Should Arsenal use Saliba as bait for Benrahma?

There has been no secret that Mikel Arteta wants to send William Saliba out on loan for this season in order for him to get some more game time. But as the transfer window is closed what will now happen to our latest arrival?

Well for him to get more playing time and get himself back fit and firing he will need to play elsewhere for the season as Arteta seems to think he is not yet up to the level which he should be as he has had major setbacks what with injuries and Covid.

So, for Saliba all is not lost if Arteta still wanted to, and succeeded in, sending him out on loan.

Although the main transfer window has closed, the domestic transfer window is still open and won’t be closing until the 16th October.  Saint Etienne revealed that they had tried and failed to bag Saliba on loan for the season as the necessary paperwork was not completed in time.

Which may have been in Arteta’s plans, as having Saliba play in one of the leagues in England to gain playing time and also experience in playing in England is surely key to the sort of game he wants from him. If Saliba was to move to another team in one of the English leagues, then surely it would give him the key experience he needs to be able to “make it big” in one of the toughest leagues possible.

Another possibility for Saliba would be a loan swap deal and as we reportedly wanted Said Benrahma during the transfer window this may be the key in bagging the Algerian, as a good option would be to do a swap for both Saliba and Benrahma.

This would give Brentford an additional defender and in turn would add another winger to our ranks, a deal that I am sure both parties would not really complain about too much! Would the loan swap deal be a good option for Arsenal Gooners?


Shenel Osman


  1. Not sure Arsenal needs or even wants another winger in Benrahma.
    If Saliba needs a loan to get settled, that shouldn’t be a problem but i’m pretty sure it won’t be to get another player in

  2. I am concerned about Saliba being removed from the “Arsenal family” at this time at 19 years of age. A loan back to St Ettienne would have been ideal. If he goes to a Championship Club, Brentford would be good, given the sound relationship with Arsenal, so that the Club can keep an eye on him. Hopefully Saliba will not feel unwanted and be discouraged.

  3. We don’t need another winger… Saliba should not be loaned, we still have cup games, is Saliba that poor that he can’t even get a cup game?
    We urgently need a creative midfielder, go to Norwich city and get Buendia, it won’t cost much.

  4. Loan him to Norwich and try and do a deal for Arrons or Cantwell, Arrons would solve our right back problem finally , Cantwell is that creative midfielder that we need.

    1. Cuppers, I agree with you that a loan deal to Norwich City would be more advantageous for Arsenal. As well as Max Aarons in my view Emi Buendia is a better midfielder than Can’t well and can also play as a winger.
      If Arsenal has any spare cash, any two of Aarons and a midfielder, would be good business.

  5. Wait until Jan if we have to. Dont just buy a player for little reason. Saliba loan would be good if he is not ready for EPL.

  6. What we urgently still need is a quality attacking central midfielder to create goals, like OZIL once used to do back in mediaeval times! I don’t know if there is one in our EFL of that quality but doubt it. I like Benrahma , but he is a winger and not what we need.
    I like the idea of loaning Saliba out to a EFL club, which makes far more sense than sending him abroad again. Whether we can get a proper top player in exchange though, is unlikely, IMO.

  7. We need all the creativity we can get…If the price tag can be matched then it’s a win win to let Saliba out on loan in England and have Benrahma in…Not bad seeing that a player with that flair would bring fierce competition to some players in that role….Arsenal needs hungry players and I think that Algerian fits into the puzzle.

  8. Saliba out
    Benrahma in
    Winger is poised for a big role
    Saliba would have more playing time.
    I’ll have to say, what are we waiting for….
    Pairing these players no matter how it is would bring out the best of some of them
    Or we could still land Jack Wilshere as that guy always gave arsenal his all…With the right attitude he could get back into the squad up and running

    1. Grey, “Right attitude”? I’d suggest he needs a right body, especially legs, and he does not have those!

      BTW “gave” meaning in the past and “can still give” , are two entirely different matters. At least a realist would think so!

  9. Benrahma could be one of the best players for arsenal at this time creating an opportunity for players like Willian to centralise and hit the opposition running…
    He’s skillful,fast and calculative on the ball,with good vision….The sound of that name should make them buckle up….Bring in players that are poised for trophies…We want great memories afterall

  10. I really would prefer we start using Saliba now. But if it is absolutely necessary for him to go on loan it should be for six months, if possible. If he is so good that we paid 27 million pounds for, how can we be without him for two whole seasons? Why did we deprive him of a cup final in his former club?

  11. Buendia, is well worth chasing up as a CAM, as his statistics are excellent. Also Max Aarons is available as a LB/RB. Both could be picked up from Norwich City for good prices and add value to Arsenal.

  12. We have a packed schedule after the Internationals, so why should Saliba go out on loan, since we will need as many players as possible. I agree to the idea of bringing in Benhramma on loan and Willian can play in the centre or bring in Duendia from Norridge. Also Max Aarons is a good player and a perfect back up for the full back position.

  13. Loan him to Norwich city and get cantwell we dont want him to go out of premier league we need him to adapt this league so that next season to say we have our own Vendight of arsenal he is a great man and I hope next season another invincible dream is coming to us long life our gunners team and fans am ceynte from Kenya once a gooner always a gooner 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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