Should Arsenal sign more Japanese players after seeing Tomiyasu progress?

We all know that the little known “Arsene Who?” signed as manager of Arsenal after managing in the Japanese A-League, and he learnt many of his revolutionary (for England) coaching methods from the meticulous preparations of the Japanese players, like the special diets and fitness regimes.

So it was surprising that Wenger only bought one Japanese player in his 22 years at the club, and that was the current international Takuma Asano who is now with his country at Qatar. Wenger had very high hopes for the youngster, but he was refused a working visa and he didn’t get to play for Arsenal.

But Arteta brought in our next Japanese player in Takahero Tomiyasu from Bologna, who got a visa and was an instant success for the Gunners. Tomi’s old boss at Bologna, the director Walter Sabatini, watched Japan beat Germany in Qatar last week, and spoke to Sky Italia after the game, in which the Arsenal defender played a big part in their victory.

“I had a Japanese player who is playing for Arsenal now, Tomiyasu,” Sabatini said. “Since I saw him train every day, I thought the next four or five players I’d sign would be Japanese.

“They have an incredible mentality. A great ability to remain focused, and can put into practice what the coach demands from them.

“Tomiyasu had an immediate impact at Bologna despite coming from Belgium. So much so he joined Arsenal for a significant sum.”

Japan did not have the same success against Costa Rica and, despite controlling the game from start to finish, fell to to the only attempt on target from Costa Rica in the whole match.

But it makes you think, doesn’t it. If these Japanese players are so dedicated and professional, they sound like excellent choices to play underArteta’s demanding regime.

Do you think the Arsenal boss should be scouting a few more of the Japanese internationals for the future?


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  1. Daichi Kamada is doing quite well at Entracht Frankfurt. He’s very versatile midfielder, cheap (soon to be free agent) and at his prime age.

    Great work ethic too.

  2. Well, Tomiyasu isn’t much use to us.
    He’s always injured.
    So we don’t want more like him.

    Tomiyasu was a poor buy, he has had injury problems throughout his career.

    1. Tomi a poor buy? a player that comfortably covers THREE/FOUR position when fit is a poor buy? Conveniently ignoring how we ran Tomi to the ground ’cause no one else could step up huh? It’s okay to be wrong but lying about a player’s injury history is just wrong.

  3. Poor buy? Hardly! Tomiyasu is an excellent buy but it’s not just a case of buying more Japanese players it’s about acquiring players of any nationality who could improve our team.

  4. The immature opinion that because we have ONE top class JAPANESE PLAYER, THAT WE SHOULD LOOK FOR OTHER PLAYERS WHO SHARE HIS NATIONALITY, is so backward thinking and ridiculous as to be pitied as to the intellect of whoever put forward such a silly idea.

    You might, equally as stupidly, look for left handed players just because a top player of ours is left handed. Or has blue eyes, blond hair, same haircut, likes similar music, drives the same type of car and all other BONKERS and totally irrelevant comparisons. Some people ought to GROW UP, methinks!!

      1. PAT It is plain that you know nothing at all about me, as I was already very grown up in mind well before my adult years in body came along.

        It is not my fault that others who are far older then I was back then are not at all grown up in intellect. Example: the person quoted who wrote this very silly article.

        If you honestly think humans can be sensibly compared simply by shared nationality , then you have learned very little about life works , whatever your actual physical age.

        Reporting of others who apparently think so is also daft and intelligence insulting! Reality!

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