Should Arsenal sell wantaway Debuchy in January? Yes!

Arsenal should sell moaning Debuchy ASAP by Frank

This is a tricky subject as poor Mathieu Debuchy was unluckily injured soon after joining Arsenal and made only 11 starts for the Gunners last season, and he could only watch from the sidelines as Hector Bellerin stepped up and made the position his own.

The experienced Debuchy was upset that he was not reinstated as first-choice right-back at the beginning of the new season and admitted he had thought about leaving. “It is difficult,” Debuchy was quoted as saying. “Even if I had not played a lot last season, in my head I would return to start after my recovery. But, at the Community Shield against Chelsea, Wenger chose him, Bellerín.

“It was a surprise and a disappointment. Let’s say it [leaving] crossed my mind. But I want to be at Arsenal and to take my place.”

But Bellerin kept his First XI place, and Debuchy has only been used in League Cup and Champions League games, and he was less than impressive in all of them and we lost every game he played in. Now that Hector is injured, Debuchy was expected to step up and prove his worth against Tottenham. Although we actually didn’t lose this one and he may even get a few more games before Bellerin comes back, the Frenchman has told Canal+ that he is still considering moving on in January. He said: “I am dealing with it,”

“I am trying to stay strong.

“We are going to remain concentrated until December, after that I will see.”

Oh the poor thing is trying to stay strong is he? He is getting his 50 or 60,000 a week for sitting on the bench, and when he is asked to perform he has been more of a liability than a help to the team. He is a moaner and I think the sooner we get rid of the miserable git the better for all of us.

Who agrees?

Frank (From TheArsenalBlog)

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      1. Sell him dont buy a replacement chambers can fill in. Bring jenko back next season for competition and cover for bellerin re invest and buy a solid defensive midfield and cover/rotation for le coq

    1. I am not opposing to sell Debuchy but Jenko is on a season loan and he can’t come in the winter. Also, I believe Jenko feels very comfy at WHU where he plays every week. An experienced player like Debuchy has seen the tremendous talent in Bellerin and I believe he’s already packed. He knows that if Bellerin is fit there’s no way he can get into the 1st 11.

  1. After the Bayern game I thought the same.

    In fairness to debuchy he had a good game vs Spurs he was the second best player ( he got a 7.5 rating

    He won a total of 9 tackles and disposed them 3 times

  2. pls tell me what Debuchy is so good at

    -Going forward?
    -Applying pace?

  3. Debuchy has already left!

    His Ego got dented and his heart, mind and soul isn’t at Arsenal anymore!

    The sooner we sell him the better!

  4. I’ll give myself merit for one thing: I’ve always treated Arsenal as if it belonged to me. I have sometimes been criticised for it – because I am not enough of a spender, not carefree enough. I credit myself for having had the courage to apply my ideas and fight for them. Aside from that, I can understand why people might not agree.

    “My great pride will be to be able to say the day that I leave, that I am leaving behind a good team, a healthy situation and a club capable of performing in the future. I could have said to myself: ‘I am here for four or five years, we win everything’, [then] I leave and leave the club on the verge of bankruptcy. For me, consistency at the highest level is the true sign of great clubs.”

    Le crazy one.

    1. Hahaha
      yes.. I couldn’t stop laughing when I read that interview a few days ago!

      I’m sure that most fans would have preferred it if he had spent the ####ing money, Won everything and ####ed off after 5 years! ???

      Lets see…
      Those who would have preferred Wenger to have spent the money and won everything in 5 years and left… thumb up!

      Those who are happy with him not spending and not winning everything and that his still here!…. thumb down!

        1. Me not being happy is a very rare occurrence to me, fatso. But I appreciate the fact that you care about me. Long live.

  5. How is Arsenal supposed to bankrupt itself by trying to spend a bit more then the likes of Stock City? How many times dit we lose on players bec of his pride? Ronaldo, Ibra, Messi, Bale, Hazard. F… your pride you senile nobody.

    You are hear for the past 18 years and you did archieve one 3 epl titles. This is nothing. consistency in being mediocre.

    Bec of his pride our season again at rist of not having enough quality. 8mil a year, yet you speak of saving money.

