Should Arsenal use the same tactics against Chelsea in the Final? Or go for them?

Same Tactics For Chelsea? By Dan Smith

After our win over Man City it will be Chelsea in the Final, the same route as when we last won the FA Cup.

If we are honest, Chelsea would have been happy with Saturdays result. Despite Arteta’s rightful praise, they are not going to fear a side in 10th place who they comfortably humiliated in the Europa League in Baku. Yet it will be hard for Lampard to prepare tactically for August 1st.

For over two decades we been used to Arsenal playing one way. Arsenal Wenger had his principles and would believe in his ethos of not sacrificing them, no matter the opposition. In our last two games though we have let our opponents have possession and defended like many thought wasn’t possible.

It is too harsh to say we parked the bus, as it takes more than luck to do what we did against Liverpool and Man City. It takes hours of coaching and man management to get your players to buy into your ideas.
Yet you assume our manager did that based on the opposition?

He’s admitted that he views the Prem top two as ‘levels ahead’ but how would you view the Blues? Yes, they are third and were outstanding on Sunday, but they have equally been guilty of matches where they don’t show up. They have in fact lost two more League games than us, so my opinion is it would be giving them too much respect to let them have the ball.

We have the attacking talent to hurt them. Yet our young Spanish boss might feel ‘why change a system that is working’?

It’s nice that we have become a team where it’s not predictable to the opposite dugout what our approach will be, I guess. We beat a better version of Chelsea the last time we played them at Wembley by taking the game to them, and I still wouldn’t put all our eggs in the defence not making a mistake (as great as they have been recently).

What would you do gooners? Keep what worked this weekend? Or be a tad more positive?

Get your Yellow Ribbons Ready ……we’re going to Wembley!!!!!


  1. It feels like Chelsea are on our level right now even if we are 10th.
    We should be very confident and competitive against them in the final.
    Revenge for the EL final in Baku and they would want their revenge for the 2017 FA cup final.
    No complacency of course.

  2. “In the summer Olympics 2016 the Swedish women football squad bored the world champions USA to death in QF (that is: 2h defending and victory by penalties). The same tactics in SF against the second best team in the tournament, the home favorits Brazil. Swedish manager was the master mind Pia Sundhage and Sweden had reached the olympic final vs Germany. But instead of for a third time using that winning concept, they changed play plan in the last game, the title match – and lost.”
    “No, just that.”
    After watching the boring first 45 between Chelsea and Man United yesterday (noting happened but injuries; Olivier Giroud scorded with a ball who almost stopped at the goal line in the 56th minut of the first half) I don’t think Chelsea is so much to be scared of. Go out and play them!

  3. The chavs have a lot to thank De Gea for 😂😂
    Yes, I’m nervous (always am), but this will be perfect to avenge Baku.. I hope David Luiz has another stormer of a game, just to shut that lot up (after what happened at SB earlier in the season).
    Also, shouldn’t the chavs be worried about us? We have MA now… look at the week we’ve just had… everything appears to have come together…
    Chelsea (& Giroud) we’re coming for you…… COYG

    1. And if not for Sead Kolasianc we would have beaten Morinho as well in that week. Sorry, but I can’t stand Mou and Chelsea.

      1. Oh don’t 😂 that result still hurts….
        I could’ve quite easily throttled Kola after that! We’ll have to wipe that smirk from Maureen’s face next season instead..
        Trust me, I can’t stand them both either!!!

        1. Somehow, Maureen the snake, always gets results against us. Pisses me off to bits Sue, he really does.

          1. Me too, CG… but it won’t last.. our last 2 results have proven records can be broken!! We’ll have him at some point and revel over that smacked arse look on his face… well actually that’s just the norm these days 😂😂😂

    2. That game in Siberia last year was awful. I haven’t seen it – and never will. Playing football in Siberia?! Grotesque! Of course we were bound to lose… -35 degrees.
      If I shall make a confession, I never watch Asn’l live, just downloading the replays (if we won) and then watch. I lack the nervs. To watch all the stupidities during a football game while it is happening, would make me completely mad, or give me a heart attack. And it’s so much nicer to see the game when you know that the boys are winning. You should try it some time. To sit there with a cold beer or a nice cup of tea, enjoying even the worst crimes: the referee’s mistakes, the stupid VAR system that always take away Asn’l goals, all the ugly fouls from the opponents, their unsportmanly ways of cheating (like little Sterling who falls so easily)… When you know that we are winning anyway, you can have a forgiving attitude to your fellow football fan in blue etc – and smile.
      When people say to me: You miss all the exitement if not watching the game live. That’s the main thing of watching sports. Then I answer with my snobbish attitude: the question “who will win” doesn’t interest me, it’s a question for “the swinish multitude” (Burke). I’m more interested in the question “Why”. The analytic point of view. But as I confessed above, I’m lying when I say so. I lack the nervs.

      1. I’ve come very close to having a heart attack on numerous occasions! 😂 Braced on the edge of my seat
        Nibbling nails
        Blowing into a brown paper bag
        Diving behind the sofa
        Frightening my poor dog by screaming at the tv (usually at the ref)
        You’ve got to love live football 😂 I wouldn’t have it any other way!! Although, your way is a lot better healthwise 😂

      2. Baku is in Azerbaijan not Siberia. Azerbaijan is one of the 15 republics that made up the former Soviet Union prior to the 1991 break up of USSR.

  4. We have to stay the same, be compact, and play on the counter. Remember we haven’t got quality CB’s to leave on their own. They need protection.

  5. As long as the assist king is not playing, the cup is ours. Even a seventy year old Arsene Wenger would be a better fit in the midfield than the assist king!(184 games, 54 assists!! ) Better we go into the game as underdogs, it helps on the concentration.

