Should Arsenal take a chance on Malcom?

The latest Arsenal transfer rumours are saying that the Gunners have decided to try and get Malcom, who we were linked with for quite some time last year before he moved to Barcelona, on a loan deal after the Barca manager Ernesto Valverde has not become enamoured by the Brazilian. The Express reports today…..

The Brazilian attacker, 21, has struggled to make an impact since his summer move from French club Bordeaux.

Malcom wants to escape and the Gunners are set to step up previous attempts to sign him.

The midfielder was the subject of a major transfer war in the summer, as he appeared to have agreed a deal with AS Roma, before signing for Barcelona.

The Brazilian was set to board a private plane to Rome to signs deal, before he went AWOL and went to Catalonia instead.

He signed for Barca in a £45 million deal, and the Italian club threatened to sue.

After what appeared to be a lot of work for Barca, Ernesto Valverde has failed to give his new signing any real game time this season.

Malcolm has failed to start a game for Barcelona, and has staggeringly only been on the pitch for 25 minutes.

His agent, Junior Minguella, admitted last week that his client was unhappy at Barcelona.

“Every player needs a period of adaptation and minutes on the pitch to prove their worth,” he said.

“He hasn’t had them yet, but he’ll prove his worth when he does play.

“He doesn’t like the situation, but he’s focused and very motivated.”

Arsenal are not the only team interested in signing the unhappy star.

Everyone thought he was an up-and-coming superstar when he was at Bordeaux, so it must be extremely frustrating for him to be parked on the bench this season. Is it worth giving him a chance at the Emirates? Especially if Ramsey leaves in January?



  1. Phil says:

    A 21 year old Brazilian who is not good enough to get into an ageing Barca Team.An 18 year old English boy making a name for himself in Germany.Although we need width with pace let’s not forget we have real potential coming through the youth set-up.

    1. gotanidea says:

      I wonder whether Bundesliga standard is lower than EPL or not. Because Jadon Sancho and Gnabry are also performing well

      Even Barcelona flop like Paco Alcacer is scoring for fun there. Alcacer did not do well for Barcelona and Valencia, yet he became a monster in Bundesliga

      I don’t want to sound underestimating Nelson’s achievement during the loan period. But Arsenal need more young blood, apart from their youth products

      1. adi says:

        Very possible. I think the style is a little different there. Seems like pacy players plays well in Bundesliga, since their players are often very technical. Not suprised to see players like Pulisic, Ribery, Nelson, Sancho palys well.

    2. Lupe says:

      I don’t think thats fair on malcom, he isn’t playing because he has to contend with messi, dembele and even coutinho for the wing forward positions. With the current form of dembele and injury to messi, i expect him to get an opportunity soon. But i do agree that nelson should be our focus for the right wing next season, he is playing so well in germany so we should let him develop for the whole season over there.

    3. Sarmmie says:

      Are you saying we shouldn’t go for him?

    4. Eddie Hoyte says:

      Phil, you’re sounding as if it’s easy to get into Barca’s team and like Nelson will even make their bench over Malcolm… Nelson should be allowed to enjoy his this season over there while we integrate him into the team next season.
      Getting Malcolm on loan in Jan will be a massive add on to us, we lack a left footed winger, plus he’ll give a %100 every game he plays because he know he has to show Barca he’s worth it. He’ll be a help to our season, I see no risk in getting him on loan

      1. Phil says:

        Ok I’m sure we will see-Suarez had no problem getting into the Barca team when he went there because he was a 100% quality player who was in his absolute prime.Malcom maybe has been bought for his potential but is certainly not getting game time now is he?What I am saying is if we are looking to sign potential it should not be at the expense of the talent we already have in our youth set-up.Malcom does not strike me as a player that will be better than what we already have.

