Should Arsenal wait until the summer to get the right man?

Should Arsenal Wait until The Summer? By Dan Smith

Sacking a manager is one thing, trusting Arsenal to hire a replacement who is any better than what we have is another thing entirely.

Remember when a section of our fan base was so desperate to force Arsene Wenger out of the club it became an obsession, even though there was zero proof our owners had any ambition to find anyone better? 18 months on, you could argue if we have got any better without the Frenchmen?

Now we are in the same position with Unai Emery. Some gooners are getting so frustrated he hasn’t been fired they are getting personal with their insults, without worrying if his replacement will improve things.

Recent results have suggested he’s lost the dressing room, or the very least hasn’t got the skills to lift their confidence. if that’s the case, any change can only help in the short term but what’s the point if we are sitting here in 12 months saying the same things about a different name?

Like when Mr Wenger announced he was leaving, I don’t trust our current set up to have any plan B, a contingency plan in case Emery hadn’t worked out. They will simply shrug their shoulders and see who’s a realistic target, the criteria most likely being someone so grateful to get such a high-profile vacancy they will tolerate having a limited transfer budget and starting halfway through a campaign.

An Allegri for example wouldn’t risk his reputation by walking into a sinking ship in January, he would want to start afresh in the summer with a respectable kitty.

So, is it worth months of misery if it means we get the right man, compared to a change that gives instant gratification but leaves us in the same predicament?

I don’t believe that those in power sit there and truly believe that Nuno Espirito is the best possible candidate. He is simply a cheap option that would see it as such an opportunity that he would accept the Kroenke’s lack of ambition. The Arsenal should be or could be so much more than that.

Don’t get me wrong, no one can argue the Wolves boss has not done a great a job, and couldn’t do more to earn a step up the ladder. Yet, like an Eddie Howe or Brenden Rodgers, there is a different pressure managing Arsenal then a Leicester or Bournemouth making them the same gamble Emery was.

We are not at the right time in our history to be making any gambles but if we have to go down the route (which would purely be for financial reasons) then it’s just as well pick an ex player.

We have hit rock bottom to such an extent, step one is putting smiles back on people’s faces. We need an Arsenal man who understands our DNA, agrees with our principles and won’t sacrifice them no matter the situation.

I should stress I don’t believe our owners care enough to make a game changing appointment, but if the only thing that stood in our way was holding out for 5 months then do that instead of changing for changing sake.

Dan Smith


  1. Where'sMyTop4TrophyGone? says:

    Yes, if we want to play the likes of Luton town in our fight back to the Premier League. If Emery stays, we’re sure to end in the relegation battle.

  2. joe paomo says:

    Call a spade a spade. DO we need a Rocket Scientist to tell us that Unai is below par and failed to managing Arsenal? His graph began to scale down right from the defeat against Chelsea in Europa Cup Filane. In Management of football there is no flexibility of erring beyond 100% and reach to 115%. Now or never. Tomorrow has got long impact negatively on Arsenal.

  3. Daulat says:

    It’s going to be a long winter then. And with Man United also losing their Europa league fixture, Ole being sacked isn’t too far fetched now. And considering there aren’t many good managers looking for job, can Arsenal afford losing someone like Pochettino, Allegri, Or Howe, Santo or whoever to Man United?

    At the very least, it’s better if we sack Emery right away and play under Bould and Ljumgberg as caretakers. We can’t do any worse really atm. Then be on the lookout for the right opportunity to grab a good manager.

    1. Sue says:

      The Mancs played a lot of youngsters, what was our excuse?!
      Oh I hope today is the day! Not saying whoever takes over will wave his magic wand and everything is rosy and we’re world beaters, but we need to start moving in the right direction…and that first step is to sack Unai!

  4. McLovin says:

    4th spot and even winning Europa League is not a stretch.. with a new manager.

    With Emery, we won’t be going anyhere, except maybe 10th Place.

  5. Godswill says:

    Only that am afraid of relegation fight.
    If Man U fired a certain JM midway why can’t we?

  6. fahim laki fox says:

    Emery must go…the board, the Fec and the stans are all evildoers.they see no evil or hear non..

  7. Knight says:

    The players are simply not playing for the manager.They are going to continue drawing or loosing until he is sacked.If that turns out to be at the end of the season,we wont even be in Europa League.Maybe the only thing holding the arsenal board is the thought of paying off 15Million the man to go.

  8. Chairman Gallant says:

    Emery has lost it all: the dressing room, the tactics, the substitution and every other things relating to coaching Arsenal.Yesterday, I watched our match after a long time on break, and I was shocked. Emery has to go , today if possible before our weekend match. We are in a relegation form .Seven matches without a win is scandalous.

  9. Daulat says:

    David Ornstein has reported that it’s very very likely Emery will get the sack today. Some positive news finally. And most probably Freddie as a temporary manager.

  10. Emery has to go asap. Is the Board really interested, serious and definitive about our football club. The Board is equally responsible as Emery for this downfall. If Emery sticks around much longer Arsenal will be fighting to save relegation.

  11. Truth says:

    It would be a pity to not have a new manager use the remainder of this season to get to know his team and teach his methods.

    If we don’t appoint a new manager till the summer this would mean he would not hit the ground running next season but would rather need time to get to know his team and best formations etc.

    This would be an argument in favor of whoever could start today.

    Freddie as interim would mean the remainder of the season could not be used for anything productive.

    However, its better to have Freddie in charge than Emery but if Freddie fails to stop the rot we can forget keeping our best players and we would become an even bigger laughing stock.

    Spurs had a good manager and replaced him with a big name manager. We have a poor manager and if we fail to replace him with a respectable manager and sink into the relegation zone with Freddie we won’t recover from that anytime soon.

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