Should Arsenal sign Freddie full-time straight away?

The board should not hire Ljungberg yet!

The news that got me marveled this morning is the story trending on the internet about Andries Jonker, a former Arsenal coach, asking the board to show guts by signing Ljungberg on a permanent basis. Is it not rather too early to be talking about signing Freddie on a long term basis? Why the rush to sign a coach who has not overseen more than just a game for Arsenal so far?

According to, Jonker believes the board should sign Freddie because he would prefer for them to give the chance to someone who knows Arsenal, knows the academy, knows all those talented players, and who also knows the laws of total football.

Well said Jonker, but football does not really work like that again, these days. A lot of former Arsenal players who are coaches, know the academy, know all those talented players, and also know the laws of total football; but where are they today? With all the knowledge a certain former Arsenal player and legend has, he flopped at Monaco the last time he was giving a chance to coach a big club. Does knowing total football qualify you to being a good coach? No, it doesn’t, sir.

“Give him time, give him confidence, help him and support him. He is one of Arsenal. I would appreciate the guts of the Arsenal bosses if they hired Ljungberg.” Jonker said. I totally agree with Jonker on this one; Ljungberg needs time, he needs confidence and he needs support! But the club will not be helping him by hiring him on a permanent basis. Even if the club were to hire him on a permanent basis, they should do that after he has proven himself in many games, and not just after one game. Freddie is still a toddler in the world of coaching, and it may do him a lot of good to either remain an assistant coach to a world class coach for a period of time, or he goes to coach a football team with lesser pressures and expectations.

I am of the opinion that Freddie and Per will restore some pride to Arsenal but not as permanent coaches. They should be allowed to steer the team on a slow but steady process and see how far they go; they should be allowed to be tutored by a more experienced coach. Arsenal is in a very difficult period and what we really need is a young coach who knows how to grind results from a bunch of talented players who are low on confidence. We need to fast-track our search for a coach and save Freddie the disaster that may affect his young coaching confidence. That it worked with Man United and Chelsea, does not mean giving the job to a former Arsenal player, will work for us…

Sylvester (Lagos Gooner)


  1. No they should not even contemplate it. Get their money out and get the best man for the job, not the easy option. Signing a non experienced coach is gambling with this club. If we dont sign the biggest manager possible we will never be a big club again, while kronk is about.

    1. I recall Guardiola isni a big coach or established when he took barca to another level,same with Klopp with Dortmund, appreciate what you have first then see wonder’s

  2. No way. Freddie has to prove himself first… We need to bring someone who can not only motivate and galvanize the team but who can also address our glaring weaknesses. For example someone who understands our defense is shit, and therefore does not insist on playing from the back. In short someone who can make us better than the sum of our parts!

  3. Arsenal are in a complete mess, where relegation is a possibility, and we’re being urged to appoint someone with no experience of management! I stand corrected, one game’s experience…where we got outplayed by a team in the relegation zone.

    At the rate we’re going, Sam Allardyce might be needed to ensure survival.

  4. Rumours doing the rounds on Twitter this morning that Viera is in the box seat – I hope to god that this is not true!

    I’m kind of keen to see how Freddie get on over the next few months and if he does a good job let him see it out until the end of the season. Hopefully he does well and it means the board are not rushed into a panic appointment that we will regret 12 months down the line. Hopefully Freddie as caretaker can take their time making sure they have got the right guy as our next permanent head coach

    1. With due respect, I am not keen at all to see how Freddie fares. I would rather the board begged Wenger to return at least till the end of the season! I really think that the board members are as much to blame as Emery for our current state. So I am not too confident he and Edu will make the right call.

      1. Of course, we have no coach nor management Wenger provided, Edu & Emery can’t make it up, nor anyone can at this stage of season save us but Wenger! You never heard so much mess in this club, but a great image under Wenger. Kroenke greed is responsible for this debacle! Bayern called him, he turned down invitation to just be there til summer, wanted another year…

        Wenger must come back to fix this mess and manage, have a player as Eddie or Viera to assist, then to pair as coach with Wenger next year. Prepare and make that transition.

        1. You two are absolutely mad. Just because Emery did not work out does not mean that we need Wenger back. Sacking Wenger was the right thing to do as was sacking Emery. We need to move forward and it is very important we get the right person in for the next appointment. Wenger is not the answer.

  5. Now that we are in this situation, Freddie needs all our support over the next 5 matches for him to deliver. If he does deliver, he has to be given a run till the end of the season, after which he can throw his hat into the ring along with the others. The club needs to know his long term vision, as now it is just ad-hoc.
    I for one hope Freddie succeeds.

  6. Freddie is a novice as a coach and taking on the huge job at Arsenal could have a lasting effect on his coaching career if he fails. Caretaker is fine, it gives the board breathing space to fill the job with a top coach preferably someone who will sort out what we laughably call out defence.

    If we go for a top coach it’s not ‘spending’ money, it is an investment for the future. The irony is that, if they don’t and we continue our slide, the financial implications will be dire. No European football, reduced sponsorship deals and less TV money.

    I honestly believe that Freddie is not the answer he may be acting head coach but does he have the ability to motivate a bunch of players whose confidence is down to their bootlaces? Too much familiarity here, we need a proven and respected head coach who can motivate the team and be ruthless enough to make changes if it is required for the good of the team. And this will of course cost money but the choice has to be made, the supporters, at least, deserve this after so many years of dithering and decline.

  7. I put a lot of energy into posting what I believe are important comments about the present state of the franchise, so it’s quite depressing when it takes several hours for it to be posted on this site…in fact earlier today I posted a relatively brief statement, considering, to the above article that still hasn’t been posted…just wondering why this continues to happen…I spoke with this in years past with Pat when I used to submit articles quite regularly…Cheers

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