Should Arsenal snap up this bargain Brazil striker?

When you hear that Arsenal are one of the clubs linked with a striker that scored more goals in the group stages of the Champions League last season than any other player, with a stunning nine goals from just six games, most Arsenal fans would start rubbing their hands together with anticipation.

When you hear that the player in question is the Shaktar Donetsk and Brazil international forward Luiz Adriano, however, that anticipation might well start to dwindle away or disappear altogether. And when I tell you that the report in the Daily Express linking him with the Gunners reveals that Shaktar are looking for just £5.5 million, then the smell of rat starts to make itself felt in your nostrils.

But maybe we should not be so hasty to dismiss this Arsenal transfer rumour. A big reason for the Brazilian striker being so cheap is that his current contract is due to run out in January and so this is the last chance for his club to recoup and transfer fee for him.

You may think that his goal tally of just less than a goal every other league game is not all that impressive, especially in UKraine but that is over nine seasons and his first three years were relatively unproductive. His record in European competition is actually better than a goal every other game and that is pretty impressive. He scored six in the season Shaktar won the Europa League, including the opening goal in the final.

A look at his stats compared to the Arsenal strikers, compiled by, as well as him being a natural finisher suggests that he could offer us a good option. So at such a bargain price, should Arsenal take a risk on Luiz Adriano?

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    1. He’s not better than welbeck, he’s almost on the same level as welbeck. We rather give more chance to Danny instead of buying Luis Adriano, I have seen him play once and he was a very average striker, nothing special. Will not improve on what we currently have

        1. Muff your the first person to spread the news,thanks buddy….very excited, just can’t hide it..,,coyg

        2. Feels very weird and wonderful at the same time – seeing Cech sitting there in an Arsenal shirt. I wonder what “ambitions for the club” Wenger spoke about when he sweet-talked him in to joining?

          Looks like we have the makings of a world class spine now, albeit a crooked one – Cech-Kos-Santi-Ozil and Alexis on the spine’s dog-leg to the left.

          1. and Vidal too hopefully to straighten that spine a bit!!!

            Cech Is an Arsenal player wow!!

      1. If what my gut is telling is right.,
        Peter Cech is the only big name player we’ll be signing .
        Shirt things .
        A pattern has emerged with arsenal.
        We never address our deficiencies.
        It is always about the books with the owners.

        1. Let’s stay positive, its not July yet and we have a super star signed. Hopefully one more world class signing like benzema and an ordinary DM just to cover lecoq, but I have a feeling we will at least get one more big name signed. Staying positive

      2. funny you should say that luiz adriano has 34 goals/assist in 31 games this suggest he creates as well as scores he is a very good dribbler like many brazilian and plays for a team who plays great football.

        financial this would be a shroud bit of business

    2. Welcome Cech! I hope he does well with Arsenal! New challenge for him! Now he will no longer have 10 defenders in front of him.

  1. Id wish for Cech, William Carvalho, Lacazette

    Rumoured prices:

    Cech – 11million (should be announced to day, we all hope)
    Carvalho – 37million (most expensive but looks the real deal)
    Lacazette – 21million ( Apparantly Lyon have dropped his price)

    This is only me saying what i’d wish for and the RUMORED prices! Iknow it’s highly unlikely!

    What would other people choose if you could make three reasonable signings?

      1. My dream transfer window buys would be
        1. Cech
        2. Otamendi
        3. Vidal
        4. Benzema
        These players will almost for certain win us the bpl and take us to the semis of ucl

  2. cech’s passed the medical, first signing on the way. Back up defensive mid and maybe another forward who can bring something a bit more unpredictable to our front line, then it’s just down to tactics but we should be title contenders at the very least with these additiions. COYG

  3. cech- 11mil
    vidal- 21 mil
    higuain- 45-50 mil
    these three players = title and big cl progress

  4. Always the cheap andless definite option with ARSENAL
    We need DM, STRIKER (WORLD CLASS) and maybe a keeper but IMO this is secondary to he first two.
    Kondogbia GONE!!!
    Schienderlin GONE!!!!!
    Martinez GONE!!!!
    So already the best we could afford regarding DM have gone to other clubs NOW we’re talking about Vidal who again we wont get and will go elsewhere if he leave Juve at all.
    NOW we’re talking about this Brazillian guy who as far as Im concerned is nowhere near to the standard we rally need but hey h Arsene ” Your not in transfer mode are you??” Talk about Fiddle while Rome burns while our competition is bulking up what exactly are we doing?? maybe looking at a sub standard Brazillian cos he’s cheap

    1. Oh no can’t believe we didn’t sign overrated Kondogbia & overrated Martinez what a shame. They were like the only two players in the whole world.

      1. @AlanFrank
        I’m using these guys as examples.
        so who in your VASTLY superior opinion would yo like to see us sign? or are ou another one of these who feels that we don’t need to sign anyone??
        just asking being as the sarcasm in your response to my original statement indicates you have all the anwers

        1. We have Cech – who is one of the top 3-4 gk in the world. It looks like we are in for Arturo Vidal (btw how the hell do you know we wont sign him?) who is one of the best midfielders in the world and its not even July 1st. So relax, and I am not saying that we will get everybody we want to get this window, but we already have one and there will be more to come.

          1. We should finish our shopping soon so the new incomes can gel with the team and be part of the pre season, that is why we fans demand more signings asap

        2. No sarcasm but you used the word Worldclass then listed three players who are far from world class. Not sure you was using them as examples when you called them the “best” in our price range. I just think people’s lists of players are often far from players who would seriously improve us. Undervalue what we have listing inferior players. I do want additions just not those players.

