Should Arsenal start Chambers or Bellerin in Dortmund?

It looks like the same old story is happening all over again for Arsenal this season, as the injury problems start to mount again. And of course, with the Gunners being our usual lucky selves, it is the area where we could leasy afford to lose players that is where we have lost them.

Both Nacho Monreal and Mathieu Debuchy are in the treatment room as Arsenal travel to Germany for the massive and potentially decisive clash with Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League, But as Arsene Wenger pointed out in his interview reported by, the very harsh red card shown to the French right back against Besiktas meant that he would not be available anyway.

So Gibbs for Monreal is an easy one but the boss has a tougher decision to make about who will come in for Debuchy. I suppose there is an outside chance that Flamini or Coquelin could be selected but it is much more likely to be Calum Chambers or Hector Bellerin and it depends how adventurous the Frenchman is feeling.

With Dortmund suffering their own problems, they are perhaps as vulnerable now as they will ever be, so I would be tempted to go for the electric pace and attacking ability of the young Spaniard. Linking up with Alexis Sanchez down the right, Bellerin could give Dortmund’s inexperienced left back Erik Durm a real nightmare.

However, we saw the dangers of being too adventurous in away games last season and Chambers has proved himself to have the head for a big occasion. So which one would you start?

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    1. G8 chance 4Hector and he should be given the slot, for defensive midfield i would go with coquilin. Then the need for rotation and taking advantage of our pace; Campbel, Welbeck and Sanchezl

      1. you re gonna throw in coq in the CL first game of his season , straight against dortmund. LOL
        tough enough that bellerin may already have to go from U21 straight to kagawa!

  1. Chambere is ill. So rest him. Lets play bellerin . He can cope with bvb ‘s pace. He is a future legend.

    1. Well damn that’s not good! For some reason or another, Chambers has always needed to be subbed in. Our D better hold themselves together

    2. Bloody hell he has inflamed tonsils!! Ffs can you imagine, Peter storey, Tommy smith or Roy Keane missing a match of such magnitude, with such an illness?

      Place is going soft, if he was that poorly he wouldn’t have travelled. I just don’t know what is happening to footballers nowadays, gay gooners, rainbow laces, players too tired to play twice a week, always injured, can’t deal with heckling from the terraces, continuously posting pics of themselves with their kids, begging for other players shirts, some even during the match.

      I am sorry the sport is turning soft, some might say nice, well I say too nice!!

      Cue the thumb downs

      1. So to clarify tonsillitis is when the glands in the throat become infected and full of puss, they swell, sometimes considerably restricting the airflow in the throat and you probably have a fever to boot due to the high level of markers in your blood.
        Swallowing and even breathing can be uncomfortable to painful but you, superman that you are, could go onto the pitch and give 100%.
        Yea right.
        Filed under ‘talks a good fight.’

      2. no point in playing someone , if he s feeling woozy. argueably kos was just out of it when we conceded at leicester…

        and im not sure what going “soft” has to do with gay. last time i checked, there are gay MMA fighters. not sure your point is valid. damn homophobes and im not even gay.

    3. I’m more worried about our left side. Gibbs potentially Özil (please play him middle!!!) will be up against Piszczek AND Blaszczykowski. That is where we could lose it. Reus is injured, so Großkreutz might come in. Durm on the left has a lot of pace too. Mkhitaryan in the center. Then with Ciro Immobile up front. They still have a lot of pace. Hummels and Reus and Gündoğan, Sahin and it looks like Kagawa won’t make the game either.

  2. I would start with Chambers and save another day for Bellerin. Let’s not put him into pressure of playing the champions league upfront.

  3. Well little known Bale was 19yo when he played for Spurs….

    i would go for Bellerin…..theres nothing to lose..he has the pace he can excel….

  4. Chambers is out with tonsillitis according to reports.
    Bellerin or Flamini probably start at RB. My guess is Flame. Arteta as holding.
    The same setup as Man City game for the rest.

    Arsenal 2-0! COYG!

    1. If Wenger uses Flamini at RB I will lose it. Flamini may be able to handle emergency CB, but he will be eaten alive at RB.

  5. I appreciate the talent of Bellerin as much as the next man but let’s not forget this is an away match in the Champions League against the next best team in the group. That would dictate caution imo because a draw is still a good result. Chambers is without doubt the defensive and safe option. If he is sick, however, Bellerin is a very capable deputy. I expect that you all know this but Bellerin broke Walcott’s speed record which he took from Henry.