        1. Xxnofx says:

          I agree with you Phil ,unless we are willing to sign top class players rather than players with potential,then I say we already have that in our squad .like you said nelson -Malcolm ,same potential In my eyes ,why spend 40-50 million on a player when we already have one at our club .same as the central midfield position ,fans are saying we need one to replace Ramsey but unless they want to spend 100 million on a world class player then AMN will do just fine for me ,50 million pound player already imo and he will get better and better

    5. Th14 says:

      We don’t need Malcom. This guy Nicolas Pepe is exactly what we need. I wonder why he isn’t being linked with a switch to Arsenal yet

  2. gotanidea says:

    Yes, because he scored plenty of goals in France, he has strong left foot and he is used to play in right wing

    Ozil, Mkhitaryan and Aubameyang are not young anymore by footballer standard, therefore Arsenal need to rejuvenate their squad with young talents like Malcom

    1. Phil says:

      Why I appreciate what you say,signing Malcom would be signing a Barcelona Mis-Fit.He too seemed to look good in a below par French League but not a more competitive Spanish League.He is not even good enough to play for his Country who are in a decline from their former status.I personally believe we will have money to spend this January and Summer transfer windows.While I trust Sven and Raul with their knowledge and judgement I won’t accept Arsenal signing stop-gap inferior players on loan or permanently.Wasnt that the reason we all voted to get Wenger out?Surely we should be looking at players to improve the team with proven quality and potential.Malcom had one decent season in France and now can’t get a game at Barca.Is he really likely to improve us?

  3. Nayr says:

    I would take wilfried zaha over malcom.

    1. Phil says:

      So would I But this will cost us £60m+ I would imagine and I’m sure we could get better for this money.

      1. jon fox says:

        Yes , another few acres on Kroenkes ranch perhaps!

  4. Trebor says:

    Wilfred zaha any day

    1. Th14 says:

      This is crazy. I used to think the world of Wilfred Zaha and also preached how an amazing addition he will be if Arsenal do sign him. That was before I watched Nicolas Pepe play. I implore every one of you to check him out and see for yourself. He is head and shoulders above Malcom

  5. Sarmmie says:

    Arda Turan, in his prime, couldn’t get a first team shirt at Barcelona, Sanchez left, following the arrival of Neymar, cos he couldn’t get a first team shirt anymore. Do you know how many very good players that refused to go to Barça cos they knew they would never get to start?

    Malcom as a 21 year old Barcelona player, has Lionel Messi, Lionel Messi, I mean Lionel Messi and ousmane dembele to contend with for that right wing position and you think it’s cos he’s not good enough that he’s not starting?
    As a winger playing for Brazil, he has to dispose Willian, coutinho, neymar, Douglas Costa before he can start for the team and he’s 21 years old and you think he’s not starting cos he isn’t good enough?

    The only player below 21 that’ll get to start in the situations I mentioned above is mbappe.

  6. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin says:

    Barca reportedly paid £45m for Malcolm. But how much will they sell him to Arsenal assuming they want him in January window if they have the need to sign a right winger player to bolster their squad? Certainly, Barca may not want to sell him below the amount they paid for him. And with the reported meager amount of January transfer kitty that Arsenal will be given, can they afford to pay Barca the transfer cost price for Malcolm? Maybe Arsenal may take him on loan in January if they are that hard pressed to sign a right winger but can’t afford his transfer fee. But why not if Arsenal recall Reiss Nelson in January from Hoffenheim if they are pressed for a specialist right winger inclusion in their squad in January? Or the loan agreement loaning him to Hoffenheim will not allow his recall?

    1. Sarmmie says:

      If we recall Nelson, he won’t get enough playing time with us and that’ll seriously affect his development, but if we get Malcom on loan, he’ll be a player that we’ll play when we need, we can’t do that to Nelson.

      1. Phil says:

        Why?Surely there is no point signing Malcom on loan if he is not going straight into the team is there?Will he improve us?If so sign him permantly.If not Why take him?If we are building a squad for the future why bring in a loan player for half a season?Barca have that luxury and we do not.

        1. Sarmmie says:

          And we don’t have the money also, if we can’t afford to buy a winger permanently and there’s one that’s good enough available on loan, why shouldn’t we sign him when the only thing he’ll cost us is his wages?
          Matches will pile up if we don’t crash out early in the competitions we’re in, come next year
          We’ll need a winger from time to time to come in and play, we can’t afford to do that to Nelson, he needs playing time now more than ever
          I don’t know, it looks like if we sign a winger today, some people think he’ll come up straight into the team, most of the ones we’re linked to are prospects and none of them will get an automatic spot in the team if we even sign one, believe me. That’s why I believe signing Malcom on a loan deal is very reasonable, cos of all those we’re linked with, none of them will get an automatic spot and that won’t make sense cos the person will be expensive.

