Should Arsenal take the opportunity to replace Arteta with Nuno Santo?

Nuno Espirito Santo is leaving Wolves after four years at the helm, according to BBC.

The Portuguese manager joined them in 2017 when they were in the English Championship.

He helped them gain promotion at the first time of asking and they also reached the Europa League group stages on their return to the Premier League.

This hasn’t been the best of seasons for them as they will probably finish outside the top ten, but Santo remains one of the highest-rated managers in the game.

The former goalkeeper was on the radar of Arsenal when they looked for a replacement for Unai Emery.

They eventually settled for Mikel Arteta, but the Spaniard doesn’t have the pedigree that Santo has and his first full season at Arsenal hasn’t been the best.

Santo won the Championship with Wolves in 2018 and has won at least three Premier League Manager of the Month awards. 

He will get a new club to manage in no time, wouldn’t you want that to be Arsenal?

Santo may not have won any trophies in England’s top flight, but he has done a great job at Wolves and might be the manager who takes Arsenal to the next level.

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  1. jon fox says:

    Emphatically, NO! And it will not be happening either, for stone cold certain!

    1. Mark Lankester says:

      NO NO NO NO NO and a 1000 times NO.

  2. hans andersson says:

    Diego Simeone. That would be boring, boring, but we could win EPL.

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      Simone also will need time to build a good squad ….

  3. gotanidea says:

    No. Nuno Santo has collected his compatriots to build his clique at Wolves, yet he’s unable to achieve anything in EPL

    If his Portuguese team has regressed, let alone handling a more multinational team like Arsenal

  4. Grandad says:

    A complete non starter.

  5. Reggie says:

    No Rafa Benitez for me!

    1. TexMex says:

      American Ted Lasso for me!

    2. ozziegunner says:

      👍 Or Lucien Favre.

  6. MartinelliTheBench says:

    I like Nuno but definitely not. I think he found his perfect formula at Wolves and has the perfect players. I just don’t see him being able to repeat what he did at Wolves

  7. Almaria says:

    certainly not, ridiculous.

    Leave Arteta alone, and let him do his job.

    1. Logic says:

      Leave Arteta alone and let him do his job which is to make sure we finish in championship next season 😆😂

  8. Stephanie says:

    We can do better

  9. Declan says:

    Next article: Should Arsenal take the opportunity to replace Arteta with Sam Allardice?

    1. Gunner22 says:

      The time for Sam will come when we are languishing in 19th spot due to the acts of omission by Mikel. Back and forth passing, buying irrelevant players, etc is leading us there.From top 2 to top 4 to top 6 to top 10, we are slowly and surely heading towards Sam to rescue us to top 17

  10. kev says:

    The only reason why many still support Arteta is simply because of hope. They believe he has potential to be a great coach and that all this strife could have a fairytale ending where he’d go on to win many trophies with the club. Many choose to hide this reason from this place and hide behind our players being poor and other reasons but deep down I know that is what many of those who support him think. Well he’s here for next season so lets see how it goes. He lost us the Europa this season just like Emery did in the final opting to go for a three back and not playing Iwobi when it was obvious he should’ve started. I’ll be looking next season to see if he’s fully learnt from his amateurish errors and can take us forward.

    1. ozziegunner says:

      👍 The players lost the Europa League final.

    2. Highbury Hero says:

      Kev real fairy tales have grim endings. Only the ones tailored for the children have happy endings.

      1. ozziegunner says:

        HH, no doubt about it, real European fairy tales were fairly dark and “Grimm”; certainly not stories to tell children at bedtime.

  11. Mr chen says:

    Definitely not!!!but i will not mind Pedro Neto at Arsenal thou😁

    1. Kedar says:

      I would Love to see Raul Jimnez as well

      1. Eddie SA says:

        Bielsa of Leeds, together with Rafinha and Bamford would be a far better option.

  12. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin says:

    This is intimidating, ridiculous, annoying and blasphemous. For, will the Portuguese coach Nuno Santo be an improvement to Mikel Arteta for Arsenal to move us forward to the next level of becoming winners, if he is hired to replace the Spanish coach?

  13. Sean Williams says:

    If Leicester City don’t get into The Champions League and we really pursue Brendan Rogers, we could get him. We should really go for him and make him our first choice.

    1. Logic says:


    2. Bogere twahah says:

      Yes nuno may come to arsenal and make some wonders.

    3. Loose Cannon says:

      if he cannot get LC into top 4 how will he get us into the top 4.Their players are poles apart to the dross and sick notes we have barring 3-4 youngsters.

    4. Marty says:

      Everyone keeps saying how Leicester have recruited better than us and have better players than us but Rodgers may still not get them in the top 4 so how is it certain that he would with our players.