          1. Maybe AlanFrank
            Though this is just a matter ofopion as to if they ARE world class or not I kow that Kondogbia bossed our midfield in the first round against Monaco, and certainly others in the europian market classed im as good enough, Schneiderlin MUST be classed as worl class (again wihin our price range) we are not gonna pay 60 million for any player let alone the likes o Pogba.Im not in any way deriding what we already have BUT we do need to reinforce what we have in order to A) push what we have to improve and work arder to keep their places and b) to cover for the inevitable suspensions and injuries that will come. As Ive said already we need in my opinion two more players to make us the side we really can beand that’s a DM to cover an work with Coquellin and another striker to make bot OG and Theo work harder and for injury cover. We are almost there I just wonder who else in our financial bracket would be available and good enough to do this? os right now Icant really think of anyon who is out there that can, that we can afford

      2. I too believe both Kondogbia and Martinez are overrated. Martinez would have never made it at arsenal and would have been benched. Kondogbia is good but vastly overrated. to compare him to Pogba is outrageous. he plays with another DM and at arsenal he will not have that luxury. Is not a replacement to Coquelin unless he has great positioning and can read the game well. maybe he can. maybe he can’t.

        we still have Arteta and Wilshere is doing well there for England.

  5. As an addendum t the above, exactly who are arsenal persuing?? for all this lack of public statements ect the press still know virtually everything about the Cech deal yet we still have NOTHING from the club, we’re linked with this player and that player and I think that there maybe some legs in some of the rumours but what I don’t want to see is the links with the cheap sh!t options like the one above being true. I mean for GODS SAKE WE ONLY NEED TWO MORE PLAYERS AND WE’RE READY TO CHALLENGE !!!!why on earth do Arsenal have to make such heavy weather about even the most simple of transfers ???

    1. Come on Ozzy man – how on earth can you expect you, I or anyone else in the world to know who we are pursuing? It is common sense at its most basic. You must get that surely? Forget all the rumours and chill – and let’s all celebrate the official opening of the transfer window on Wednesday!!

      1. Fair Play Jonestown
        Mate I just get frustrated and its reached a boiling point I guess when we are so close to being a contending club ndit seems that every other club is lined to every other player and we never seem to be linked to anything that comes to pass. Its not like we’ve not been there before when we should have bought player A and ended up with payer H is it?
        But your right I should chill out.

        1. I can sense the frustration from here Ozzy! I’m old enough to remember transfer windows pre-internet – you’d pick up a paper after the deal had been done and that was that!! It has all turned in to a bit of joke really. Plenty of United, Chelsea and City fans getting fidgety and angry as well – just the scousers mulling over their early business and trying to convince themselves they are in pole position again for a shot at the PL.

  6. “Sky sources understand Petr Cech will be confirmed as an Arsenal player on Monday.”

    Quickly clicks arsenal dot com, sees a picture of Wilshere, does an offended Mr Bean scowl.

  7. After Cech there is only one player I would buy and this is Carvalho. I have wanted this guy at Arsenal for the past two seasons and right now he is better than I hoped for.

    Remember when Wilshere had that on form game and bossed Barcelona’s midfield? Well that is Carvalho on an off day. He is very strong, stays on his feet, has Ozil’s ball distribution, tackles as hard as Vieira did and he is very fast. He is on every ball within his own half and totally dictates the midfield. In the last 10 years he is the ONLY player I have seen which can equal Vieira when he was the same age.

    Ozil is the nearest we have who could emulate the passing of Petit but he’s too far forward so Ramsey would be my choice. His perfect workrate will match Carvalho’s.

    Wilshere got his finger out at the end of last season and the lad has admitted himself he needs to keep that up this coming season to be a starter. In my book Ramsey is already an AUTOMATIC starter with priority over Wilshere, though Jack can catch up and take over if he steps up. Should be Team Captain by now and in the running for the England Captaincy now Terry and Gerard are gone … but he has f**ked around at both international level and club level.

    1. he is very fast ?? I mean really!! did you watch him? he is not fast at all and his workrate is not that much … I’d say he is very raw, 15m at max …

    2. Carvalho has to be the most overrated player out there. watch him against germanyand believe he did have one tackle or interception. passes weren’t great. couldn’t pass to feet and in the last third he made the wrong selection on most occasions I saw. yet he was rated 5 star on goal.

      rubbish rubbish rubbish.

  8. why go for the cheap ones without quality?? Wenger said his buying wc players for first team this summer so we just have to hope and believe and how are we sure we were after kondogbia and all!?? Be hopeful Gooners COYG

  9. Cech: “When Arsène Wenger spoke to me about his ambitions for this club, and how he saw me as part of this team, the decision was clear

  10. Wenger: “Petr Cech is a player that I have admired for a long time and I am very pleased that he has decided to join us.He has proven over many seasons that he is one of the outstanding keepers in the world and he will add great strength to our squad”

  11. When Arsène Wenger spoke to me about his ambitions for this club, and how he saw me as part of this team, the decision was clear

    Petr Cech

    Not copying Leo just had it already copied so what the heck..lets paste it.

    Cech is a gunner!!!!!

  12. Re Luiz Adriano.

    Why not?

    At 5.5 its not expensive and he has scored some. I remember a player from Juve that nobody wanted because he had failed big time and he was cheap…his naame was…it was…something Thierrry someething….

  13. Head over to theshedend general discussion and reaction on petr cech move..

    Most amusing!!!!!!!!:)

    1. A particular favourite from the aforementioned site;

      “Can’t believe the club sanctioned this. Was already nervous about Arsenal next year.”

  14. Let’s see if Wenger is willing enough to get a CMF and CF that would be ahead of some of his favourite players in those positions currently. Most likely not.

  15. Worst case scenario, which is still an improvement from last season because we now have a WC goalkeeper 🙂


    Not bad. WC players in caps

    Let’s hope we get a couple more top top players

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