Should Arsenal send Champion Chambers out on loan?

Chambers set to go out on loan!

Whilst Arsenal fans are looking for potential newcomers to add to the squad, one player that could be leaving the club this summer is defender Calum Chambers!

Calum Chambers has been touted to be heading out of the Emirates this summer, with a loan away from the club more than likely for the young Englishman. According to the Daily Telegraph, Wenger has approved the club’s intention to send the 21 year old out on loan for the upcoming season, meaning that he is unlikely to be a part of Wenger’s current plans and that Le Prof may be looking elsewhere in the market for a new centre half.

Chambers is still highly rated by the club, and certainly does have lots of potential to grow and develop into a future Arsenal and England star. However his current form over the past season has dramatically dropped in comparison to his first few months at the club. Admittedly Chambers did not have loads of opportunities to make his mark in the Arsenal first team last season, making just a hatful of appearances over the entire year. His performances were nothing of the sort that Arsenal fans were hoping for after having a very strong debut against Man City in the FA Community Shield back in 2014. The next few months were also promising for the defender before a lack of opportunities and a fall in form meant that he was put down the pecking order, however Chambers still has plenty to give.

Chambers was a part of the successful England team this summer to win the Toulon Tournament in France, even captaining the side in the 1-0 win over Japan. His consistency in the England squad shows he does have what it takes to grow into a good player for club and country, however he needs more playing opportunities and that could be why Wenger is sending the player out on loan. Chambers is one of the club’s biggest investments, costing £16 million from Southampton back in 2014 and so it is extremely unlikely the club will be giving up on a player that they have devoted so much time and money to.

Crystal Palace, Swansea, Watford, Bournemouth and former club Southampton have already supposedly registered their interest in taking the youngster on loan next season and I would be more than happy to see Chambers get a chance to thrive at any one of those clubs. Southampton would probably be the best chance for him since he knows the club well and I doubt there would be any concerns over a lack of playing time since he was making regular appearances for the club, before his big money move to the Gunners. One thing that is certain is that if Chambers does go, Wenger must again look to invest in another centre half over the course of the summer transfer window, otherwise the Gunners could be left shorthanded once the usual injuries kick in.

Is this the best move for Calum?


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    1. A title contender’s defence would be this:

      RB: Hector Bellerin, Mario Gaspar
      RCB: Kostas Manolas, Per Mertesacker
      LCB: Laurent Koscielny, Gabriel
      LB: Nacho Monreal, Ricardo Rodriguez

      Loan out: Carl Jenkinson (decent squad player for next year), Callum Chambers (replacement for Mert next year), Kieren Gibbs (replacement for aging Monreal next year)

      1. Would be interesting what happens if we loan out Chambers which I think we should. Just needs to play. Gibbs to leave on loan or permenantely. Jenkinson as well. Although he could be back-up to Bellerin.

        Monreal – Rodriguez
        Koscielny – Gabriel
        Manolas or Koulibaly – Mertesacker — Rob Holding???
        Bellerin and…. I have no idea who we would get for back-up. Coquelin can play there, so can Flamini (but I know we all expect and maybe hope for him to leave)

  1. I would have started Chambers over Gabriel this past season but oh well. I remember when he filled in for Mertesacker when Germany won the World Cup and he was performing well. I understand Wenger wanted to go with experience once Özil and Mertesacker returned but that killed his momentum. Again when he came on at halftime against Leciester at home even though they got a red card he was solid that day as well, then back to the bench. It’s obvious Chambers isn’t a RB and shouldn’t be played there unless he ABSOLUTELY has to but he’s a CB and that’s where he belongs. Imagine if he had a steady run of games like say Stones, he could be a senior. Might be a sub for now but I see it in him. Funnily everyone is crying out for a partner for Koscielny but not realizing he’s aging as well. What we really should be doing is properly preparing Chambers for a starting role even if that means a loan move away for a period and look for someone to partner him. Thinking long term on this one but that partner could be good enough to start now but young enough to start for years with Chambers.

  2. Another player who comes under harsh criticism, from the fan’s.Yet, most of us seem to forget that Chambers is still very young ( 20-21). I still believe that his career has stalled, since coming to Arsenal and I reckon that he would have been a member of the England first team if he would have stayed at Southampton.

    Chambers has recently stated that he is not thinking about his situation at Arsenal and all that he wants now is first team football, which basically confirms that he will be heading out on loan, next season.
    Goodluck to him and congratulations on winning the two-bob u21’s trophy! With England. ?

    1. I don’t think so….he is something like Jenkinson…very very similliar player like Jenko,kinda clumsy or something like that (can’t find the right word to describe).
      I think he should play basketball or swimming…or nothing at all.
      Just sell him!

  3. Did not I say it before that Wenger will eventually stunt the youngman’s development by changing him position after position? Look at him now! (Walcott dilema)

    1. Yeah the CDM experiment was a disaster. He does need a good loan though since he’s so far down in the pecking order. We’ve had players go out on loan and then make it to first team when given a chance. Coquelin the perfect example. I’m not too worried about Chambers just yet.

    1. Payet is a great player but I didn’t know who he was until he moved to England to be honest. A little close to 30 to just starting to make waves so how long will that last?

  4. Chambers played well at right back until Jefferson Monteiro exposed him with pace. That one game against Swansea slammed the door on Calum Chambers’ chances of being a right back in the Premier League. Hector Bellerin’s emergence locked that door and threw away the key.

    Comparing Chambers to Jenkinson is a complete non-starter. Jenkinson’s main barrier to securing regular time at rightback before his West Ham loan was his tendency to bomb forward without paying attention to the positioning of the other fullback or midfielders.

    Under Sam Allardyce, Jenkinson got a real chance at playing fullback and did very well. When Salvin Bilic came in, he wanted Jenkinson to play a purely defensive role and Jenkinson got replaced by one of three pure defenders. Chambers does not have the pace Jenkinson has but he’s more physical and a bigger player. Which makes him a good candidate for center back.

    Gabriel has not been the disaster fans seemed determined to make him out to be. Gabriel offers pace, grit, and toughness. He’s not the brightest bulb in Arsenal’s defensive chandelier, but he saved a number of goals with last ditch tackles a slower player (Chambers/Mertesacker) could never have made

    That said Chambers is a good player and might, with seasoning, make a quality Premmier League CB. A loan move will be make or break, so it has to be to a team who will actually play him. Southampton is a good team with a good manager. Bournemouth is a team with a good manager with real need so might offer Chambers the best opportunity for first team football. Crystal Palace is a London outfit, but Alan Pardew is an ambitious manager and won’t have mich patience if Chambers doesn’t impress right away. Watford seems like a place where the lunatics run the asylum and loaning players to clubs with unsettled management is not a recipe for success. Swansea is another team with real need aso Chambers would probably get a genuine shot at being first choice in the middle.

    Whether he stays or goes, Chambers needs to play to move forward. Chambers’ situation is one for all the buy, buy, buy crowd to take note of. The squad needs to be big enough and deep enoough to support the club’s ambitions, but not so big or unbalanced that players don’t develop. Arsene Wenger has done a good job of maintaining that balance over the years. right now it seems like there is a little lack of balance however. Joel Campbell, Alex Oxlade Chamberlain, Theo Walcott, and Chambers al found themselve very short of minutes.

  5. It would be good to have that done. But if the proper cover for a RB position doesn’t come, he shouldn’t be loaned out. Because if we lose Bellerin to injury, then what?

  6. wenger should make sure that wherever he sends chambo he does get regular playing time as a CB and also inserting a”call back” clause just in case we need him during the season

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