    1. Do you know a guy called Guy Roux? I am sure you don’t but just google him. I see you are back in full swing once we lost the first game. Now I am really sure that you are full of $hite and you only coast when Arsenal is doing good. I am a supporter since the 80’s and I remember it was never a smooth ride. When I joined the gooners rank Arsenal had won the title 16 years before. 16 years! and then two years after the night at Anfield happened. What amazes me is that you speak so easy about pride when yourself have basically none. And yes, it was pride. Ibrahimovic didn’t joined because he could not show Wenger what he’s good at. Bale? How is that pride, Bale was a left winger ffs. We had a certain Ashely Cole for a while. Hazard? The guy at Chelsea? What about him? Tell me how many goals he scored. Messi? In your dreams. Ronaldo? How was that pride? We had the only offer to Sporting back then. A real one. But he refused. Very good, maybe he wouldn’t be the same player should he played for Arsenal.
      And get this into your head : there is more than enough quality in the team. A team has only 25 players. That’s it. No matter what amount of money you will spend a team has 25 players. It comes with the rules. 3 EPL titles is a feat. How many titles a manager from a world second string elite have? Lets pick teams under 5 place in the world, lets look at their coaches and select the ones staying at the same level. See how many titles they have.

        1. Ashley Cole had nothing to do with Bale you noob. He was playing rightback and moved to chelsea before we even thought about the possibility of getting Bale. Bale-Clichy.

          1. now i mixed everything up, ashley cole was playing for chelsea and geal clichy played on the left side when we shwed interest in bale. We cant sit on a 200milion war chest and come up with things like getting bankcrubt.

            1. Hahaha, yeah because we always have 200 millions. If ever. We show interest in Bale in 2005-2006 season. Cole was still a player. Hell, he even played the final in Paris. And he even had a contract until Chelsea (fined for breaking the rules) snatched him.

              1. we were doing penny pinching at that time aswell, he is a traitor but we did not our best to make him stay.

                What makes wenger not spend the money now. and in the past, you could get good players with less money thn today.

                1. We’ve been trough that already. First of all this 200 million saga is fiction. The books are open and they were brought here as well. Sure, a club of Arsenal stature can get a 200 million loan in a heartbeat. But they don’t, for various reasons which I will not discuss because I don’t care. This is club policy and I can’t do anything about this. Secondly, who would you have bought? No one wanted a move. Not from the big names anyway. Lewa? Benzema? Cavani? No way. They stayed because they are good where they are. I

                  1. Ok. Lets say we have 50mil. Why are 16 teams in england spending more money then us? Every player in the world is buyable.

                    1. Because maybe they needed reinforcements? And where are these teams if I may ask? Arent they below 2nd place where Arsenal is at the moment? How is spending justified now ? You do the math.

                    2. But maybe we need also reinforcments to compete towars our goals. Or is our goal only archieving the cl place? What do you think? You need to compare ambition and not targets. They are doing theirs best to archieve whatever they can, where we are not.

                    3. You see? If you are not sure then you don’t spend the money. Wenger thought he has a full team. So far he’s right bar this mishap at Bayern where we would lose anyway.


        Ibra had no use to prove anything bec he was known in the football world. Wenger tryed to play his price down by playing games with his agend, and they gave him the finger and moved on.

        Arsenal wanted bale, but Wenger said that we could not bring him in, bec of Clichy. Yes, Cleachy was the reason he said no.

        Hazard is the current crown best players in the epl. So keep on hating on him.

        Messi. No dreams, but Arsenal failed to bring him over bec of sme stupid reasons. Like living place.

        Ronaldo was almst ours, but we took to long to make a bid. Does this sound familiar to you.

        We keep tracking on players, thers make bids and do get them.

        And get this into your head, or lets better say, come out of Wengers A#$%3 bec like 2008 we are risking losing on the title again bec of arrogance and penny pinching. Our current team is thin as air and we must spend money if we plan to win the title.

        Arsenal this seasn broke negative records. No other manager has lost so many games like Wenger. No other team has lost against a team like olimpiaos, and no other team besides arsenal was beaten by Zagreb in the past 50 years.

        We need to spend or we are out. simple as that.

        1. Ibrahimovic was playing for Malmo ffs. Malmo! Is it crazy to come in London, all expenses paid to show you can get along with people from a certain team going by the name of Arsenal ?

          1. Dont be so stubborn and understand that he was quit known during that time. There is a documentary about him when he was young you can watch. And srry about the name calling. It will not happen again.

