Should Arsenal stick with Trossard starting rather than Jesus?

Gabriel Jesus returned from injury two weeks ago after a three-month absence. Given how valuable he was before the World Cup, some would have expected him to return to Arteta’s starting lineup right away, but that has not been the case. Leandro Trossard, who has been playing as Arsenal’s No. 9 in recent weeks, has been so fruitful that Arteta may find it difficult to remove him. Trossard has four assists in his last two games.

Jesus may find it difficult to replace the former Brighton player in Arteta’s starting lineup. And Paul Merson sees no issue with it. Although the ex-Arsenal player believes the 25-year-old’s return is like a new signing, he believes he will not start for the time being because Arteta’s attack continues to be strong. “Gabriel Jesus doesn’t play at the moment for me,” wrote Merson for Sky Sports.

“He’s been out a long time. Trossard has come in and hit the ground running. Look at Arsenal’s last three league games: three goals, three goals, four goals. It’s not like they are short of goal scorers.

“Jesus is an unbelievable player to have on the bench; he’s got to be patient. It’s like having a transfer window now and Arsenal buying Jesus — it’s huge.”

It’s amazing to see how Arteta is spoiled for choice when it comes to selection for his team’s attack. When Jesus was hurt not long ago, some thought Arsenal’s offence would suffer, but that has not been the case. Unlike last season, when the offence was Arsenal’s weakest link, it has produced this season.

Martinelli, Trossard, and Saka should continue to lead the charge because if it is working, why change it?

Daniel O


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  1. I concur that Martinelli, Trossad and Saka should continue leading the attack as it is giving results. Gabriel Jesus should work out and take it slow thru practice until he fits in the team again and begin like he used to.

  2. No rush to push Jesus into the lineup. We are fortunate that if any of the 3 suffer a dip in form adding Jesus back and the versatility of our attacks lets us carry on.

    Impactful subs can change games, and we thankfully have that in attack, midfield, and defense.

    We are the envy of many other clubs, and keeping this squad together is just as if not more important that adding the final piece or two.

    Very satisfying knowing Saka, Saliba, and Martinelli will continue to improve with age and experience, as well as others.

    Imagine having Saka, Saliba, and Martinelli all worth 100 million in several years time? How many of the oil clubs could boast an equal claim?

    What a joyous time to be a gooner, I’m honestly more concerned about extending contracts and keeping talent than recruiting 2 or 3 more players.

  3. Sensible words Durand and ” others” will hopefully include ESR who, when fully fit, is right up there with Saka and Martinelli imo.Unlike Man City, we are not over dependent on one player when it comes to goal scoring.

  4. The starting line-up should be made based on productivity, so better keep Trossard in the CF position and only replace him if he doesn’t produce a goal, an assist, a pre-assist or high duel winning rates in a game

  5. Keep him on the bench. If we need him then we can play him. It’s great to have Jesus back 💜. Stick with Trossard, Saka and Martinelli as starters for now. This combination is working fine

  6. Yes, stay with the same starting X1, and sort issues with players complaining of not being first choice if and when.

  7. See Haaland has pulled out of the Norway squad for both internationals with a fake groin injury watch a miracolas recovery just in time for Liverpool game definitely pre planned by club and player!

  8. I really would like Trossard for Xhaka against Man City,Liverpool and Chelsea, with Jesus as CF.

  9. At the moment – Absolutely!!!

    Play the hot hand…..

    Start Troussard, then give Jesus some time as a sub.

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