Should Arsenal sell Ozil and Alexis to La Liga giants to foil EPL rivals?

So the transfer sagas of our two biggest contract rebels, Ozil and Alexis, continues to run amok in the tabloids, but with no sign of either of them agreeing to an extension it would make sense to try and recoup some of our losses in January before letting them go to our Premier League rivals for free in the summer.

Well according to the latest Arsenal rumours, it would appear that Barcelona are considering an offer for Mesut Ozil in January since they will not pay the reported 150m euros that Liverpool are demanding for Phillipe Coutinho. They are top of La Liga now but their president Josep Maria Bartomeu did not rule out any more signings: “We are happy with the squad that we have but if things can be done to improve then they will be done, because we always aspire to more,” he said recently.

So if Ozil was sold to Barca at least we would recoup some of our expenses and stop Man United getting him for free….

Likewise there is also the rumour that Real Madrid want Alexis Sanchez. Again, a sale in January would foil the Chilean’s wish to move to Pep Guardiola’s Man City for free as well.

Which would you prefer? We keep them both until the end of the season and they can go where they like? Or sell them to Spanish clubs and refuse to strengthen our Premier League rivals



  1. Eddy Hoyte says:

    Its not as if after selling them and getting the money, Wenger will go for proper replacement.
    Best let em go at the end of season after all it’s our fault from the start, we should’ve renewed their contracts or sold em, but cus of one man’s stubbornness and obsession with claiming he’s always right we are in this situation now.

    Let them both go in January and what msg are you passing to the rest of the squad? Are you helping them to solve this problem we have with being a top club or are you rather weakening them mentally n quality wise??

  2. Gunner_2 says:

    From Kreonke the great,
    After me, my son josh takes over, after josh his son mitchu takes over, after mitchu his son wally takes over, after wally his son arsene takes over, after arsene his son Stan takes over. Together we win lots of tropies with arsenal for many generations. By the way I will sell mesut and sanchez in January to recoup some money, wenger hopes to look for two quality signings in Jan to replace them.

  3. gotanidea says:

    It is not impossible, but it is improbable that Ozil would move to Barcelona, because Ozil is almost 30 years old and they have got Dembele. Barcelona want rejuvenation, that was why they have talented young players like Deulofeu and Arnaiz.

  4. muffdiver says:

    De Vrij

    freebies in the summer…available at hugely reduced in jan

    1. Would like Robben. He can slot in nicely and give us 2 solid seasons.

    2. BeastPanda says:

      Mata would be great and suits well in Wenger’s style of play. it doesn’t work for UTD because of how mourinho sets up the utd team. he is 29 though. kind of getting old.

  5. jon fox says:

    Ozil, despite his undoubted world class talent, has a giant weakness and that is the one called Walcottitis, ie laziness, lack of heart to fight and often being a complete passenger in the team. Some people claim he would be a different beast if at Barca or elsewhere. But in my long life experience, I firmly believe character -or rather LACK of character – is imbued in the individual. You either have guts and the will to fight hard, all your career OR you don’t! Wiser people in the game than I am know this full well and will baulk at overpaying in fee or wages for a 29 year old, who isn’t ever going to discover REGULAR courage , in just the same way that Walcott also hasn’t discovered it , even after twelve long tedious , injury wasted years. Walcottitis is a wasting disease and “darling little Theo, with his polite speech and boyish smile” is the best/worst example I have seen at Arsenal in over 60 years attending. Sorry to the few “Theo lovers” that still refuse to see the truth, I don’t wish to dispel your belief in miracles, but the realist in me compels me to only ever write the plain truth. Finally, to ever cure a long standing problem , you first have to admit that you HAVE one. Would that this truth may EVENTUALLY one day even impinge on Wengers’ stubborn brain!

    1. Nothing changed says:

      Jon, normally we agree. Your assessment of lack of character is hard to disagree with.

      Ozil does very little for me at Arsenal. The one thing I am not sure of is whether his body language and used by Wenger create a distorted picture of him. He does cover his fair share of ground but lacks the complete game needed to be of great help to Arsenal. However, it could well be that he would be a very useful member of a better team.

      For Germany, he seems to do well and he might do well at Barca. To me, he is a luxury player who does well in a dominant team where there is enough talent to put away all the chances he creates and enough talent to make up for his shortcomings when it comes defending.

      At Arsenal we don’t have that talent, Xhaka and Ramsey are inconsistent and poor when it comes to bossing the midfield only magnifying Ozil’s weakness. But perhaps in a dominating midfield, Ozil could yet be a force.

      I don’t think we will miss Ozil too much but I also would not be surprised if part of his apparent shortcomings are not a result of the weakness of the team he plays for. IMO under the right conditions, Ozil can still be world class.

      1. jon fox says:

        Intersting viewpoint. I personally think though, that to be called world class, any player has to be able to show his huge ability week in and week out in any team or league. I assume we can both agree that Messi / Ronaldo/ Suarez would amply show their huge talent AND desire, whether at Arsenal, Real, Barca or Huddersfield. And that is precisely my point, Ozil is an occasional WC player only.

  6. Nothing changed says:

    I have said it many times, it makes no sense to sell them over Christmas. The time to sell them was this past summer when we could have gotten real money for them.

    We gambled by keeping them in the hope they would help us challenge for trophies. That gamble has predictably backfired as both their numbers and performances are below what they are capable of.

    Besides, Sanchez seems to want to go to City and we can not sell him against his wishes to another team. We have lost control of the process by not renewing their contracts when we should have and by not trying to sell him this summer. Now all he has to do is wait a few months and he can go where he wants.

    I wish we would have sold these players this past summer but to sell them now after they hardly contributed a thing makes no sense.

    Let’s hope we get to the Europa League final and that Sanchez scores the winner from an Ozil cross at least that would justify a little bit not having sold them IMO.

    1. Kenny Rolfe says:

      I think there’s no point in selling them for peanuts in January, we may as well keep them and sell them in the summer for nothing but hopefully there’ll get us Champions League football next year. If we achieve that maybe they’ll want to stay but if they still want to go at least we’ll be able to attract better players. We took a gamble we’ve got to follow it through

  7. muffdiver says:

    Sebastien Squillaci has retired

    whats the point of anything anymore 🙁

  8. Kroenke Out says:

    We kept them to play for something, in reality we really are not playing for anything. I say sell them recoup something and give a chance to Jack and Iwobi for a full half season to see what they are really made out of.

  9. Peter says:

    Get them out if they won’t renew their contracts till January. Get Gray in from Leicester and Hulk from Shanggang and Ricardson from Waterford and Gueye from Everton.

  10. King says:

    Sell them to Barca & Real. If we can get Kolsanic, I’m sure there is lot of talent out there. Sanchez & Ozil is not GOF. Don’t Let them hunt us back as rival.

    1. Nothing changed says:

      How do you sell Alexis to a club he doesn’t want to join?

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