            1. But I watched the documentary and also read his book. It does not change the fact that he was at Malmo with basically nothing to show as a trophy. He even relegated with them in 2000. Yes, he was good, this is why it came on Wengers’ radar. All he was asked was to come at AFC, all expenses paid and see if he can get along with players. Same went with ROnaldo. Manure players convinced the red faced one to buy Ronaldo otherwise he would have been probably now an Arsenal legend. What did he said? He does not do trials. But then he went to Ajax to give them there because he understood this is how it works.

            2. Don’t bother about name calling. I know for a fact that if everyone from this site would meet one day in the pub the conversation would be much, much different. Is one thing to chat in person and another one online where no emotion is visible.

              1. It would be the same. Forget the excuses buddy. It will not make us look better in the end of the day. Wengers problem is always the money.

                He would rather get lost in a strange place then paying a taxi to just drive him home.

                1. I am not making excuses. Your fictional allegations do not warrant any excuse. Like seriously. Why excuse what is not needed to be excused? We are looking better every day (not sure about you) and hopefully we will look even better at the end of the season. In which I am sure you will come and moan should we fail to get a trophy other than the FA. Personally I would like another FA Cup. That would set another record.

                  1. We are close in crumbling bec of injuries. No great team relys on luck alone, but rather in might. Santi is getting sick, and so are we fans. Learn from history and quit this wishfull thinking that the epl will fall from heavens into our pockets. Spurs gave as a lesson in football. Thats says a lot.

  6. I beg to disagree! Debuchy SHOULD stay on at Arsenal. We SHOULD all express symphathy for Debuchy’s predicament and not to castigate him for expressing how he felt over his misfortune at Arsenal. Debuchy has started coming good as he has shown in the Spurs game after his initial defensive failings when he retured to action. I believe the Boss will start him for the WBA away game and rest the back from injury Bellerin for the Zagreb Ucl game. And who knows, Debuchy may even up-stage Bellerin in the starts for the Zagreb game if he proved further that his fully back for action in the WBA match. Besides, save for any emergency recalling, the Boss has told us that, to recall a loanne from the Premier League club is complicated than we first thought.

  7. Just a question
    But how would you go ones feel if we brought Cesc back, sort of cover in the midfield etc.

  8. oh please no, need depth in defense, he is a bit rusty, but playing becuz we need him, world class players wont be happy as a back up, he is perfect off the bench, besides his game was not that bad, kos got caught on the goal, i remember the days a few yrs ago when TV5 and Sagna were injured and we had no one off the bench, winning a league is about depth, give first team defenders a rest against the lower league teams (like chelsea lol) to keep the team fresh,

  9. What a stupid disrespectful article and that applies to the writer as well!
    Perhaps he does not just want to sit it out every week bringing in the cash. He wants to earn it by playing. Of course he is disappointed to loose his place and is considering moving on, wouldn’t you?

    1. Well he should stop moaning about it and people won’t talk about it. As you read, he EXPECTED Wenger to reinstate him as right back as soon as he was fit again. Didn’t he watch Bellerin all last season? Does he think he is the better player?

      And as for “Being Strong” …. Get a life FFS!

  10. And I was glad to get to some comments. I thought JustArsenal had introduced the “Budd and KS show” lol

  11. Disagree selling Debuchy
    Debuchy has not played enough since his injury and although he is not playing well, in all fairness, he has become better and better
    None of us would believe that Nacho Monreal would be the main LB choice 2 years ago but he has worked himself up and now he is our main choice. Debuchy could be the same
    team needs backup and competition. so why sell Debuchy especially in January
    And why not try debuchy in RB and Bellering in RW to rest another player

  12. suppose we bring in jenko next year… then how the heck are we going to keep both him and bellerin happy cause as of this year both are regular starters for their respective term and any bench stint will piss them off

  13. If we can get more than 8 million for Debuchy I’d sell in January but if not sell for less over the summer, then bring back Jenks. Debuchy can still be useful for a team once he gets some games.

  14. Defensively, Debuchy was solid vs. Spurs. Going forward, he still looks rusty. Because he plays so infrequently, he’s out of rhythm on his crosses into the box. I can’t see us getting anywhere near 8 mil for a 30-year-old RB who had two big injuries last year and earns a 50-60+K/week.

    I can’t see another RB of quality wtih PL experience becoming available in January, so let’s keep him as defensive cover for Bellerin. Wenger seems to have lost faith in Chambers as a RB — note how he slotted Flamini there vs. Spurs after Debuchy was hurt. I’d rather us get another quality CB anyways than a RB who will become redundant after Jenko comes back next summer.

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