Should Arsenal start to worry about Leicester? Hell Yes!

It has been going on for too long now to be passed off as a lucky run. Arsenal fans have been, quite understandably, expecting the brilliant and unexpected run of results and performances from the league leaders Leicester City to dry up, but their win away to an in form Everton today shows that these Premier League upstarts are the real deal.

Of course they could have big problems keeping it up, especially if they lose one of their two main men Jamie Vardy and Riyad Mahrez, but we are nearly at the halfway point of the season now and they keep winning. So I think it is time for us to take them seriously and accept that Leicester are title contenders.

Did you know that they have only lost a single EPL game all season? That is championship quality Gooners.

However, the game they lost was against Arsenal so if anyone has reason not to fear them it is the Gunners.

Recently when they played against Man United and Chelsea I was happy for them to win, thinking that sooner or later they would be found out. They still might. But I do believe that Leicester are now a team we have to accept as one that could deny us the title.

I am not trying to be all doom and gloom here guys, I just want us to stop writing Leicester out of the equation. Hopefully Wenger will do the same.


  1. Leicester have alot more to offer then e arsenal at the moment , each and every player treats each game like a final, each player is showing passion & determination, in mahrez n vardy the have pace, movement,finesse n quality of the highest order at this present moment in regards to finishing.
    I honestly would luv it if they won it, obviously I want arsenal to but like every season I just know wenger some hoe is going to mess things up. Whether it is not buying n saying “jack m rosicky are back tell me who is better out there?? Then come end of month both are back in treatment room lol

    Monday will it be the bottlers as usual or will they finally stand up n be Men for once

    1. totally unfair to say “will they FINALLY stand up….”: we’ve prevailed in a lot of big matches ; we’ve beaten bayern , thrashed MU, beat chelsea (when they were playing w/o mike dean). you’re not giving any credit to the progress we’ve made. we will win on monday.
      [ but what i wont forgive is wenger not buying backup for coq; i’ll never forgive that. ]

    2. Leicester don’t have CL to worry about and they’re not under pressure because they’re not expected to win any trophies let alone make top 4, hence why it’s easy for them to get results without stumbling. They’re not the only club that’s been through this, Southampton and Swansea were also beating top teams before.

  2. Beating Everton away is impressive
    Everton are a good side

    This season no team particularly scares me but Leicester will if we fail to beat City
    If we Lose we will be down 5 points. I don’t want to be 5 points or even 4 points behind them

    If we win we will be 2 points behind, 4 points ahead of City and 7 points ahead of United.
    Oh… and 18 points ahead of Chelsea LOL

    Let’s beat City and keep in touching distance

    1. arsenal should be quietly confident of beating MANC. we have done well versus city in last few games. MC defense is crap ATM. we’ve been playing well (despite having makeshift CDM) having discovered a decent RW (Campbell) and a few players are looking in form: ozil, giroud, ramsey. we need to tear city a new one in 1st 30 minutes and go up 2:0 and then focus and buckle down. i hope sanchez is back and gets back to his wonderful old self.

  3. If Arsenal don’t win it (and we always have a way of messing up things don’t we?), I’d like to Leicester to win it. It’ll be good for the EPL as well to have a team other than the usual suspects winning the league.

  4. Call me a cynic but not only should we not worry but I don’t see them making the top 4 either. Every year a team punches above there weight, then fans and “experts” get all emotional and make ridiculous claims then the team inevitably comes back down to earth.

    I don’t wanna say Leicester were lucky but they really didn’t create any chances and there 3rd goal shouldnt have stood, everton tried to clear it and it struck albrighton’s hand but the ref didn’t call it then they scored 5 seconds later.
    Leicester literally rely on mahrez and vardy and they both can’t keep up this scoring streak and when it dries up cause it will they will be in trouble.

  5. There is nothing to fear about Leicester city, others smaller clubs have done that before, all we need to fear is Man City, if we can conquer them tomorrow we have hope of winning the league this year. Leicester city will go down from nw till the end of January. The most important thing is that we should keep on winning our matches so that we can take advantage of whatever lose or draw LC will came accross. No fear Gunners, this our yr

    1. we don’t need to “FEAR” manc. by all the stats, we have the edge. we can respect them, thats ok. i want us to blitz them and pound them in 1st 30min. amazingly despite wenger f*ing up cdm, we’re doing pretty well this season, and we’re getting better: campbell, ramsey, ozil and giroud have been a revelation. . we just need to not lose focus. we have a huge potential; when we lose to w.ham etc., we’re just not concentrating [i’m not counting the mike-dean assisted chelsea farce]

      1. i should also say that petr cech has probably given us about 4-6 points already. thank you again mourinho: the gift that keeps giving.

  6. From my understanding Leicester have relatively small squad with no other commitments but the EPL. Winning the EPL will put them into Europe and they will have to spread their wings. Next season they could do a Chelsea. Anyway, we`re in the is season right now and I can see them going all the way, only Arsenal and City seem a threat.

  7. when we beat them everyone thought it was an expected win,looking back we should have got more credit for it!!

  8. What needs to happen now is two players on Mahrez and teams to not play openly with you have a go then we’ll have a go. Ozil, or sometimes Alexis will get special treatment on occasion so I think Mahrez deserves the same and Vardy too to be watched closely, but stop Mahrez first and foremost as much of the play will go through him.

    What makes this Leic result all the more painful is that I had Eve in a six fold acca which would have netted me over six hundred smackers but Eve ruined my day ..or was it Lei that bloody ruined it.

  9. We only have to worry about Leicester when they come to the Emirates. Arsenal have no control over what any other team does. Leicester does not have the depth to win the title. If they are in the race (they won’t be come April), that should be viewed as a good thing because it shows the competition for the top spot is weaker than it has been in a long time.

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