Should Arsenal support a new and improved European Super League?

One of the most controversial events in football last year was the launch of the European Super League.

The proposed competition which was backed by Arsenal and five other Premier League clubs sent shockwaves through the world of football.

However, the English clubs eventually bowed out because of pressure from their fans and the government.

They were even fined and have now abandoned the idea, at least on paper.

However, Juventus, Barcelona and Real Madrid have continued to push for its success and they will revive it soon, according to The Telegraph.

The original idea didn’t include promotion or demotion for its founding members, and that was the main reason it was rejected.

However, the report claims Juventus president, Andrea Agnelli will announce the revamped idea for the competition next week.

The new idea now favours relegation and promotion, effectively making the competition an alternative to the Champions League.

Just Arsenal Opinion

The uproar from fans against the original competition has given it a very small chance to succeed.

The selfish interest of the pioneer clubs is behind this breakaway idea and most fans can see through it.

It would be hard for English clubs to join it again but never say never.

Do you think Arsenal should support the revised idea?

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  1. now let me think a bit………
    NO, no way, not no how , under no circumstances must we allow these foreign theoretically skint clubs draw us into their desperate attempt to stay at the top of the tree having got there through gross mismanagement a la Leeds nearly 20 years ago. Let them suffer the consequences as quite frankly WE are alright Jack , having done it with sound financial principles on the whole for well over a century.
    Did i mention i am against the idea a little?

    1. Its the brainchild of teams that struggle to raise the obscene amounts of money they need to drag them out of the financial s**t they have put themselves in.

  2. The super league is just an updated version of the CL which as gone stale .
    I would put money on this coming to fruition in the next few years ,money talks I’m Afraid.
    I don’t think a number of fans actually read the proposals when it happened last season ,thinking it was a break away league which it wasn’t .

  3. No way. I don’t even like the CL, which came about because of Italian and Spanish clubs moaning about being drawn together in the first rounds of the European Cup. Much preferred the old competitions, at least the smaller clubs could draw a big club.

    It’s all about the money !!!

  4. Agreed it was the sole reason we signed up on the first place. Our owners wanted the easy way out to be in the highest European competition guaranteed every year. As Dan said above the CL will change as it has gone stale lost its glow.

    The super League will come in its a matter of when not if.

  5. The current European competitions see dwindling interest in most age groups and especially in the younger groups.
    This is a potential risk to all clubs, but more so to the bigger ones.
    At the same time the current system obviously give smaller footballing countries more spaces, than the strength of their leagues warrant, which in turn means bigger clubs are left out to make spaces for the smaller ones.
    This the background for the whole discussion, and UEFA being a democratic organization are struggling to react quickly enough on the problem of the dwindling interest and as the smaller countries have as much to say as the bigger ones, it is very difficult for UEFA to reorganize the European competitions.
    IMO this is not a black/white situation.

  6. I agree with what Dan Kit has said above, UEFA have a monopoly on European Club football, make a lot of money from it, give nothing back and remain greedy by adding game after game to the calendar, the latest being the Europa Conference thing

    Whether the proposed “Super” League was the antidote I don’t know but something needs to challenge the way UEFA go about their business in my opinion

    Not long before we have a two leg Europa League Final and then if they get away with that a two leg CL Final, cha ching

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