder. i only know strikers should be selfish. as a midfielder your main job is to pass. or should we be talking on how he foolishly looses possession that result in goals and how he does little or nothing to win the ball back. in this aspect i respect wilshere more. wilshere never loses the ball and just stands there. he fights tooth and nail to get it back. as a matter of fact, bar injury, i prefer wilshere to ramsey.

      1. Enagic says:

        No difference between Wilshire and Ramsey they both need to go and i hope we get Gomes very very good player

    2. jon fox says:

      MICHAEL, You really are a low class individual and IN DANGER OF LEGAL COMEBACK into the bargain. What I write and about whom is my opinion . You are entitled to yours, as I am to mine. You are NOT entitled to say that I am without integrity. Should you repeat this libel you will find yourself defending a lawsuit. trust I make myself clear. I advi e you to say nothing further about my character . I STRONGLY advise you of this.

      1. stubill says:


        1. Mobella says:

          Chill Foxy!!! You have done this several times here and nobody threatened you with lawsuit. This is hilarious.

      2. jon fox says:

        You may insult me all you want and my views BUT if you EVER impune my INTEGRITY again you will live to regret it. So would anyone else doing likewise.

  7. kev says:

    We should sell Iwobi but we should try to get more cash from Lazio especially considering the fact that they have more money to spend due to the sale of Felipe Anderson.
    I’m also hoping a player like Stephy Mavididi is given a chance because his dribbling ability and directness will be very useful in our team.
    There’s a former Arsenal youngster called Ismael Bennacer playing for Empolo who we will regret losing.Hes such a big big loss.

    1. kev says:


    2. Phil says:

      Kev-you really do have an inspired knowledge of players.You seen to be clearly ITK despite you saying you most definitely are not ITK.To my mind if a player like Mavididi is sent out on loan to a Club like Charlton Athletic you would expect him to make an impact at such a lower league Club.Talking to a few Charlton fans who witnessed his amazing goal on his debut there he has done pretty much nothing since.So if he’s not cutting it at Charlton why do you believe he will make a difference back at Arsenal?
      In regards Bennacer again I question why you believe this player will come back and haunt us as one we let go?The Academy releases dozens of players and I’m struggling to think of anyone who has made it elsewhere.And if this player was cutting it in a Top Italian side then perhaps I would take note but instead he’s playing for a very small and insignificant Club in a League dominated by just a few Teams.
      It seems our own Academy is beginning to show us some promising youngsters but the difference between making an impression at Youth Level and actually getting a First Team starting spot is HUGE.
      The list is endless of the names of the “Next Best Thing”but how many actually come through.I can tell you the name of the last one-Ashley Cole.Nobody has since reached the level of this player and yet anything less should not be considered good enough.
      I have left out Cesc as he was brought in to the Club and Bellerin also (with the Jury still out on him).

      1. Andrew E says:

        You’re right, Ashley Cole was an exceptional footballer and one of the few world class English players and probably the best ever Arsenal left back. We do have some promising young players coming through but the big question is can they perform on the big stage? I do have high hopes for Maitland-Niles though, so far so good.

  8. Gifted says:

    Iwobi can leave if the rumoured amount is true…Besides, we have Emile Smith Rowe in his position who is way more talented..But maybe insert a buy back clause just in case Iwobi goes out there and surprises all of us

    1. Bobby says:

      @Giften if you are so sure he won’t come good, why then do you want a buy back clause

  9. Isaac says:

    Take the money and get Douglas Costa instead

  10. Sue says:

    Are Lazio mad?? ? yes I’d take whatever they’re offering

  11. Ingleby says:

    So, if the deal went through Iwobi, Ospina and Akpom would raise something like £30M. If Welbeck is also sold for £15M, there is suddenly enough money in the kitty to land the ‘expensive winger’ – whomever that may be.

    If Ramsey doesn’t put pen to paper and is sold then the way is also open for Gomes or Meyer.

    Interesting times.

  12. Declan says:

    Another keeper coming in. Sommer from Borussia Munchengladbac .
    Cech and a Ospina will be leaving.

    1. Sue says:

      The plot thickens…..

  13. Joe14 says:

    If Sven pushes that through he should get a statue. The market really is crazy. 25 mill for Iwobi???

  14. Declan says:

    Serious talks with Barca for Gomes. Ramsey and a Iwobi going?

  15. RSH says:

    this is a serious question?

  16. perfect says:

    what ever they offer, send him out with a buy back clause….

    1. Andrew E says:

      Why would you want him back??

  17. Uba for Auba says:

    Iwobi should be given this season under unai emery to show his worth. If he doesn’t impress us then, am done backing him as an arsenal graduate.

  18. Okey says:

    He will definitely improve under emery for sure

  19. Abu says:

    I even would take 5 to sell him anyday. He doesn’t deserve to wear that shirt.

  20. Benson says:

    Only the clearly biased few Nigerians on this site disagree! I don’t know what you mean by bias anymore, we kept Jack for over five years and we all love him (I still and will always love him), what about Theo,Chambers or even Jenkinson and nobody complains. The moment Iwobi became useless was when he choses Nigeria over England.

    1. Nicholas says:

      What???? So if a man chosen his heritage over England then he’s useless?