    1. And if chambers gets injured in a DM role where you need to be the anchor/destroyer higher risk of injuries ect then what? we have no cover for CB at all then, Chambers needs to sit on the bench and be healthy for covering RB and CB as much as i want to see what hes like as a DM its too high of a risk to play him there atm, I’d def go for bellerin for RB though hes so fast and has tremendous technical ability, One person i think wenger should of taken to dortmund is diaby just incase hes needed would be nice for diaby to get a good 60min game but i dont think hes ready for CL just yet since he hasnt even featured in the PL yet but then again no harm in taking him since hes been linking up with bellerin pretty well in the U21’s we must remember we have some really good youngsters in the squad than can fill in some of the spaces.

  6. Now Everton, Liverpool and Spurs are stadium hunting. We will see just how easy or hard it is for them.
    Lets see if either one of those three face relegation.
    I hope Spurs do. 🙂

    1. If you really think about it, this would mean that we would probably not have the North London Derby for a long while.. actually (except for some CL games and a possible title race game) the best match we have with the greatest ambiance. Of course we hate spuds, but i do prefer them to stay in the BPL although it may sound weird haha

  7. Pundits can’t get enough of Chelsea’s ar*e.
    They love licking them. They are predicating unbeaten season for Chelsea.

  8. so left with just 4 players for 4 defensive positions… i think we should definitely strengthen our attacking midfield in january

  9. Forced into starting Bellerin. Starting Chambers just further exacerbates the shortage problem. At this point Wenger had better hope Bellerin and Hayden are ready because he is steadily and quickly running out of other options.

    (Perhaps Rosicky or Cazorla can do it – Wenger uses CAMs for everything else)

    1. Bellerin should be getting games in the PL & so should hayden tbh both great players they can def play coquelin too they just need a run of games you seen how hard it is for wilshere ozil ect to find form so if these yonger ones get a run of games they will be awesome.

  10. I got a chuckle out of the article that suggested Arsenal “not drop Ozil.” Can you do that? Are there not such things as contracts? Selling a player who is out of form is easy of course. And there are little details like salary and transfer window restrictions. Dropping him? Seriously? This is the debate?

    When you have a talented player out of form, you try to get him back in form. Playing him in his natural position seems like the obvious place to start.

    1. You got a chuckle? Lol. The writer means we shouldn’t drop him to the bench…not out of Arsenal. Lol. Does your reading consist of only the title and comments?

      1. Yes. I actually can and do read. The article NEVER mentions the bench at all. It vaguely discusses not being on the pitch.

        It DOES however mention how some fans wanted other players TRANSFERED because of poor form like Ozil. In other words, the article never mentions the bench but does mention transfers.

  11. Ever since David Dein left there has been a vacuum at Arsenal, but that is a boardroom problem. Wenger chose to fill the void himself and have no
    Director of Football, that resulted in too much power in one hand.
    Wenger`s scouts must come under scrutiny, either they are sending the wrong signals or they are being ignored.
    One feels (or at least I do) that Wenger is due for the Rommel treatment (for those too young, look up the Desert Fox).
    Wenger must do it himself and he`ll get a State Funeral plus a big pay out, a season ticket for life and a honoury directorship.
    Now to the future!

  12. Rumour has it that we are sharing the Emirates with Spurs…..

    i wouldnt mind if they are paying 20m for the lease….

    more money for us to spend and beat them…

  13. Seeing dat Chambers is our back up CB, we can’t afford 2 risk him getting injured. This is all wenger’s fault. Give bellerin a chance, d guy is good. Asides experience, I prefer him 2 debuchy

  14. It a shame to Wenger that the Hector will be playing RB for us for us without cover. Nocover at the back except Heyden and we are a top team. Wenger think well. You are living in the past.

  15. So let me get this, we are a “top club” because we have our own stadium??
    I thought all was determined by the trophies (especially Europeans) you have in the cabinet?

    What we have, is money we don’t spend and fans who don’t mind being taken for the same ride years after years, seasons after seasons by paying outrageous ticket prices for very little in return.
    What we have, is a manager, not a football coach, who is useless to the club on the sports side, but extremely important on the financial side.

  16. He MR AW should set up so we don’t lose. 4-5-1 simple. Then at home do the same but take them with 30 min left. We must not lose under no reason at all. Go play ugly arsenal

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