Should Arsenal take Cristiano Ronaldo on a six-month loan?

Arsenal record this season has been nothing short of spectacular, with just one draw and one defeat in our 13 League games this season. We don’t seem to have trouble scoring goals any more, which has been our biggest problem in recent years.

The good thing is that we have scored 33 goals, which is only 7 less than free-scoring Man City, and we have conceded three less than the Champions, so our goal difference is looking extremely healthy, BUT we do have a problem with the goal haul of our centre-forward Gabriel Jesus, who has contributed only 5 to our numbers.

Many readers are clamouring for Arsenal to buy an out and out goalgetter in January to partner Jesus, especially as Nketiah has not quite seemed able to fill that role so far.

Now it looks like we have a great opportunity to persuade Cristiano Ronaldo to come to us on loan from Man United, as it looks like he has burnt his final bridge with Ten Hag and is very unlikely to play another game for the Reds. Of course the interview that sealed his fate with United was with the arch Arsenal fan Piers Morgan, and the pundit appears to have suggested that Arsenal would be a great fit for the multiple Balon D’Or winner.

“Gabriel Jesus needs a scoring partner next to him, and Jesus’ heat map is so outrageous,” Morgan told talkSPORT Breakfast.

“He [Jesus] covers so much ground, actually what we [Arsenal] need is a fox in the box, a world class player with bags of experience, who has won everything, and to help us get over the line.

“I can think of somebody – Cristiano Ronaldo!

“I would take him for six-months in a heartbeat, and this idea of that Ronaldo can’t suddenly play football, I’m sorry, it’s laughable.”


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    Even the question is ridiculous, let alone the expectation that SOME WILL ALWAYS HAVE , THAT THIS NONSENSE QUESTION CONTAINS ANY TRUTH IN IT.



  2. I was listening to PM this morning and he is by all accounts a chum of Ronaldo.
    No thanks on the Ronaldo suggestion by Morgan but I can’t deny that Ronaldo has been a truly amazing player with a season or so left in him. The ego would be a bit of a problem for Arsenal who over the last two seasons have been doing their best to offload that element

  3. Can Admin Pat be banned from his own site for this outrageous and insulting suggestion/question? No more prima donna, has-beens please

  4. No. His antics at Man Utd recently make Aubameyang look like a saint.

    This side is built on the foundations of squad harmony, Ronaldo would be the rotten apple that spoils the barrel.

    1. Yes – that’s what I meant when I said Pat was a genius in a post on a previous article. Sometimes they put up an article on a contentious subject, designed to get lots of people posting (even if most posters are angrily dismissing the idea being put forward).

      But if you run a web site like this you have to keep putting up articles for discussion, even if sometimes they’re a bit off-piste – it’s just a starter-for-ten to get some debate going.

      [Of course, all that meaning was totally lost on the whinging small-brained schoolboy(s) around these parts who can only read everything at face value.]

  5. If we’re really serious about winning the league, CR7 is exactly the striker we need up front to complement Jesus….no doubt. The big challenge, however, is getting him to check his ego at the door and trust the Arteta process. Besides, he has to start wearing his big-boy pants and stop behaving like a jackass.

    1. I don’t agree. The reason Ten Hag doesn’t want to play him is because MU now play a pressing game and Ronaldo’s just too old for it, he hasn’t got the stamina.

      We play that way too, which is one reason younger players are an advantage – and also a reason why Ronaldo would be a disaster at Arsenal as much as has been at MU. Do we want to lose 4-0 to Bournemouth?

      All that’s aside from the ego issues, which could destroy this squad’s carefully-nurtured sense of togetherness.

  6. Arsenal’s will be having hard time since at the moment there is team spirit i don’t want our manager and players to get hardtime Arteta is still young to be stressed by 37yrs player not for arsenal , since wenger why do u want our manager and we funs to be stressed while we are smelling to be champions

  7. As much as I don’t like man u Ronaldo will boost our going forward and scoring chances will increase considerably. He is a goal poacher and clinical finisher. Recent man u could not offer him any chance in attacking third of which our would do conveniently. On loan will be a good deal

  8. All that work building a better culture would be thrown away the second arteta does something Ronaldo doesn’t like. CR would start trying to make his power moves and then throwing his toys out the pram when it doesn’t work, just as he’s doing now. Why would he respect arteta’s decision to bench him when he doesn’t respect ten haag’s?
    He thinks he’s bigger than utd, and I’ve no doubt he thinks he’s bigger than arsenal.
    He should adopt a bit of humility and go back to Sporting to see if he can raise them up a bit – only worry is he’ll throw tantrums if they can’t win competitions, but at least he’ll play..

  9. Arsenal is the best team in the premier league of this season congrats to all fans and great Mike arteta for your good job on the Gunnar’s try to bought mudryk makhaylo

  10. So that history will credit Ronaldo for all our young players hard work this season, if we won the league. No thank you.

    1 ego ego ego too much
    2. Will kill our team work Ronaldo only care about himself
    3. Can’t press

      1. Would he kill our team work? Would he press? Questions you ignored from Savage. Could we lose the league having signed him in Jan? My question. Know the conditions I’d have Ronaldo under but doubt he’d agree to them particularly the wage cut but even the role expected after that.

  11. No, not at all!
    He will come with his mentality of being big and very important more than other players which will disorganise the unity among the players, the love to help and support each other, the team spirit that we have and when all is done, the next thing is to start losing every single game like he has done to Manchester United. I believe Manchester United has got what it takes to win each and every game they play but because of the Ronaldos who think he’s bigger than the club, they are unable. So, arsenal doesn’t need his services in anyway

  12. I will take Ronaldo on the following terms on 6-month loan to us

    Man, U cover ALL his wages right up until the last cent.
    He trains away from the whole team even the under 12’s under 15’s and the second team and OfCourse the first team.
    he does not communicate with any of the team coaching staff or anyone for that matter.
    I can play him any position even back up goalkeeper or cover for Party when he gets injured.

    then and only then I will take Ronaldo.
    ooh last but not least we as Arsenal take all of Marketing pounds.

    and i thank you!

    1. He wouldn’t play Nketiah’s role and frankly in the prem Nketiah has been awesome off the bench 9 times out of 10 as the expression goes. Pressing, hustling not looking for the glory goal (bear in mind we by some margin have led games for the most minutes in the prem this year more than the invincibles at this stage too.)

  13. As far as Iam concern Ronaldo can add nothing on arsenal football club thought he is a world class player

  14. I know Ronaldo is a good player but is not the type of player whom I would say Arsenal should buy. Why?? He feels bigger than his employers and club. He has talent yes but is not a team player.
    I am afraid, employing him will sow a very bad seed in the team that will be difficult to uproot in future.

  15. Simple
    It’s Arsenal Vs man city and a chance falls to either Ronaldo or Eddie Nketiah
    Who you choosing ?

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