      Let me make this clear. I want Iwobi sold asap but all that England talk is foolish and pathetic

  21. Chris says:

    men am so ashamed of calling myself an arsenal fan..cox i see so many greedy and ungrateful fans many chances did iwobi get compared to walcott, wilshere, diaby, chamberline,guriod and all those crap players and traitors like cesc did he have and no a club is dangling 25 and sum fans are so stupid to let go..why didnt sum fan say so when chemberline chose to stab us at d back or is it coz his an african not english…i bet most of you wont say dat if Nelson start giving us crap football tommorow.pls give d guy his chance.if he fails to improve dis season then sell.after all how many of the so called youth players deserve a better chance dan him

    1. RSH says:

      iwobi has only gotten worse. There is no sign on improvement. People never liked Jenkinson much either because he was pants. Everybody saying nobody likes Iwobi because he is African, when a bunch of fans have been clamoring for Theo to be sold for AGES, we were happy to see Ox go, and a decent amount of Arsenal fans were over Wilshere ages ago as well. And in terms of European players that get slagged off, Xhaka gets it far worse than Iwobi. This same topic comes up when Ozil get criticized as if the fanbase hates him. In reality, most of these arsenal players get it very easy and have gotten it easy for ages under Wenger. You need to be truthful and admit Iwobi has regressed these past two seasons and was only really good for the few months after he broke into the first team. He’s done nothing since. 25mill for Iwobi is far more than his actual worth and the club would be foolish not to take it

      1. Admin says:

        The thing that finished my hope for Iwobi was when he was filmed at a party just hours before he was set to start the FA Cup against Forest. We were knocked out of the Cup and he was useless…..

  22. Andrew E says:

    He’s had enough chances, sell him for what we can get. Ramsey is a different proposition, he scores goals and I hope he extends his contract.

    1. Impenia says:

      No, just admit it, Ramsey, JW, Wellbeck, TW, etc are British, so they deserve special love regardless how useless they’ve been for the club. BTW, I don’t rate Iwobi highly and would like to see him make way for a better quality player. However, same goes for all the other “useless” British players we currently have on our books.

      1. RSH says:

        uh, no. Ramsey is just the only British player core that wasn’t completely useless. He actually produced performances in big games. Like every Arsenal player he has just been inconsistent. Special mention, Walcott was vital in all of our FA Cup runs, and has a decent goal scoring record. Still needed to be sold, but not as useless as everyone thinks.

  23. royal says:

    Let’s be careful on our wish to sell players so that we won’t regret it later , lets give iwobi one more season.

  24. Frank Wilcox says:

    Hell YES,if somebody is stupid enough to by him for 25 mil!!
    He is absolutely worthless,can’t shoot,can’t pass,can’t dribble,can’t even spell defend!!
    If he was a horse,they’d shoot him,lame S O B!!

    1. Sporsor says:

      I Please arsenal to give this guy one more chance

      1. Sal says:

        he deserves one more season for sure..but we have to admit that he has been declining at a rapid rate, the fans have been justifyingly vocal about his recent performances! and his WC bench rest should be the wake up call he might just need, a new manager with a high work rate emphasis might help his cause as he’s definetly got the potential to make the grade at arsenal, but he’s got hard work ahead of him as it’s a make or break it season for him.

        as for us being happy/laughing/ecstatic with just 25 mil for iwobi, i beleive it to be a huge mistake without some clauses especially a buy back, if zaha is being quoted at those prices at least see the potential in one of our own, remember zaha at united? he sill had that raw dribbling power, you know what am saying the vision to see the gap between defenders and squeeze yourself right inbetween them like a gazelle, that’s something you don ‘t teach. you got to be born with an intelligent football brain to do that , and iwobi can do that! its what’s after between and before that’s been disspointing he needs good coaching and the right mentality.

        so let’s get this season started please. COYG

  25. fesy says:

    As said ,if we win we win as a team and if we loose its because of iwobi,ramsey or ozil …the get critics than any other BTW am not fully convinced abt that defence we need more steel
    25M fr iwobi is crazy cash get for a better prayer mayb Fekir,Leon Beiley,Zaha or so bcx at this point we cant give more chances fr improvements!

  26. Joe14 says:

    What does Iwobi even do well? Guy’s so easily pushed away from the ball despite his size,he shoots like a baby, he’s not fast.
    He doesn’t have enough goals and assists given the amount of games he gets.I’d sell him without a doubt, give Eddie his slot.
    I don’t know what you guys think, but I feel Nketiah is bound for greatness. That goal in the friendly the other day was predatory. A strikers instincts. The ability to know where the ball will fall and be there when it does is talent and can’t be taught.
    Welbek would know.

  27. Joe14 says:

    And those saying Walcott was not as criticised when he was with us. The guy scored well over 100 goals for us,he was even our best player in a certain season.
    Iwobi doesn’t look like he’ll score half that amount even in Wenger Time (20years)

  28. Atid says:

    Just putting this this out there, but wilshire, akpom, welbeck, iwobi, jenkinson are all home grown, at some point we will have to bring in some homegrown. Unfortunately Niles, Nelson, nketiah etc are too young to count as homegrown yet.

  29. Mobyss says:

    Iwobi needs to go

  30. Chris says:

    i just pray iwobi lives so that all these impatient and greedy fans will rest but mark my words any of you dat praises d lad tommorow if he comes out good in d future.pls just know dat if u say even a word as weldone iwobi u maybe have called your self a fool for letting him pls any body calling himself a nigerian should pls shut it,can never be a true nigerian,cox i have never seen any fan from other clubs putting down their fellow nigerian.come to think of it has the whole arsenal palyers not been average ever since since even sanchez why crucify iwobi.if emery wants to sell him fine.i guess the younger ones have something better to offer right.let me remind you all of a certain certain debryne salah dat were thrown away cox some fans thought dey were not good enough now u all admire dem.even if wenger was adamant at times he sure saw something in iwobi that made him keep him.why not allow emery see for himself before selling than waste it on a star with huge exceptations and ends up like mustafi or xhaka

  31. Abednego says:

    Sell him to raise funds for Coman

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