Should Arsenal start Chambers after Koscielny injury news?

Arsenal fans were given one more reason today by Arsene Wenger to want the Gunners to beat Hull City in the FA cup replay tomorrow night. This season may not have been our worst ever on the injury front but it has still been pretty bad and once again the boss had some bad news to deliver in his press conference today, which you can see in full on

The update on the French international defender Laurent Koscielny suggests that Arsenal will have our best centre back available again fairly soon, but not soon enough for the game tomorrow or the one at the weekend. And if we do not get past Hull then it will be a Premier League clash with West Brom on Saturday.

Wenger said, “Laurent will be short for Hull. he has a chance to be available for the weekend, but I think even for then he will be short.”

With the West Brom strike partnership of Berahino and Rondon looking sharp and in form at the minute it would be nice to have our strongest defence in action. You might be wondering, then, why I think that Arsenal should start with Calum Chambers instead of Per Mertesacker in Hull and it was something that the German defender said in his post match comments, reported by Metro.

He said, “It was a high tempo. The first 15 minutes were absolutely amazing. I have never played in such a demanding game physically.”

So we have a potentially jaded defender, both mentally and physically, in what is a key game in the season for Arsenal. But there is also the question of Hector Bellerin and whether he could do with a rest as well. But the Spaniard is younger and fitter and also in better form than the German.

Our BFG was also at fault in the build up to the Kane goal in the derby and with pace not being his strong point in the first place I think it would be risky to start with a tired Mertesacker in what is likely to be a high energy encounter against Hull. Do you agree?

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  1. An extended FA Cup run
    will mean having to play
    EPL catch up games mid
    week further stretching
    our already limited resources.
    I for one will be happy if Hull do us
    a big favour and beat us on Tuesday.

    1. too late for the league homey, might aswell get some silverware
      an top 4

      same as last two seasons…thats consistency right there guys…be happy 🙂

  2. Opinions are obviously divided and I don`t want to sound negative but Arsenal are not in good shape at the moment and are odds on to lose in Spain. The FA Cup has been touted as a lifeline for Wenger but I don`t think so, I would not be unhappy if Hull beat us giving us a chance to regroup.

  3. We are looking in a fighting spirit as we could have won against totenham with 10 men Could we be a bit jaded that will remain to be seen is coqelin serving the band or is he injured ??

  4. Quoted: NY_Gunner
    March 7, 2016 at 7:09 pm
    Ranieri inherited the team. Nigel had them well drilled already. Ranieri just pumped new hope and better tactics into the squad

    Why can’t we have our New ranieri who would pump new hope and better tactics into our squad?
    Knowing fully well, this is what this team Lacks!

  5. “I have never played in such a demanding game physically.”

    Come on Merts! Have you forgotten the 4-0 Southampton thumping so soon? 😉

  6. I tell you one of many diff between our manager La frog, and a great manager in Guardiola.

    Guardiola for example has so much passion in him, that he forces his players to give their all in the pitch. Star players or not, they all perform very good and reflect to Peps football mentality.

    Guardiola puts his trust in players like Kimmish and that against a strong bvb. He yells, he screams, but he also know how to treat players well. He also doesnt know favorisem and does what ever is right for the club.

    Wenger compared to Guardiola has no football passion with him. Other wise he would not take loses to 4 goals against southampton lightly. Before Wenger was always up for making excuses, these days he does not make none. He just says we lost and fin. This current Arsenal is a reflection of Wenger. We are poor and thats all due Wenger.

    Compared to Pep who gives young players their chance and does everything in his might to push them to perform. Wenger benches young players even after they play some good football. Best example Campbel. He is superiour to Ramsey on the wings. Another example is Chambers. The last time he played he was fantastic. But instead of being rewarded with trust and care. we bench him.

    and after they all freeze out and dont perform in an instant. fans get nasty and demand them to be sold.

    What is this madness?

    1. To be fair Guadiola is 45.
      When Wenger was 45
      twenty years ago Wenger
      was winning the EPL
      and bringing in fresh talent
      playing vibrant football.
      Like to see how energetic Guadiola is at 66.
      However Arsenal has not won the league in 12 years
      and if Tottenham or Leicester win the league
      Wenger should consider stepping down

      1. Fergie remained energetic until past the age of 70. What is your excuse for that ? Wenger gave up the passion long ago after putting his reputation on the line during our financial struggle

    2. @ks-gunner
      ” La Frog” For real dude?
      Pepsi is a damn bluff and will soon be found out when he comes to the BPL…If he had so much “passion”, he would have went to Eibar and brought them up La Liga table, or Hannover 96 and did the same in the Bundesliga.
      Instead, he goes to money rich top teams, in 1/2 team Leagues. Passion my kiester…

  7. If anyone thinks chambers is near good enough to lead our defence your all mad. Point is he is over rated and should be used as a part X for john stones. 50million and him should do the job and why not the other half of the squad we don’t need. Time to clean up with big clear out this summer and he needs to spend 140 million in new players

  8. Yes. Rest Mert and use Chambers
    We paid £16 million for him so he should play more. The more he plays the better he will get.

    I would play Theo and Giroud for FA Cup. If they don’t score play Welbeck against West Bromwich. Actually even if they score still play Welbeck against WB. Danny has been the best goal scorer recently

  9. Wenger blew another gasket today! ???
    Ranting about being bored of the same old questions,
    Regarding .. if he is good enough for Arsenal.
    He also stated that he doesn’t care about what the fan’s say or think about him.
    Some reports suggesting that Wenger is cracking up,
    But hey, they must be new to this job ?

    Wenger always gets the Arsenal to perform well,
    when the negative pressure gets to him and it’s a shame that it takes something like that to happen, for him to pull his finger out!… Time will tell, if he still has that effect or not?

  10. Wenger is up to his old tricks again.Fans must not be negative. Get behind the team bullsh*t. We look like losing 3rd spot let alone 1st.Still,Arsene knows best yeh, and Elvis still works down our chip shop.
    He’s become an old con artist but ah ain’t buying it.
    His old patter don’t fool me none.
    Well all have to sit on our porches and wait, and wait for the sun to set on olArsene.

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