Should Arsenal take risk on Draxler transfer?

We really have no idea if the Arsenal transfer rumours linking us with a possible late swoop for the Schalke and Germany star Julian Draxler are based on truth. The Gunners have been linked with the talented young German for years now but that does not necessarily make it so.

The Mirror is linking us with Draxler again, getting it’s news from a well known Italian football website. Draxler was supposedly close to a transfer to the Serie A champions Juventus this summer, but they have not offered enough money. It is not as if he is particularly expensive either, with the report claiming that he could be available for about £21 million. And although he may not be the out and out centre forward that many think we need, he is another attacking option and has the versatility to play almost any forward position.


That is definitely in our price range and would surely be a price that appealed to the tight (or careful) Arsene Wenger. The thing holding back the Arsenal boss could be Draxler’s recent injury record, which saw the attacking player miss most of last season and the end of the previous one.

The Gunners really do not need any more injury problems, but if there is an opportunity to get a brilliant young player on the cheap, it could be worth taking the risk. He has started this season well, scoring a goal and playing the whole of Schalke’s two Bundesliga games so far.

Should Arsenal make our move?

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    1. The only reason Julian isn’t coming is because he isn’t world class. Sure he is a good player but he needs a lot of work. He is miles behind De bruyne who by the way wasn’t good enough for chelsea a year ago. That’s probably mourinhoe’s fault but still.

  1. why do we want another injury prone player ??

    and when he goes injured we have to sign another player to cover him…

      1. The next RVP?
        I hope not.
        Seven injury blighted years,
        one good season then sold.
        Turn him into the next Pires, Bergkamp
        or Henry and we can do business 🙂

  2. at this point yes i would take him and any good DM for backup. if you still expect a Lewandoski/Cavani transfer at this point you need to be flogged out of your dream. this is what wenger brought upon us, we gotta face it

    1. Every top club in Europe has spent big money on a WC striker at some point in their history, even Man City. But Arsenal are somehow the only ones to have never bought a real WC forward. Henry and RVP were bought as wingers, we haven’t actually bought a big name striker to walk straight into our first XI. WHY IS WENGER MAKING US LOOK SMALL ???

  3. Should we give break to writers on this site. As nothing is there to write so we are forced to read non sense articles. Please take break and wait for tomorrow’s match.

  4. Famous words from Friends Ross when out of words with a hot chicken. …” say some words. …any word Will do”.
    Well…..”any y transfer will do”

  5. We need a world class CF and solid DM – and we only have enough money for one expensive purchase (40-50M) per season.
    Draxler is only attractive because he is much cheaper now not because we need him at all, knowing Arsenal track record, we should avoid injury prone technical player when we can.
    We must NOT let our frustration turning into desperation for any signing.
    If the money is not spent this summer it can be spent in the winter – possibly on the new emerging star that show up during the first 1/2 half of the season.

  6. People here are hoping for cavani but i really doubt that.
    Gotze is the only one i feel can happen
    And honestly i would take him in a heartbeat. He can dribble, create chances and most importantly he can shoot which our midfield is shy of.pep is ruthless so cl draw wont make any impact on this transfer

  7. As an AKB, I think Wenger knows best. Therefore we must sign Kim Kallstrom again. 😀
    Thank you Wenger. From your greatest AKB… 🙂 🙂

  8. Julian is young and talented but we have too much wingers in our desposal all we need is a striker somebody that can support olivier giroud perhaps if none wc striker is coming i guess draxler is a good option/buy @coyg

  9. Hey. I think it’s only Arsene that can’t see any good player anywhere in the world in a whole year. He wasn’t watching matches, even when we play other teams, he was only watching our players. That’s why he has not been changing tactics when we are not doing well in a match. Since he watched 2014 world cup and bought Sanchez, he is waiting for 2018 world cup to see good players. Remember Cech he has bought was not actually playing a lot in the past one year. Forget, fellow fans, we ain’t getting any new player if Arsene will be in charge this coming week. A win today, he will say that we are there close to title.

  10. Gotze Draxler?
    We have Ozil Cazorla
    Sanchez Walcott Wellbeck
    Oxlade Ramsey Wilshere Gnabry Campbell Sanogo
    Rosicky Iwobi Adelaide Zelalem Crowley Wellington.
    If you buy Draxler and or Gotze you are
    telling a lot of players they are useless and saying
    you are useless as well for buying and then not developing them.
    I thought Arsenal was all about developing
    from within or is that just Bulls#it
    pedaled to youngsters from this country.
    You can make the academy but never make it any further at Arsenal.

  11. Wenger is a specialist in failure.

    if we should win today which I expects ,,,,,then no transfer for us. the man is a dead goat hence does not fear a knife .

  12. Arsenal need a defensive midfielder and a striker not another sick note.

    In fact, Arsenal need another manager more than any player and not someone who repeats the same mistakes every year. Insanity is, as they say repeating the same things and hoping for a different outcome.

    Arsenal desperately need a change…

  13. Draxler is a bit part player, a fringe player, non-established player, a player who is not guaranteed a starting place in any team …. therefore not World Class.

    Will he bring something to Arsenal we haven’t already got? Exactly, so Draxler ticks no boxes at all.

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