Should Arsenal sign a couple of Benders to play with Le Coq?

I know this rumour from the Daily Star is extremely unlikely but I simply couldn’t resist such an alluring headline! We all know that Arsenal should be looking for a new defensive midfielder to give some competition for Francis Coquelin in midfield, so I can understand Wenger considering a move for Sven, who is definitely in the same mold as Le Coq, but I simply cannot see any reason why the Gunners would be looking for a more attack-minded player like Lars.

The 26 year-old talented German twins have been linked with Arsenal on-and-off for many years, and it could be argued that they are now approaching the prime age for a midfielder. Lars is higher rated if you go by international caps won, and perhaps Wenger would like the idea of a tough defensive midfielder that can also fly up the wing or join in the attacks further up the field, but only if he is looking at games where our opponents park the bus. Lars therefore becomes a more attacking version of Coquelin, but considering the quality of the midfielders we already have on the books I really can’t see Wenger being interested.

I have to be honest here and say that I wouldn’t mind if Wenger brought either of these two to Arsenal, and I would love William Carvalho to come as well, but the more midfielders we get linked with, the more unlikely it seems to me that we won’t be getting any of them. Th fact is that if all our midfielders stay fit this year then Wenger will be struggling to keep everyone happy. Unless of course Wenger is considering letting a few go…..

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    1. Don’t listen to Cranky Charlie Admin.
      It’s some of your Best work ever!

      12 yrs old

    2. I am 25 and not embarrassed to say I had a little chuckle!

      You have my approval Mr. Author

      1. That’s hilarious coming from you considering you just commented “Furious Cock” and “#powertothecock” on a recent article regarding Coquelin.

  1. How many times do i have to say these…there will be no other marquee signing at Arsenal these summer..its the truth like it or not..who would the bender broz replace really in the current team??…the earlier everyone opens their eyes the better the healing process…picture these: wouldn’t Mr wenger be crazy if he bought another striker with giroud, walcott, welbeck available or another midfielder with arteta, flamini, coq, or even diaby available???….Don’t fool yourself, deep down you know exactly what will happen so trying to console yourself with every transfer rumour isn’t worth your time at all

    1. Ok but unless you’re Arsene Wenger who the hell is gonna take your word for it? Sorry pal but just because you say there’ll be no more signings means exactly nothing..

    2. Or brought in Ozil when we had Santi, Rosicky, Ramsey and Wilshere? Or Sanchez when we had Ox, Theo and Gnabry? Or Cech when we had Ospina and Sczeszny? Or Gabriel when he had Mert, Kos and Chambers?

      Please don’t preach your nonsense as though it’s fact Gloryhung.. I mean Trophyhungry Gooner. Just because your being a negative nancy doesn’t mean we all have to be 🙂

  2. Signing Ceach was, and is an epic signing for the club but like all transfer windows as an AFC supporter there is a big degree of suffering.

    Our coach is not one and has never been one to make public statements of intent like ” we will buy 3 players: a midfielder, a striker and a Goalkeeper” so as fans we are always left guessing as to what he is going to do in relation to the squad. With the hush hush MI5 transfer dealings at AFC we generally get no idea of what and who he is after until they are ‘got’,

    I, although I can’t possibly know what will be in the future, have a gut feeling that like other long summer transfer windows we will keep striking off big names in the key positions that many concur we should be looking to boost (DM & ST/ or RW if Walcott is to be central and no striker signed). Like prisoners counting time with our chalk on the walls we will strike through yet another DM, who we can justify was too expensive, too old, too blah blah blah..

    I personally believe we may see no other real action now bar some more youth recruitment as Flamini and Arteta are still amongst us and we have Walcott, Giroud and Wellbeck as forwards to choose from.

    I hope I am wrong as I would love to see a proper defensive mid signed to aid Coq in protecting our back 4 over the long course of the season. I would also love a tippety top striker to improve our potential/threat in front of goal but I suspect again Wenger feels he holds an adequate pool to choose from.

    All will be revealed but it’s gonna be a long, hot summer.

    1. but you can also ask, why would Wenger sign a GK for over £10million who is aged 33??
      David Ospina has not been poor and Wenger usually doesn’t judge a players 1st season and gives them 2nd chances.

        1. Mnd you Chamakh
          Park Sanogo Campbell
          Santos Djourou Squilacci Ryo
          don’t exactly correlate to WC.
          Unless WC correlates to water closet.

  3. getin pis of already, how i wish tomorrow is deadline day so dat all dis romour wil stop, d window just open today but we hav link to most players in world, now is bender who we link to every season god help arsenal fan

  4. This particular discussion is IMHO nonsense. If you buy a midfielder that us central and he doesn’t play instead of Coquelin then here is what happens:

    1) He is either going to be a no. 10 and let’s face it that isn’t happening……..

    2) you are saying he goes into the general pool and displaces either if – Cazorla, Ramsey or Wilshere. Again not happening…….

  5. To be fair our 3 man central midfield trio is contested by cazorla ozil coquelin Wilshire Ramsey chamberlain rosicky arteta flamini zelalem bielik.

    I would like to know which of our main competitors can name 9 players just for the central roles like our first 9? As well as 2 highly rated youngsters.

    If you come up with a club please name their 9 + 2

    1. Numbers is one thing…how many would you trust to play against any of the good teams we’re gonna face this year?

      Cazorla, Ozil, Coquelin, Wilshere, Rambo…..the rest clearly not. So that’s 5 top players for 3 different roles in the middle of the pitch.

      Massive clutching of straws to include youngsters and then Chambo on top of that as a central player, unless you remain consistent and suggest we don’t need a ST because we have Akpom and Sanogo?

  6. Arsenal has 11 top
    11 second tier and
    6 third tier senior players.
    As long as the top 11 stay fit we are fine.
    The third tier eg Flamini Podolski Rosicky
    Campbell Sanogo Hayden should be sold.
    I’ts the 2nd tier who will decide our season.
    Szczney Merts Gibbs Monreal Chambers Arteta
    Wilshere Walcott Chamberlain Gnabry Wellbeck.
    Is the second 11 good enough ?
    Against the lower level maybe but not the top.
    So another quality attacker and defender still needed.
    And fingers crossed on injuries.

    1. Your player evaluations are awful… Just God awful…
      Can we have one post from you where you don’t section our team into your stupid evaluations where you constantly discredit our first-team contributors based on nothing??

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