Should Arsenal sell Mesut Ozil in January? Do we NEED him?

Should Arsenal sell Mesut Ozil in January? by SE

Mesut Ozil wasn’t his usual self prior to getting injured during Arsenal’s 0-2 defeat against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge, as the German had to play out of his preferred position and didn’t flourish for the Gunners. Playing on the flanks, Ozil’s positive attributes — incisive through balls, eye for a pass — were missed by Arsenal, who were also let down by the German’s reluctance to track back, and render some sort of defensive cover that you normally expect of your wingers. Going forward, what can Arsenal get out of Ozil adorning the red-and-white shirt or, is he just an Arsenal outcast? Read on.

In the first place, Arsene Wenger was forced into tweaking Arsenal’s style, and system of play, 4-2-3-1, which was working well and pertinent to the players Arsenal and Wenger had at their disposal, due to Alexis Sanchez signing from Barcelona during the summer for £32m. The Chilean’s inception into Arsenal’s plans meant that Wenger had to find a system that can accommodate all of his star players — Theo Walcott, Alexis Sanchez, Olivier Giroud and Mesut Ozil — who primarily play as forwards or wingers. With Welbeck, too, signing for the Gunners right at the fag end of the summer transfer window, Wenger has a challenge on his hands to accommodate all of the aforementioned names in his starting XI.

Talking a bit about the system, Wenger has no option but to stick to deploying 4-3-3 or 4-1-4-1 (whichever way you look at it), which means that Ozil simply has to resort to playing as a winger, and by doing so, challenge himself to exhibit his very best for Arsenal. If, however, the German continues to remain inhibited to playing on the flanks, where, when all said and done, he is not going to render much for Arsenal given the nature of player he is, I can’t see how Wenger can stick with him just because he’s Arsenal’s most expensive player ’til date.

Here’s the thing, though: Once Walcott returns, he will play as the right Winger, with Sanchez playing on the opposite flank, leaving Welbeck or Giroud to lead the line for the Gunners. If Wenger deploys the traditional 4-3-3 system that allows him to play two creative midfielders ahead of the defensive midfielder, Ozil could play alongside Aaron Ramsey or Jack Wilshere and hope to start weaving his magic once again. But it remains to be seen whether Wenger is audacious enough to not have Wilshere/Ramsey, Welbeck/Giroud, and even Mikel Arteta/Mathieu Flamini, starting for Arsenal on a consistent basis.

Albeit Ozil is a couple of months, at least, from returning to action, this might not be a major factor for Wenger in the foreseeable future. But, by the time January comes along, the Frenchman has a decision to make, a tough one at that, as to how he juggles around with the plethora of wingers and attacking midfielders his squad possesses. And, given Ozil’s ineptitude to affect the game positively for Arsenal from the flanks, I’d be inclined to offload the German, and use the reasonably hefty income from Ozil’s sale to fund another marquee signing, who can replace both Arteta and Flamini as Arsenal’s defensive midfielder.

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  1. O sod off!!! with sanchez and that guy welbz coming in and Walcott returning, Ozil will shine bright at arsenal. it would be very very stupid to sell our priced asset after just one season.

    1. Um… Excuse me. I know just exactly who should rather leave anytime soon; it’s definitely not Ozil.

      1. I think Ozil, Metersacer, and Carzola should be sold. They are great players but are not strong and spirited enough to wear an Arsenal Shirt. Wilshire should be the one to play our no. 10.

        1. we are lacking creativity right now and someone is thinking of offloading the only creative midfielder we have. so who is going to create for the strikers we have, Jack? Whats wrong with some guys. Lets enjoy Jack, Sanogo, Giroud, Arteta, Flamini and Other Wenger favorites while Wenger is around. A competitive manager will not even waste time his with these favorites

      2. Arsenal should sell wilshere to Liverpool instead.
        The presence of Ozil at least,will attract big name,world class players to arsenal

    1. He is not only out of his f*cking mind he is also f’cking out of his senses. He is not a gunner I’m sure.

  2. This is ridiculous.

    From the way I read this article, you’re looking at things from a single player stand point like Wenger’s idiotic mind has been doing this entire season. You need to look at what’s best for our team and that’s been the 4-2-3-1 formation.

    People shouldn’t have to be forced outta position to accommodate other players especially when they play like sh*t there. Wenger should be rotating them – not everyone has to play every game. Let our Gooners play in their best spot for the overall betterment of the team!

  3. This website gets stupider by the post. Clearly the poster has forgotten how awful our football was when before we signed Ozil and had Cazorla as our advanced playmaker. For all the technique and ability Cazorla possesses, he lacks the tactical knowledge and discipline to ensure the team maintains possession and breaks down stubborn defenses. He’s more of an attacking midfielder than a playmaker. I would go as far as to say Ozil and Rosicky are the only real advanced playmakers at the club, and Arteta is the only deep-lying playmaker. That’s why when either or both are missing, our football takes a huge nosedive in quality. Even when Ozil isn’t at his efficient best, his tactical positioning and choice of pass always ensure that the team maintains possession, thereby limiting the damage smaller teams can do to us.

