Should Arsenal take risks with team for Watford clash?

Even though Arsenal would normally expect to beat our next Premier League opponents Watford, or at least be fairly confident about it even though it is an away game, we would still expect Arsene Wenger to prepare for the match with some degree of caution in his tactics, rather than sending the players out with the intent of all out attack.

I am not sure that he can afford to do that this time though, because a draw will simply not be good enough for Arsenal to take into the first international break of the season. It is a bit unlucky for us the way that the early fixtures have fallen, but with Man United facing Hull City next week, Chelsea at home to Burnley and Man City going to West Ham, I think we can expect at least two of our big three rivals to head into the break on maximum points.

So if Arsenal only get a point we will be seven points adrift already, not to mention the fact that we would be yet to win an EPL match this season. That is why I think the manager needs to take risks in his team selection and go heavy on the creative and attacking side of things.

For me that would mean starting with both Ozil and Cazorla behind a front three of Alexis Sanchez, Walcott and Giroud, while giving licence to Bellerin and Monreal to get forward or maybe even starting with Kieran Gibbs on the left.

This is no time to be cautious because needs must and Arsenal cannot afford to be seven points behind our rivals at this early stage. But will the Gunners come out firing against the Hornets or will the disappointing start to the season continue?


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    1. We HAVE to win the next game, so that at least the fans get behind the team, otherwise the atmosphere at the stadium would be toxic! My suggested team:

      Bellerin – Holding – Koscielny – Monreal
      Xhaka – Cazorla
      Oxlade – Ozil – Sanchez

      Subs: Ospina, Chambers, Gibbs, Coquelin, Elneny, Wilshere, Walcott

  1. in my opinion the Watford game is no different from Licter thy are very hard to break.
    i saw how Chelsea Struggle this weekend.
    i want be surprise if we fell to get all 3point.
    However Wenger Should make same Change upfront, may be play Wilsher at RW
    and bring Girud and Ozil ,

    Bellerin Holding Kos Monreal

    Xhaka Cazorla
    Wilsher. Ozil. Sanchez

  2. Xhaka, Wilsher ,Ozil Cazorla Very Gifted passe,rs and We can Control position.
    till We sign new Striker we should relay on
    our midfield to Score the Goal.

  3. Don’t worry Bob, the big boys will drop some points next week!

    Wenger is now admitting the interest in Mustafi and is hopeful of a deal being struck soon.
    Yet, Valencia have confirmed that their player has been included in their squad, to play on Monday night.

    Confused? …. Yes, you should be.

  4. Man City bought Nolito. He has 2 goals already. Man United Bought Zlatan. He has 3 goals already. Chelsea bought Batsuayi. He scored one goal. Our major rivals all bought strikers. I would prefer we buy Chicharito than not buying any body at all. Giroud alone won’t win us the league. it is not rocket science. We need a different kind of player upfront.

  5. Screw attacking Football this week, Park the God damn bus… Holding will get eaten alive by Deeney and Ighalo , Koscielny can’t do everything, Bellerin isn’t his usual self.. Go for route one football players the long ball into Giroud or try get them on the counter attack its our only option.

  6. A striker is more needed than a centre back in my eyes, holding is quality and can only improve but the way we look lost up front is beyond a joke we spent most of the game dancing on the corner flag tbh I hate to even say it but I would take back rvp without even thinking twice he’s the only quality striker wenger can buy with his penny’s and at least he knows where the goal is

    1. The problem was not the wingers.they reached that position and know its useless to cross so they pass player trust sancez uptop am sure even himself is wondering whats a league like pl all strikers need to be able to hold a defender and outmuscle them,i fear sanchez is more a dribbler and tricky player(okay he got some bite but not as a striker only as a winger).how we played againts leic if u had given us 2 days we could not still hve scored.its when ozil came on that all of a sudden we start seeing the light to goal.both forwards and backwards something is wrong

    2. Just another gooner, about six weeks ago I suggested on here that rvp, could be an option. Loads of thumbs down and adverse comments. You seem to have got a more positive response. Perhaps it now is a case of any port in a storm.

  7. Wenger should have made all his major signings before the season started
    With at least a CB and a striker (im not talking about Holding and Asano-who can’t play this season).

    If we get Mustafi, that’s great but we still need GOALS. Giroud and Theo won’t get us enough. Alexis will score some goals but he isn’t a CF

    With Lacazette ruling himself out, the only possibilities seem like Icardi and Hernandez but I don’t see Wenger doing anything after Mustafi

    Another disappointing summer

    1. Inter have new cash rich chinese owners who are going to put money in to the club. Why would they sell their top goalscorer, icardi.

  8. Who knows, year after year it gets harder to predict and defences get meaner especially when they face Arsenal. Hpoefully our players will start to click into gear and up the pace or find themselves in their new positions (Sanchez) we’ll just have to wait and see who Wenger selects for the job and if they can carry it out to win the points.

  9. I don’t know y we shud expect another team to loss in our favour. Wit Wenger in charge AFC is going no whr. By d tym we loss like 3games n draw 2 we shall know dr is fire on d montain .

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