Should Arsenal still spend BIG on promising youngsters?

Arsenal are notorious for being a club that prides itself on scouting the best young talent in football and giving a chance to youngsters to perform in the first team. Sadly once they have become top class stars, we often find it tough to keep hold of them.

The transfer window is still quite some time away, however of course the rumours continue to run all year long. Today’s rumour is on a rather unknown teenager, Berkay Ozcan; and it just made me think, do we really need another young star amongst our ranks?

Don’t get me wrong, Ozcan seems to be a pretty decent talent according to the media in Germany and the fans praise him highly for his performances at Stuttgart. With 3 goals and 3 assists in 18 appearances for the German side this season, the 19 year old is apparently proving to be one of the brightest talents in European football right now. He is highly regarded by both club and country.

It’s Ozcan’s agent, Baris Yukselsen, who has revealed Arsenal’s interest in the player, by stating: “Many top clubs are interested in Berkay. Arsenal has Berkay on its list, but at the moment he is focusing on Stuttgart’s resurgence.”

Personally I reckon perhaps Arsenal have sent a few scouts over to Germany to watch the player, but I don’t think talks would’ve taken place considering he is a full first team player, rather than a member of their youth side. I think his agent is just trying to stir up a bit of media interest, but I still can’t help but think do Arsenal really need yet another young midfielder.

It is proven time and time again at Arsenal, including this season, that we will struggle to win the major honours unless there is dramatic changes in management at the club and the introduction of some truly world class players. It’s going to be difficult, but spending a likely £15-20 million on Ozcan doesn’t seem to be the best investment when that money could go towards another deal elsewhere.



  1. khangunners says:

    I believe we hve hit the lowest in the past 10 years. Our club is in a tight spot. When fans start talking about transfers and pre season and its midway march. Just shows how we hve had a very very poor season.

  2. Why have we given ourselves the job of developing young players? Why can’t we buy finished players like everybody else? We spent a combined total of over £30M on Chambers and Chamberlain. Were they the best use of that money? Judge for yourselves, they barely play. I think we should stop behaving like a small team and just buy who we need now rather than try to unearth gems who in the long run end up as very expensive failed experiments.

    1. josh37 says:

      Chambers just won POTM for Middlesbrough and ox has really found himself in midfield..
      So it really depends on whether you see those transfers as projects or players to make an immediate impact…

  3. ThirdManJW says:

    For years people had been saying how good Arsenal’s future was looking because of the amount of young talent coming through, but look where it got us! Time to ditch the potential policy, and go for proven quality. I am fed up of waiting 5/6 years for a player to start performing, and in most cases they don’t. Thank you Wenger!

  4. Disturbance says:

    I think we should be going for the finished player that can deliver, rather than developing youngsters again – we all know what happened last time. But if I had to pick one out that Mbappe guy really reminds me of Henry…

  5. davidnz says:

    How many of our young
    going to be superstars
    are now actually superstars?
    Asano 1 year Sanogo 4 years Campbell 4 years
    Jenkinson 4 years Wellbeck 3 years
    Chambers 4 years Chamberlain 5 years
    Coquelin 6 years Bellerin 6 years Gibbs 7 years
    Ramsey 7 years Coquelin 7 years Wilshere 9 years
    Walcott 11 years 11 years
    How many of them are regular starters?
    How many are top class?
    Only Szczesny +Bellerin are regular starters and only Bellerin is top class.
    We could sell the other 12 and be no worse off.

  6. RichSAAlao says:

    All football clubs have youth development scheme. that Arsenal is more famous for it is a different statement.
    If you want to buy and you cannot get, or you simply are unable to buy for many reasons; closed window, etc then you use a boy from the youthside.
    And like Belle boy has fitted, then what a saving grace that is.

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