Should Arsenal try to tempt Chelsea boss Conte to replace Wenger?

Former Arsenal midfielder Stewart Robson has claimed that Antonio Conte would be the ideal  fit to replace Arsene Wenger as manager, adding that he doesn’t believe Henry is ready to take on the top job.

Thierry Henry threw his hat in for the job this week, saying he would be ‘interested’ in the job, but Stewart Robson claims that he isn’t the right man, and that he doesn’t read the game well enough to take on the role.

“I don’t think Thierry Henry has got the experience,” Robson said. “When I listen to him on TV, I don’t think he reads the game particularly well. He’s getting better on his punditry, but I don’t think he’s the right man for the job at the moment.

“He needs more experience. He needs to go and coach at a lower level. Yes I know he’s coaching the forwards for the Belgium team, but that’s a totally different role to being a head coach. As head coach you’ve got to come up with a game plan, you’ve got to manage the players. You’ve got to do all the jobs that you need to do to be a top-class manager, and I don’t think he has the experience or the know-how to do that at the moment.”

Robson added that Zinedine Zidane’s success despite a lack of experience has to be taken with context, claiming he needed to do very little in his role to maintain themselves.

“Zidane was taking over a team with some of the best players in the world. He didn’t need to change [tactics] or a game plan,” Robson said. “What he’s done is manage very experienced players, and he did it well for two years.

“Now we’re seeing, when they’re struggling, he can’t change it. He hasn’t got a game plan to make them perform better. And that would be the problem with Thierry Henry going to Arsenal. Arsenal need a total revamp of the coaching system.”

The former Gunner moves to name Chelsea’s Antonio Conte as the man who we should target for the role, with the Italian highly speculated to be leaving his job in the near future.

“Conte is a brilliant manager,” Robson said. “When he goes into a football club, and if he went into Arsenal, he’d make sure the players did what he wanted them to do. … They would know exactly what their roles in the side are. And that doesn’t happen at Arsenal at the moment. He’d be a great fit at Arsenal.”

Would Conte be a great successor to Wenger? Could we persuade him to move across London?

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  1. Whatever Robson said, I would do the opposite.
    Never got over being sacked by the club.
    a bitter man just like Merson.
    Only my views of course.

    1. Well put ken merson is bitter even when we win they just like tjere names in spot light so they make absurd claims as this like conte for wenger man hasnt beaten wenger but once its hilarity just my views as well and to others not saying there isnt a replacement somewhere but not conte and not mourinho

      1. LOL. It’s Wenger’s fault. He has given us restless evenings by the way he is managing our club lol. At this rate I will be blaming Wenger Trump becoming President and chaos in the middle east.

        Seriously, I’ve been having some Insomnia lately

    1. Tuchel maybe a good option but he has a fall out with Mislintat….

      the others mentioned required heavy spending……and Allegri and Ancelloti are pretty much very defensive minded

  2. I think there are quite a few managers out there that would be an improvement over Arsenal’s current manager. I hope they pick well and I also hope they find someone who can locate the talent that the new manager wants for the club and get them signed. That person will be as important as the new manager.

  3. I like Conte and if he’s available he would be a good choice. Neither Henry or Arteta have the experience required to manage Arsenal although of the 2 Henry would be a better choice as the fans would be more patient with him compared to Arteta when it all goes wrong during their first year. We need someone with some energy and enthusiasm, who can transmit that to the players. We also need the board to back him with plenty of transfer funds. We dont need to be the biggest spenders but we do need to be at the races. We have made a profit over the past 2 transfer windows. Thats not a good sign. Our big January deals involved Mik, Auba and Ozil who will all be 29 at the end of this season. Are we really looking to build a new team around 3 players who have a shelf life of 3 to 4 years max?

    1. Conte and Mikel Arteta as asst. If he would leave City of course.
      Mikel has a bit of a temper forged with reason.

  4. The only coach I would really like for Arsenal is Joachim Loew. Very experienced, a proven winner, good at bringing young players through and known for his dynamic attack oriented power play – no dithering tika taka rubbish here! A quote about him: ‘Loew is the tactical mastermind, choosing players proficient with the ball, and corrected for position. He is responsible for the regeneration and integration of stars.’ And most of our so-called ‘stars’ certainly need some freakin’ regeneration!

  5. Most Arsenal fans don’t like Conte’s type of football. He likes a target man holding up the ball. He’s an excellent coach just unlucky that he’s in the prem at the same time of Pep and Mourinho as well as every club getting similar or more than what most Italian top clubs get to spend on players and wages. I think he is more suited to Arsenal on a human basis. Chelsea is not a good choice for a manager unless you’re Pep, look at everything Mour has won but because it’s not also the best football brand they threw him aside. The guy that wins them the CL didn’t even get a fair crack to go from there. Arsenal is a great choice for Conte, he already has a taste for winning and we need that because it won’t come from upstairs. I’d prefer P Vieira like R Parlour has stated, and if he could get Arteta to be his no2, I think that would be the start of something beautiful. Great ages, great people, massive amounts of useful knowledge with both of them being CM players with panoramic views of what a team needs.

  6. We need to Bring a coach in the Mould of Jurgon Klopp.. But right now Arsenal needs huge experienced Coach, some one who can bring that desire among the players . We have good players but they do not have that desire.. I do not know who, but I am preety sure that change of coach will no doubt bring some sort of improvement as Wenger can only takes is back ward… We need some strong and Vocal who the players lesson to like a ring master

  7. Conte vs wenger all time in 8 tries conte has beaten wenger once why would we try to bring someone who cant beat our current manager and that is a testament to our current manager and the only name worth considering out of the few mentioned is joachim loew who i think would do well and klopp vs him would be interesting but conte who cant beat are current manager is this article serious i hope not do people not think depthfully anymore and mourinho would be terrible but i dont mind loew ancellotti certainly i hope not pray not out all the names mentioned people even those who dont like wenger seem to think they will maybe just do as good most think worse but i like loews name i think he would do well and would support his signing

  8. We need a young, enthusiastic, modern manager and I think Thierry, Simoene, Pochetino would do. I don’t know much about Tuchel and I don’t think Jadim or Enrique would do.

  9. Simeone purely on defensive strength on which to build attack and performance at Athetico Madrid in both La Liga and Champions League up against Barcelona and Real Madrid on a comparatively limited budget.

  10. I’d like to say that it’s been a nice ride for me here at JustArsenal but sadly it’s not the same without thumbs up/down anymore, and the site is clearly deteriorating. So regretfully this will be my last post. I’m off to Arseblog. So long, everyone!

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