  14. Singing Camel says:

    Can’t summon up the energy to write at length BUT inexperienced manager dealing with Covid, imbalanced squad, very few quality players, fixture pile ups(limited rest), poor culture, players on big wages and not performing(I accept Willian is completely on Arteta and Edu)…………….. so much to sort out, and yes, the season has been disappointing BUT experienced managers like Ancelotti, Mourinho have done no better.
    We moved the young players in and the second half of the season has started to look better and the future looks good.
    We need a fantastic Summer recruitment wise to support the core group of good players and some patience. It would also be helpful for fans to recognise that we are miles behind personnel wise(certainly when it comes to Squad depth) and until this is addressed over time there’s no point calling for Arteta’s head. Give him time to get the players with poor attitudes out the door and work with a far bigger pool of players.

    1. Logic says:

      So in short you want us to be like city or PSG? So we provide him with all the top quality players then what is his role then? Any one can win the league may be not empatheticaly like pep but yes any one can win the league or finish in top 2 with city squad. Hell Arteta has world class players in form of Auba, Partey even Willian all proven players before they came under the management of Mr Arteta. Why do you guys make COVID as an excuse? It’s not like only Arsenal went through COVID times every club did so it makes the playing field same for everyone. Even if it was not pendamic we would have finished in same place as other clubs would not have taken the same hit as we did as well because of pandemic. Poor culture? What poor culture? You mean finishing in champions League or EL every year going to finals of EL finishing 6th and winning FA cup that’s the poor culture you are talking about? If 3 proven year in year our players do not perform under a manager then it’s mean the issue if with the manger not these players who have been performing on top level for years before you say who, take a look at Auba, Partey, Willian. So your logic is players who have proven track record of years at highest level are to blame but not the unproven manage who has notbproved that he can get best out of these players and youngsters as well. What quality does Areta posses can you explain? He handled most of youngsters badly, he made wonrg tactical choices and team selection at crucial times of season, he has failed to get best out of experienced players, his own loan players which brought to the club do not want to stay I can go on and on. What has he brought to the table?

      1. ozziegunner says:

        Good thing Mikel Arteta is an ex Arsenal player and his name isn’t Unai Emery.

    2. Rotimi says:

      Just imagine the nonsense written by this guy??? COVID struck only at the Emirates and not at Leicester City who won the FA cup?

      Arteta brought in Cedric! Guess what? He has ruined him already and the guy won’t be going to the Euros with Portugal because Arteta froze him out after a single bad game playing out of position!!! Have you heard the name Saliba before? He was canceled after a single game!!!

      That is the fellow you defend and want to give more time???

    3. Skills1000 says:

      We have a big squad. A big Sqaud depth. We are not miles behind personnel wise.

      Central defense: Gabriel, Mavropanus, Holding, Mari

      Right Back: Chambers, Cedric

      Left Back: Tierney(AMN as backup)

      Central Midfield: Elneny, Xhaka, Partey, Willock, AMN

      Attacking Midfield: Pepe, Nelson, Willian,
      Smith Rowe, Saka. (We need to make Odegaard move permanent or go for Nabil Fekir)

      Strikers: Martinelli, Aubameyang, Lacazette, Nketiah, Balogun(5). We should sell Nketiah to give room for Balogun

      Things we need to do in the summer

      1. Replace Arteta

      2. Sign Odegaard on a permanent basis(If RM dont want to sell, then get Fekir)

      3. Send Ceballos back to Real Madrid

      4. Recall Willock and AMN(He should play in midfield and left back positions as a backup to Tierney. He also has to work on his passing game. He has the energy to run)

      5. Sell Bellerin, Guendouzi, Nketiah and One of Aubameyang or Lacazette(We need to give more game times to Balogun and Martinelli next season)

      6. Bring back Aaron Ramsey (He gets you goals from midfield. A 2 year deal is not a bad idea)

      1. towny 254 says:

        Ramsey IS INJURY PRONE

  15. kev says:

    Too many pathetic excuses. At least just accept he hasn’t been good this season and that’s its down on him. He cost us the Europa by using a false 9 and has made many amateurish decisions in his time. We must be fans but blind support is just awful. You’ve raised some issues about where he was at fault but that was more of a way to balance out where you blamed the squad, covid and the like. Logically there is more reason for him to be sacked than there isnt. Like you I want him to do well and will be supporting him. Btw Ancelotti is with Everton which is a small club and Mou’s style at the top only works with lots of world class players.

  16. Singing Camel says:

    I think there’s a hell of a lot to try and rectify without having any time on the training pitch-and having to play young players far more than you’d want to because the back up options are terrible.
    Granted the Europa performance was abysmal and that is on Arteta 100%.
    Yes, I still maintain with better players and more time to Coach them the situation will continue to improve.
    If we make tonnes of defensive errors and receive lots of red cards next season I am happy to hold my hand up and give Arteta more stick. But right now I am relaxed. We are a million miles away personnel wise and so it is pointless expecting much more than a run at the Champions League spots (3/4th) for the foreseeable regardless of who is at the helm.

    1. kev says:

      That is precisely my point. At this point it is all hope rather than evidence. We’ve got to support him well in the transfer window so he can have a proper go at the EPL.