  7. Break-on-through says:

    Don’t now much about the kid and I don’t know why, but I was surprised Barca went for him. With the clout they have you’d expect them to bring in names that everybody is well aware of. We knew his name but that’s not what I meant. Your man Dembelle wasn’t off to a great start then this one didn’t really make sense to me. Unless Barca were just thinking about making a quick buck after the fee they threw at Dembelle.

  8. LENOhappy says:

    Phil, Malcolm is better than most of the wingers in the premier league and you can’t compare playing in the German league with playing in la liga,Malcolm is way better than Sancho and nelson plus he’s Brazilian

    1. Phil says:

      Is he?He is certainly not better than the players at Barcelona is he.Otherwise he would be in the team.And the fact that he is Brazilian?What has that got to do with anything.Do you remember Dennilson and Andre Santos.

      1. Sue says:

        Phil have you heard owt from Ken 1945? Just wondered how he’s doing

        1. Phil says:

          No Sue not for a few weeks-He’s most likely away wearing THAT T-shirt.

          1. Sue says:

            ? ok cheers Phil

      2. Hackinubee says:

        Is Giroud better than Lacazette? Cos Giroud gets called up and starts for France while Lacazette hasn’t been called for awhile,does that mean Giroud is better than Laca? Malcom hasn’t been played this season cos of the resurgence of Dembele who had a better reputation than Malcom so you can’t conclude that a player who is not playing is not good.

        1. Phil says:

          We can conclude that Malcom is obviously not thought of as highly as Dembele

  9. LENOhappy says:

    So I guess Sanchez too is not good enough,what of Pedro apart from harzard tell me one winger in the premier league who will be in Barcelona starting 11,and please don’t get me started on th English wingers,Nelson or sancho will not even be on Barcelona bench,yes they may be good but not Barcelona good,

    1. Phil says:

      Leroy Sane,Raheem Sterling,Mohammed Salah,all better than Malcom and all guaranteed starters in this present Barcelona side.

      1. McLov says:

        Sterling LOL

  10. Grandad says:

    In a word, no.Any funds freed up on the departure of Ramsay should be used to acquire upgrades on certain defenders, e.g. Mustafi and Kolasinac.It’s about getting our priorities right and in my view we need better quality defenders before we think of acquiring a winger.Do we really need a winger with Nelson on the horizon?

    1. jon fox says:

      Grandad, so good to see that I am not only Gooner who knows the desperate weakness in our team is the defence. In my view we do not have one defender at the club of top proven quality, unless you count Torreira , who is a DM. Wenger left behind the worst defence we have had for many decades past and though some of the recent new buys look good to OK, not one outfield pure defender would get anywhere near City, Liverpool or even Spurs we have had for mnany decades past. Personally apart from Torreira and Licht, I would happily get rid of the whole defence and start again. Not Leno though!

  11. kenya01 Ars fan says:

    Then going by the comments here he is good for arsenal isn’t he? Barca are that good no arsenal player will fit in

  12. ACE says:

    Arsenal are not remotely interested in buying
    the lad from Barcelona in Jan. but if the Catalan giants are willing to let him leave on loan
    (Doubtful now that Messi in injured) this winter
    than Emery and Co. should welcome the
    Brazilian with open arms. He would imho
    immediately be the best “TRUE” winger on the roster and provide another offensive
    threat in all of Arsenals remaining competitions.
    If Malcolm happens to find success in his short time @ the Emirates, Barca would demand a staggering fee for his full time services in the summer that Arsenal would be unwilling to meet.

    Unless Emery is planning on calling Nelson back
    to England in January I see this loan possibility
    as a no brainer for AFC!

  13. Aubamezzette says:

    Ill rather we signed Martial instead. In january or on pre-contract basis….. Martial in the hands of the right manager(attacking n developmental boss) us Mbappe..
    He showed this under LVG.

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