Should Arsenal sell Lucas Perez for just £9million?

The latest Arsenal rumours are saying that Deportivo La Coruña, who sold Lucas Perez to Arsenal last summer, are making a bid to bring the unhappy striker back to his hometown after a season where he has been mostly ignored by Arsene Wenger.

The Gunners bought the Spaniard at the end of the transfer window with a lot of fanfare, but the Spaniard made just 11 appearances in the League, with most of them coming from the bench, and now the Spaniard is desperate to return to his hometown as we revealed yesterday

But the problem is that Deportivo are not such a big club they can afford to just give Arsenal there money back, and they are arguing that Perez is now only worth half of the £18m (21m Euros) that the Gunners paid last year. Lucas’ agent Rodrigo Fernandez Lovelle told Marca: “The amount is close to what was paid for Nolito on the part of Sevilla (€9m).

“Arsenal paid €21 million a year ago, four years of contract, that is to say, five million of annual repayment approximately, as a player devalues if he does not play, I think he would be worth like Nolito for Sevilla.”

Nolito was sold by Manchester City for the price of just £9million, so should Arsenal not expect more than that?


Updated: July 26, 2017 — 5:56 am


  1. Yes we should accept the offer just to honor the player cause he deserves more from Arsene and Arsenal and he was given a little chance and he proved himself compared to some deadwood player given chances over chances even with there glass legs.. Infact he should be ahead of Walcott, Ox,Welbeck and Iwobi

    1. Yes sell him for 9. Not because thats the right price, but because Arsenal not treated him well. He wants to go. Let him go!

  2. Why don’t we loan him?

    1. Loaning a depreciaitng asset which Lucas is at 29 years of age is not a great strategy. It makes sense for young talent to get experience but not so much for players nearing the end of their careers.

  3. Maybe I am over critical if I say that it seems we are not great at selling players and getting good value. Having said that it would be stupid to carry players and their salaries on our books if they are not part of our plans. I think we all feel bad for Perez and we should make sure we are not stuck paying his salary for an other year and if that means selling for 9 million then so be it.

    1. Lord Dennis of Bergkamp

      I hate to say it, but Spurs are a lot better at getting top dollar for their players and ensuring they’re on long contracts.

      We continually find ourselves being held over a barrell by players or clubs.

    2. No your not over critical, in fact we have the right to criticize because we are the ones paying for tickets and merchandise. Being realistic and being over critical are very different things.

  4. Selling the player for 1/2 price will impact perez’ income not to mention his stock would plummet. so despite the wrangling i wouldn’t be surprised if he stays at arsenal debuchy style (again). Either that or he goes somewhere else in the prem.

  5. I’d rather keep him and sell Welbeck.

    1. Honestly, i support you on this. We have not been fair to this guy. He scored goals last season. His goal against bournemouth for instance was superb. Wenger should rather keep him and sell Sanchez. Sanchez scored fewer goals in the 2015/2016 season. He was terrific last season because of playing in the CF role. Give others a chance. We are taking a step forward and two steps backward. Leicester won this league with Vardy and Mahrez(both not marque signing).Sell Sanchez and Welbeck. Keep Perez. Get a strong and mobile DM.
      Out: Sanchez, Welbeck(poor finishing and injury records), Gibbs, Debuchy, Campbell.
      In:any one of Draxler/Mahrez/Lemar and Verati/Carvalho.
      We need different personalities in the squad. We play in the europa league. This should be taken seriously with the first team involved. We need a bigger squad. Target should be to win the EPL and Europa league.

  6. Sell Walcot and keep Perez.
    He is a far better player and I wouldn’t sell him for less and keep a dead would with a huge salary.

  7. Although I feel sorry for him, no way he will be sold at that price. That`s like a peanut in todays crazy transfer market.Arsenal should try to recoup the paid amount. We don`t have to sell because we are in a strong financial position and there is still 3 years left in the contract. Remember Benteke? Everyone knew he was not in klopp`s plan but Liverpool held on and recouped. Strikers are very much in demands anyway, I`d say wait for better price.