      1. Our mid field general, the ever ready non stop workaholic, game changer, future Ballon D Or winner, Mesut Ozil (184 appearances, 54 assists )

        1. So he as 184 appearances 54. Assists LC ,i might get it tattooed on me unless you want to post it on every article just incase I forget it .

          1. Dan, that sounds funny. Maybe I too get a tattoo for “Player of the year” and other stats which is typed regularly by his band of faithful followers!

        2. Don’t know why you brought up Ozil ?
          Can you give prem statistics of an Arsenal midfielder that are great ?
          We are 10 th mate

  6. I never expected this too soon our chances at European football will be hanging with Chelsea once again when they are looking almost certain to be in Europe

  7. Against Manchester United, Chelsea were gifted two goals by De Gea, so the first thing is that Arsenal must retain its defensive discipline.
    Against Manchester City the Arsenal back line had a height advantage over the opposition forward line. Unfortunately this is not the case for Chelsea against Arsenal. We all know the threat that Olivier Giroud poses, his strength, positional play and heading ability; therefore Arsenal must cut off balls into the box from general play and reduce set pieces and dead ball situations (free kicks and corners).
    Arsenal can’t afford to sit back and absorb pressure, but should be on the front foot, not only looking to counter attack, but also play in Chelsea’s half as much as possible to give the potent forward line as many opportunities as possible.

    1. Ozziegunner Giroud is so underated, Giroud won that Europa league for Chelsea with his beautiful hold up play, 80% of Chelsea attacks on that night came through Giroud hold up and link up play. I just pray our defense will be up for it in the final. Aubamayang and Giroud partnership would have been one of the best in the league, Giroud rarely gets injured so is aubamayang. If we are going to win that match, Mustafi and Luiz will have to have a very good game.

  8. Both sides are likely to play with three at the back.Having beaten Liverpool and Man City the players should be high in confidence , and I see no reason why we cannot win the Cup.Giroud will be a threat , particularly in the air, and in this connection there could be a case for playing Holding rather than Mustafi?

    1. Agree to most of it but not Holding part. Mustafi is very strong in the air, he has his moments but has been very consistent I must say under MA. Even when he was error prone he was still the best defender in league when it came sky battle. He is not talk but my God that guy can leap in the air.

  9. Mustafi the best in the air in the EPL?That is some statement but is it the case? I think you are getting carried away Mohsan.

  10. Is it by coincidence that our defense improved after shoring our midfield with Cabellos. I do see improvement in midfield and defense after the removal of Guendozi and Ozil. The Tots loss was due to individual error of Kolasinac, but overall we played better. Luiz rarely made a mistake for CFC due to the DM cover in front of him. Add AMN and we have a forward moving ball rather than the side and back passing. IMO the mid pairing of Cabellos and Xhaka with wing backs Bellerin , AMN rocks, should be the building block for the next season.

  11. Interesting that you beat City with less of the ball but lost to Spurs with more of the ball. Not sure why people focus on possession stats so much.

  12. The New Arsenal me don’t care much about Possessions recently.
    MA shouldn’t go ***king with either Willock’ or Kolasinac or even thinking of Mustafi not to talk of Ozil..
    All that matters to some Gunners fans and me respectively is grabbing that CUP. Possessions playing should be talk of next season..

    1. Sorry but why not let Mikel decide the best tactics as we have seen in the past couple of games if the team follow them then we can get results
      My biggest concern is Luiz and his persepsion of Chelsea as he used to love them so will he be up for a stellar performance?

  13. Actually MAs philospohy is to play a possession based attack.He wants us to dominate games and control it kinda like what man city and barca does.Parking the bus and counter attacking are just temporary ones until he gets a good backing in the window….

      1. I’m red too, Dan. I checked my account on Friday and it said I could renew now… so did it over the phone, as had to do my son’s also. They haven’t said when the cut off date is as yet, as don’t know when next season will start….still the same price (I’m full plus)

  14. I knew Arteta was dangerous when we played against Manchester united and won. He makes these guys run their batteries down in training, he instills discipline and gives anyone willing to give their best an opportunity irrespective of your record provided you are willing to give it a 100 percent. I tell u, Chelsea will pay for what happened in Baku as the only difference between the arsenal of now and before is that this Arsenal wants to fight for every thing and they are ready to kill any team to win. What makes arsenal dangerous is that how Arteta made them stop respecting teams. They are ready to go with you toe for toe and destroy you at any given opportunity and when one person makes a mistake, the rest will fight to correct and cover that mistake . There was no respect for Liverpool and Manchester city as the Tottenham game got them really upset. Only wolves in the premiership have such a fighting spirit as they’ll fight you scary.. When Arteta came, I knew Arsenal would change and I believe he can make us great again. We the Arsenal have suffered long enough to embarrassing defeats, heartbreaking moments and teams or coaches thinking us of not being a good challenge even players like the foolish Patrice Evra making a joke out of us. They consider us weak but this time around, I pray we give Chelsea and Olivier Giroud the fight of their lives as I hope we smash Giroud to bits as I have no love for him. I want the fight we gave when we won the F. A. Cup against the terrible Diego Costa and his chelshit goons.. The thing about this Arsenal is just not about the form or ability, but desire and the will to fight for everything. I want the opponents feel the fear… Let them Quake in their boots knowing that they are going to face Arsenal. let Liverpool, Mancity, United, Tottenham and the rest get worried when they see arsenal as their next fixture, not just for the F. A. cup but for the future… Let them feel the rage of the Arsenal

    1. This is mighty inspiring.If the whole team embraces this warrior mentality,we will be hard to beat.

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