Should Arsenal try and win the Europa League?

There are many people who think that Arsenal are not going to finish in the top two places in our Champions League Group, with two defeats to the minnows plus a double header against Bayern Munich coming up very soon.

But we have every chance of finishing in third spot which would give us a wild card entry into the lesser Europa League. Some of us, including the outspoken Arsenal fan Piers Morgan, would prefer that we finished bottom and dropped out of European football altogether, and so are left to concentrate on the Premier League instead.

Morgan said: “The sad reality is that this Champions League campaign is all but over,”

“I think we will be beaten by Bayern Munich at least once, probably twice in the space of a couple of weeks, and that will be it.

“It will be the worst Champions League exit for a number of years for Arsenal and confirms my view that things are not as rosy as the Wenger-brigade would like to have it.

“But there is the point, that many Arsenal fans have found out, that we don’t want to finish third and end up in the Europa, a second tier competition.

“Actually, if we are out of that, we might have a chance of winning the Premier League.”

I totally disagree with him. Most of us know in our hearts that we cannot win the Champions League at this time, but there is the opportunity for our reserves to take us a long way n the Europa, which would still leave our first team fresher to give their energy to our League games. It may be considered a lower status competition but surely it would great to have another European trophy in the cabinet after all these years.

Who agrees?

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  1. I would like us to beat bayern at least once, but in their current form i don’t see that happening. Lets grow wild in the league and further into Europa. Coyg

  2. No. Europa League is for teams like Liverpool, Spuds.

    I’d rather not play an inferior League and concentrate on PL and FA Cup if we can’t play CL

    That said. We will beat Bayern easily in both matches. NO PROBLEM

    1st Match: Arsenal win 3-0
    2nd Match: Arsenal win 3-2

    1. I actually believe we can beat Bayern but it all depends on whether our squad believes in themselves or not. Bellerin is good enough, Moneral is good enough, Koscielny had Messi in his pocket when we faced Barca a few years ago and Gabriel is a TANK. And let’s not forget we have LE COQ ! And Bayern’s defence are nowhere near Chelsea’s, have you ever seen a defender keep Walcott in their pocket ? I haven’t. Doubt anyone can keep Sanchez and Walcott quiet at the same time…

  3. Who say man no dey? Arsenal will beat baryen Munich at home. Arsenal will win all matches onwards. Arsenal is the team to watch at local and Europe. There’s no reason not to succeed.

    UP GUNNERS! !!!!!!!

    1. For Arsenal there is a reason they will not succeed..Wenger 🙁 🙁 🙁

      1. Arsenal 109 years from 1886 to 1995:
        28 trophies.
        Arsenal 19 years from 1996 to 2015 with Arsene Wenger:
        15 trophies.

        Facts. ….

  4. What I Europa League? I guess it must be some kind of European Micky Mouse trophy for losers
    like the League Cup. More committees, more profit?

  5. I don’t understand all this one we will get revenge on the other 2 clubs and I think we can hold BM at Arsenal for a draw. And you never no we could get a win at home ? Why not. Remember BM are there anyways so what makes PM think BM will play his best team. Keep the faith Arsenal fans keep the faith


    1. You’ve got to beat the best to win this trophy. I see no reason for Arsenal to panic, if they do then it means they never deserved to be in CL in the first place.

  6. Win 1 game against bayern and we are back into it. Coz I don’t see other two teams taking any points out of BM, which will give them a maximum of 9 points or less defending of results against each. Provided that we take our revenges.

  7. If were in it… we win it, Europa or Champions league!! Honestly 3rd place looks likely because Bayern looks delicious atm but if we can win the 1st game then you never know stranger things have happend in football.

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