  8. AFC doesn’t know how to sell player for a gud amount..

  9. Arsenal attack could be

    Lacazette Lucas or even

    Lacazette Lamar

    in both cases we’d be LOL

  10. Lacazette Ozil Lucas; or Lacazette Ozil Lemar = LOL

    1. To us other Europeans our attack would actually be:



  11. Someone in club should talk with Wenger about his plans for next season as to how he is going to win trophies next season and what his best 11 will be.Currently it seems everyone in his team are so up his *** that they don’t have the courage to speak against him .He is running the club like dictator.We have all seen what happens when dictators are in charge.

  12. We shouldn’t sell him. That fee is too low. Lucas is a good striker but he has got this Podolski thing about him where he just appears to be a passenger and doesn’t drive the team forward. But of all our forwards, he is one of the most clinical. He doesn’t have the industriousness of Sanchez, the physicality of Giroud or the athleticism of Welbeck but he is calm on the ball and has an eye for goal. I will be happy to see him stay as a useful squad player if we cannot get good money for him. We need a striker like that more than we need 9 million pounds.

    1. Welbeck is athletic whose finishing is poor. Can Welbeck get you 20 goals in a season? The problem is we have many strikers but cant just utilize them effectively. We are going into a season playing in the europa league. Thursday in russia for instance, EPL on Saturday, Wednesday, FA Cup and EPL on Saturday. And Wenger would be saying his team is tired. Strikers are an asset. They score the goals that either win games or get you a draw. Also, in our 343 formation, we need two strikers in that front 3. Wenger rates Ozil highly, the Other two imo should be strikers. We need different personalities in the squad. He gets an hat trick in a champions league and goes back to the bench. He scores a great goal to earn a point away to Bournemouth, and goes back to the bench. If he gets more games, he can be equally as effective as Sanchez. You dont need all the skills in the world to score goals. Harry kane is not that skillful, but he gets the goals. Ericsson delivers quality crosses into the box. Kane is always there. Converts his chances. Kane does not have the skills, the stamina of Sanchez but Kane is more effective, a better striker and better goal scorer than Sanchez.

      1. I just want to point out that our EPL games will be on Sundays after Europa games….

  13. on an impressive note lucaz is a gud player, you can see him prove himself wen given opportunities. but unfortunately he has been given less playing time so he needs to move on to another club. we shld sell him and bring in lemar or mahrez with a defensive midfielder.

  14. This is one transfer that Arsenal should’nt be looking for any profit, let alone breaking even. Signed for 17m last year and hardly utilized when he’s available. He sure had his good and bad moments. Not sure if it was a panic buy/back up buy or he was just not good enough, i dont know. The least we could do is to let him return to his home, play his football and get his chance for next year world cup. It’s alrd bad enough that player’s number was taken away without his knowledge(if that report was true). With some dignity left, we should just let him go with that nominal fee and everyone can have a closure and we move on to shape up our squad and prepare for the league. COYG!

  15. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter

    Lucas Perez is still under contract to Arsenal FC. He has been treated abysmally by Wenger last season, in particular being benched after positive performances to be replaced by less effective players. As stated by Skills1000 and others above, Arsenal have a lot of games this coming season and we are not going to get a better player for the money than Perez. Sound decisions on rotation of the front 3 will be required.
    Wenger should try and make peace with Perez and offer him the game time he deserves, provided he stays fit.
    IMO given that he has a good relationship apparently with Sanchez, one of the reasons for Sanchez’s annoyance is seeing Perez perform well and then be replaced by Wenger’s poorer performing favorites!

  16. Lucas is a decent player who to me can be a game changer.Remember Alex Ferguson had some players who were not rated high but he knew when to use them and he succeeded with his tactics.

  17. You can’t compare Lucas to some of our English foward players.He has a better ability of scoring goals than most of them

  18. I like Lucas he always made things happen when given the chance.But he should be sold for his own sanity another year on the bench may destroy him.

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