      1. Logic says:

        So we have already supported him well enough in last transfer window even it was pendamic you guys want club to spend more on the failed project and manager? How does that make sense? Then it will take us good 3-4 years to clear out his dead wood. This squad is definitely top 4 squad, players not performing well is all down to Arteta. I still maintain under a good manager we would have finished in top 4, because we have similar squad to United. Licester and spuds squad is not better then us. Chelsea had so many new players coming into the team who were actually new to EPL as well. So we had a good advantage. I am amazed how ppl think this squad was mid table squad when we had one of the most lethal forward line with world class striker in Auba, excellent youngsters who proved themselves last season in form of Saka and Martenelli, experience EPL players in Willian and Luiz. Good defenders in Mari, Gabi, Holding, Saliba, Tierney. Then a midfield of Partey , Xhaka, Cebollos, Ordegard, ESR, MG, Willock etc etc no way we were a bad squad and add to that till January we had Ozil as well. It’s all Arteta’s fault for Mishandling youngsters, prefering out of form players over performing players just because of his egobti prove a point, bad team selection and tactics. How can ppl take this season with any positives when this is the worst season we had in 20-30 years. Ppl should stop quoting useless stats like 2nd in 23 games. It’s like you fail an exam of 100 marks by scoring 20 but beat your chest for solving the most difficult question which carried 20 marks how is that an achievement? When final result is you failed.

        1. kev says:

          I am not a fan of patheitc excuses. I am saying there is no concrete evidence for which people say Arteta should not be sacked. Its all based on hope than evidence which is what I’m saying. Now he won’t be sacked at least until next season so all I can do is to support and hope he somehow turns it around or simply hope if he fails he doesn’t fail so bad that it would take another season to recover. So he must be supported in the transfer window.

  17. Logic says:

    Our board would never sack Arteta even if we were relegated because they don’t want to pay out a manager by ending his contract. This short sightedness will cause them more finencial harm in future then what they should have endured getting rid of Areta and his crew to being in a more experienced proven manager. So this is the big plan by our owner to make us great once again by sticking with a failed manager and project just because he does not have to pay out. Indeed the future is bright specially with some pockets of fans thinking we have progressed and will do good next season. If I was the owner of club I would be at ease beacuse I would know how low some of the fans expect from the club and how easy it is to satisfy them. You want club to successful then you need to demand succes and strive for it if you are satisfied with this failure year after year then things only go down hill not uphill. By the way being optimistic does not mean you have to be blind and completely ignore reality.

  18. Prof.Wenger says:

    I don’t see Arteta leaving soon, if so I’m not sure about the available but probably Benitez is one option at this point.

  19. The-Real-Vieira-Lynn-4ever says:

    Our best managerial option is Gasperini, as his tactical philosophy is both inventive and expansive, yet he’s not so stubborn that he won’t make adjustments depending the opposition’s strengths and weaknesses; not to mention, our current roster is somewhat readymade for just such a transition…maybe he would even bring a few valuable pieces with him, like Gosens, Ilicic, Malinovskyi, Hateboer, Zapata or even Muriel

    from a player management standpoint, he definitely wouldn’t put up with any unnecessarily divisive locker room hijinks, which was made crystal clear when he sent Papu Gomez packing in January, even though he had 2-3 glorious seasons with the captain’s armband no less

    he likewise ticks all the right financial and recruitment boxes, as he’s had considerable success with a much leaner operating budget, while continuing to both develop younger players and resurrect the careers of some more seasoned individuals, who churned out some career years under his tutelage…I would be ecstatic to see what this experienced manager could do with our current squad, after a few player personnel tweaks and a much-needed tactical overhaul

  20. Skills1000 says:

    One thing i know is, If Arteta is the manager of Arsenal Football Club next season, we wont make top 5.
    This is not about signing quality players. We have quality players.

    We have Smith Role, Willock, Saliba, Mavropanus, Partey, Pepe, Lacazette, Tierney, Aubameyang and Saka. This is a big squad here.

    We always criticize Kroenke. It was not Kroenke who decided to take off Aubameyang in a crucial game against Villareal. It was not Kroenke who played Xhaka at left back thereby weakening the midfield.
    Arteta should be sacked after the final game of the season
    We have a manager who plays Saka at right wing back, left wing back, left back, left forward, right forward till he gets worn out.

    That squad had no business losing to Villareal.

    Replace Arteta with the Atalanta coach Gian Piero Gasperini.

    Arteta should leave the club this weekend.

    It is not rocket science.

    Ranieri was sacked a season after leicester won the EPL.

    Di Matteo was sacked by Chelsea the season after winning them the champions league.

    Someone has to pay for that europa league exit. And it should be the manager. No emotions. Football has evolved. it is about what you can do now. If you dont deliver, you get the sack.

  21. Sean Williams says:

    Arteta has a bad Character behind his self gloryfication. His latest spat with Cedric shows a dark resentful background. Not the hall mark of a manager who gets players onside and who will play their hearts out for him. Too much ego not enough love for his players.

    1. Skills1000 says:

      Hi Sean, was there a recent spat between Arteta and Cedric? I have not seen Cedric play in recent times. i thought he was injured. One problem with these young managers is they think they know it all. they think they have to impose themsekves on the players as a way of getting the respect they deserve

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