  4. Mesut was our top playmaker last season with a total of 88 chances created. The next highest was Cazorla with considerably less. I will not even mention Wilshere and Ramsey as their chances created were only in the 40’s – although Ramsey scored a bucket load of goals so he is justified.

    I think I have said enough, to even consider selling Ozil is plain stupid. He needs to be played in a central position though. Quite honestly Wenger needs to incorporate a 4 1 2 3 formation with Cazorla/Ramsey and Ozil playing behind our 3 strikers. Then we need to purchase a solid DM who can play that role in front of our back 4 as a lone wolf. We could always revert back to a 4 2 1 3 for a more defensive strategy, but I feel with a decent enough DM we should be able to cope at the back. Ramsey has improved considerably not only in his attack, but I think his defensive game has gone unnoticed and playing him next to Ozil would mean we have a decent B2B who can attack when necessary and help our DM too in defense.

  5. I’m convinced you’ve been watching our matches blindfolded. Look at our squad – that’s some sad sh*t right there. We need EVERYONE. And to suggest that we should rid of any of our playmakers when we are struggling to make plays is just top-notch asinine.

  6. I personally think he is one of our best players and that the team should be built around Sanchez, Ozil and Ramsey through the middle.

    Buy if Wenger wants to prioritise Wilshere over Ozil tthen might as well sell Ozil. He isn’t going g to be a success out wide.

  7. Ozil was a panic buy after the
    failed 2013 transfer window and
    the opening day home loss to Villa.
    There was no need to throw 42 million around
    just because we lost one game!!! Ozil battled hard till Feb
    then got injured. This term he has sruggled and is now out injured.
    The truth is we should have spent that 42 mill on a DM and top striker.
    Of course Ozil won’t be sold as selling a 42 mill investment
    18 months in, would be seen as admitting gross incompetence.
    So we will soldier on with Ozil and Giroud and Diaby (always injured)
    and Sanogo (always injured) and Podolsk, Rosicky and Campbell
    (rarely played). Walcott, Chamberlain, Wilshere Ramsey and Gibbs the British “Core”
    are not much more than mediocre battlers, injury prone and all have fallen short of the predicted super star status. Our best CB Koz is injured Debuchy is injured and Mertz is slowing down.
    Arteta and Flamini are aging warriors passed their used by date.
    Sanchez has been the savior of our season like Ramsey last season
    while Chambers is a bright light and wellbeck s a slighty better Giroud.
    4th place and a decent showing in the round of 16 is our lot again.
    Should I be disappointed or am I foolish to have hoped for better?

    1. @davidnz
      You’ve said what you think, now answer the question “should Arsenal sell Mesut Ozil”??????????

  8. If you are thinking of off loading mesut the great passer what would you do to our great physio Diaby. IF there is nothing to post why not leave us with the posts we have earlier at least fans still have comments to make on them.
    And wenger is the reason ozil is struggling

    1. We got no oil,please don’t correct yourself because we won’t sell that guy you have in mind. thanks for your contribution

  9. To me he’s disappointed for some time now but it’s too early to say ‘sell him’.
    We need to hope and pray for a time when we get all of these players on the pitch together and Ozil at #10.
    Welbeck, Sanchez, Walcott and Ramsey.
    If with this pace and power on the pitch around him he cannot orchestrate goals/magic then we should consider his time as up. I’d say we revisit this in the Summer.
    If we are going to sell anyone it should be: Poldi and Jack, (should have sold him when Barca were sniffing around for 50m, hind sight is a wonderful thing).
    A DM is needed along with a CB to move Per to the bench. I’d like us to also consider a LB that has played/can cover at CB. Gibbs again is injured and Monreal although he’s done okay at LB is not and wont ever be a CB.

  10. Honestly? We should have sold Ozil and bought back Fabregas.

    Ozil is a fantastic player, but it doesn’t seem he’s a perfect mould for Premier League. He is still a word class player, but with the physicality of the league and the lack of world class players around him, he will never reach the heights we are expecting from him. Hope he proves me wrong though.

  11. off topic. I’m hoping the Burnley game is where Arsenal come alive and we see a convincing win with some excellent football.
    I hope and predict Ramsey will step up, Walcott will make a keenly anticipated return before the Emirates crowd, Welbeck will score again, Sanchez will score and Cazorla or Rosciky will play #10 and have a good game.
    As for the defence I reserve comment as I wouldn’t know where to start it’s just such a mess!
    We need to come out at 100mph and blow Burnley away early on, start slow and were in trouble. COYG!!!

