Should Arsenal stick or twist on Liverpool return?

If it was not for the size and the manner of the defeat Arsenal suffered the last time we traveled north to face Liverpool in the Premier League, this would probably not even be an issue. That is why Arsene Wenger, as reported by, has told the Arsenal players that they should not be thinking about that horrible day in February but should be looking on tomorrow’s game as a completely new and different occasion.

Wenger said, “Yes, there might be a few nerves but our job is not about history, it’s about today.”

But the fact is that it is bound to still be a painful memory for a lot of the Gunners that will line up against Liverpool tomorrow. So Wenger has a tough decision on his hands about how to approach this vital game. The way that Brendan Rodgers and his team have been struggling for form amd results this season should encourage us to go for the jugular and aput them under pressure from the first minute.

But that approach saw us go 4-0 behind in the opening 20 minutes of our last trip to Anfield and so the manager may choose to send his players out with a more cautious frame of mind and make sure that we do not concede an early goal again. But that could also encourage the home side and the fans and make our task a more difficult one.

Wenger also said, “They played on another planet against us last season in that game. We were outplayed and maybe it was the game we deserved the most to lose last season. But let’s not forget that one week later, we beat exactly the same team in the FA Cup. That shows you that it’s just down to the performance of the day.

“We’ve won five of our last six games and now we want to continue our strong run. We had a good game against Newcastle and this game on Sunday is another chance for us to show that we can have the continuity in finding a good balance between attacking well and defending well, because Liverpool are always very strong at home. That’s why we want to continue to be faithful to our philosophy and play our game but also be solid defensively.”

What do you think Gooners? Should the Gunners stick or twist?

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  1. The only decision I think is whether it’s Chambers or Debuchey in the middle with the BFG – and then the knock-on question if it’s Debuchey of whether Chambers or Bellerin start at RB. Other than that the team picks itself.

  2. I say be cautious and patient. Go at them but be wary. I dont see us making the same mistakes again and like you say liverpool are struggling. Its will go one of three ways..

    1. We smash them and it will be our revenge

    2. It will go as bad as it did last time. Though with our improvements in certain areas I dont see this being the case.

    Or 3 it will be a brutal dog fight the better team will come out on top.

    Either way it will be a great game as always highs and lows.

    I personally would stick with our previous team vs newcastle with an appearance from Walcott at some point in the game.

    Another win please wenger


    1. Oh and my answer to your question would be stick but add a little twist.

      Also trudeau I would keep debuchy rb. Chambers and bellerin then gibbs.
      we need pace in our defence if we are to keep sterlin at bay keep mert off the pitch. He will only get exploited for his ability which is clearly just to be a third goal post. A good couple games but theres no denying we need someone to take the bfg’s position fulltime!

  3. even last year we beat them twice, in FA and premier. so what remains is the revenge of the trashing. #COYG we can do it.

  4. Just read a link about tomorrows game in the independence saying the final score will be liv 3 ars 8 lol yes please. Maybe not so many goals for pool

    1. What will make the result more interesting is if Liverpool score the 3 goals first…. and everyone will be thinking, “here we go again, Arsenal getting smacked hard just like last season”! Then the floodgates open … 😀 😀

  5. We just gotta go into the game confident and focus knowing that we can go to anfield, beat liverpool and come away with, what would be 3 crucial points! Coyg!

  6. off topic but i think the way we approach the next two transfer windows could be really important to the future of our club. Man u apparently look set to sign bale next summer according to reports and I wouldn’t be too surprised if hummels and strootman don’t join in the summer either. Do we have enough to compete with man u, chelsea or city, or is the gap too big now?

  7. As if the one loss to Liverpool last season was not over-hyped enough….. now this website has become obsessed with it.

    It was only ONE GAME. And Arsenal WON BOTH of the other games vs. Liverpool last season.

    I have never seen a game and the loss of 3 points overblown more than this. Arsenal split the EPL points with Liverpool last season and knocked them out of the FA Cup. That is NOT a bad deal.

    It is one thing for the sports media to over-react to this. It is quite another for Arsenal fans and an Arsenal website to willingly join them and obsess over this meaningless occurrence.

    1. I think it was more the manner in which we approached away games against the top 5 or 6 teams last season, we looked completely unconvincing bordering on abysmal sometimes when we faced chelsea, city, man u, liverpool, everton. seriously, I could have picked one of those matches as a contender for worst game across the bpl last season

    2. Boy the english press and fa is always against Arsenal…just don’t know why.
      Used to think may be it was because we have a few english players but right now it’s beyond me

  8. About Debuchy vs Chambers in the Middle

    I think players should stay in the best positions. I think Chambers performed better in the middle than on the wing. Debuchy did well in the middle but haven’t seen him much in that position.

    SO, I would go for-

    They can always be changed around.

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