  12. On Ozil he does need some toughening up, when he’s starting to get close to full fitness maybe we send him to train with a London based RFU side, god knows he need to improve his physicality and get used to aggressive contact. 🙂

  13. The only reason i can think of as to this article was posted is to attract clicks for advertising purposes. First, apart from defensive players no one knows the positions in which offensive players are instructed to play. Prior to a match tv presenters give us their impression of how the players will positioned in the field not what actually happens on the field. Take Ozil for instance. His heat maps are always concentrated to the left even in those matches we are told he is playing number 10. The recent match in point is the villa game. It is therefore he either naturally drift to the left or he will be instructed to play more in that area. The same concentration happens when he plays for germany and others say that was the case at real madrid.

    Second whether 433, 442, 4141, etc is a matter of conjuncture by people outside the team. We were told during game against sunderland that arsenal were playing 433 with two defensive midfielders. In his post match interview Arteta said the team was playing a flexible 442 with Alexis operating behind welbeck. He stated that Alexis was the number 10. What it therefore means is that both chamberlain and carzola formed part of the midfield combo alongside arteta and flamini.

    So to base your argument about whether to sell ozil from cinjuncture and speculation is ridiculous to say tye least.

  14. Chelsea held on Torres for years even if he was performing way wore than Ozil. Even now he’s just on loan to Milan.

  15. If I’ll get Reus in exchange, who am I to say no? 😉

    That dude saying our creative play was suffering before Ozil came is incredibly shortsighted and biased. Ozil might have created more chances, but Cazorla actually had more end product and this was despite working with the “slow” Giroud gunners say was affecting Ozil’s play. Ozil has not come near the impact previous playmakers, Cazorla and Arshavin have had on Arsenal. Also compare him with Sanchez, and you tell me if he wasn’t overpriced 😐

    That said we should still keep him. If he works the gym more and fights more during games he could be the next big thing from Arsenal.

    1. When cazorla played as our 10 in the first part of the 12/13 season there were so many games where we could barely create any chances or barely keep hold of possesion.
      We got alot better in the second half of the season when wilshere and podolski got dropped and cazorla was moved wide with TR7 playing as our 10.

  16. This is among the stupid articles i have ever read. Ozil to play under his capability isnt his fault , it is Wenger’s. Cant you even noticed that when he played in his favorable no.10 role? He shone and starred the game but still Wenger did bother it. He is obvious the one who ruins Ozil’s game. We have to remember that he is our best player and the one who can help us to attract any other players in the planet. Coyg

  17. Sell Mezut Ozil??
    We already have “not such” a great squad and you are entertaining the idea of selling one of the few top class player we have….!!!!
    I will sell Wilshere, without blinking an eye. He is useless to the team and brings nothing to the all harmony of the play.
    I will sell all those hopeful youngsters Wenger is still trying to promote. Gibbs (would not be first team in any top team in the world except Arsenal!!), Wilshere, Jenkinson, Szczesny (and get a world class ), Sanogo (non sense recruit!!), and some the deadwood.
    Obviously Wenger departure will be key. It seems that players are now getting worse when coming to Arsenal.

  18. This is not a matter of argument, ozil’s poor performance is d main reason for dis article, I can’t imagine a writer will ever writes dis “Should Arsenal sell Alexis Sanches in January? Do we
    NEED him? Or “Should Chelsea sell Scec Fabrigas” in January? Do they NEED him? Now to my answer ‘No’ becoz Arsenal ll not buy anoda better player to replace him if we sell him n bcoz we need more players in d team, let’s stop being a selling club. But Ozil raise ur game pls.

  19. Only 2 ways Ozil leaves are:
    A: he goes to Wenger and says he’s miserable and wants to leave
    B: someone offers us Bale/Ronaldo/Messi type of money for him (then the board would have sell him)

    We get our team back to fitness and start playing Ozil as the #10 and not on the wings and we have no problems …. Other than our Defensive woes.

  20. List of 8 players to offload before even considering selling ozil (in no particular order)
    Cazorla (while we can still get 15-20m)
    Podolski (while we can still get 10-15m)

    We could raise as much as 50m with fees and saved wages by selling/releasing half of those in january, that would go some way to buying the cb, Dm and Lw required to complete the jigsaw. The other 4 should be sold or released in the summer window to enable space for a couple more signings and a couple of promotions.

    1. Cazorla (while we can still get 15-20m)
      Podolski (while we can still get 10-15m)

      Do you know how old they are?

  21. Once Ozil is read correctly by his team mates – i.e. they see the gaps he sees Ozil will be invaluable. For this to happen he has to play quite a number of games behind Wellbeck at 10.
    He will never be the Ozil as the football world knew him before he joined Arsenal if he is constantly played out of position.
    In fact I would play Pod on the left wing before Ozil. If we want value out of our most expensive player he needs to play at 10!

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