Should Arsenal walk away from the Caicedo deal?

Brighton has stood firm that Moises Caicedo will not leave them this month and has even banned the midfielder from training for now.

Arsenal has turned the head of the Ecuadorian and he wants the move to happen, but the Gunners haven’t met the Seagulls’ asking price.

After tabling at least two bids, Brighton has refused to accept any and now a report on the Daily Mail reveals the Gunners might walk away if they continue to get resisted by their EPL rivals.

It remains unclear if Mikel Arteta’s side returns with an improved offer, but one certain thing is that the Gunners are getting tired and could pull the plug on the transfer.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Caicedo has had a good season and he is arguably the best man to replace Thomas Partey in our midfield at the moment.

However, he is not worth up to 100m euros and Brighton wants an amount close to that because it is the January transfer window.

If we wait until the summer, we will sign an even better player for the fee we have offered to Brighton for Caicedo.

With just a few hours left before the window closes, we must agree on a deal for the 21-year-old or find an alternative target soon.

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  1. Arsenal shouldn’t and won’t pay £100
    I’m sure Arsenal has other alternatives but of course they will keep that to themselves

  2. It may be time to try and get Sander Berge. He is a big strong boy who would suit the run in. He is one tough guy.

  3. I think we ought to respect the decision of Brighton who are understandably reluctant to sell Caicedo as they have a genuine opportunity to qualify for Europe for the first time in their history.I also understand that they are a cash rich Club and are not under any financial pressure to sell the player.There are other viable DM options out there, but I’m afraid we have left it too late as far as this window is concerned.

  4. Now reaching the stage where you either go all in for him and offer £80M-£90M(including add-ons) something Brighton will struggle to turn down or move onto another target.

    Amrabat Sangare Sander Berge Edison Alvarez would all be improve this squad. Why not turn our attention to one of those.

    Imho not signing a midfielder would be detrimental to our chances of getting over the finishing line and clinching the PL title.

  5. If we’re willing to go to 70m and if he is a very important player in AFC’s eyes then I see no reason why we can’t stretch to 80m after the bonuses. Like what Liv did with their two expensive and important buys. Only if we believe he can possibly become one of the best central midfielders in Europe should we pull the trigger. Me, I’m not sure how much he’s worth but I do like that he’s only 21

  6. Fabrizio Romano
    Arsenal approach Chelsea for Jorginho! It’s now an option in case Caicedo deal won’t go through with Brighton still reluctant to sell 🚨⚪️🔴 #AFC

    Chelsea, open to sell Jorginho but will ask for important fee to let him leave 6 months before end of contract #CFC

    What the hell is going on, this better be a joke!🤦🏾‍♂️

    1. Edu is a complete joke. Never seen a more incompetent fella running an organization. He literally had a whole month and is now running to Chelsea? Are we an effing retirement home for the Chavs? Gosh

      1. Imagine a Midfield trio of Xhaka Jorginho and Odegaard the lack of dynamism and ball retrieving ability is frightening. I pray this transfer doesn’t materialize.😱

        1. Haha that’s exactly what I thought! There’s a funny vid of a 52 yr old ref outsprinting Jiorginho at Anfield. At this rate I’m paying 15 mil for Youri Tielemans in a heartbeat. This is ridiculous.

          1. I don’t want either. Not an £80m inflated signing and worse of all, not another 31 year old Chelsea retiree. Let’s just forget about signing anyone and hope Partey would be fit which I believe he will. If he gets injured, then we play Kiwior in that position.

            1. Nah man, we can’t just let this slide and hope Partey will be fit. We are at a crucial stage in Europa with stronger opposition, we have man city to contend with in the PL meaning we’ll have to decide which competition Partey plays the most and have his deputy play in the other.

    2. To be very frank with you, I don’t mind Jorginho at this point in time. Better than spending stupid money to swell Brighton’s vaults.
      By the summer, Elneny and Sambi would be gone and we would spend good money to address the midfield with Rice and another younger midfielder
      Chelsea are buying Enzo Fernandes for crazy money so they may be looking to recover a bit of that.
      I remember Wenger wanted to sign Jorginho some years back. He may not be our ideal option, but certainly an upgrade on the existing Partey alternatives we have now.
      Please let’s do it.

      1. If you’re taking a painfully slow 31yr old over a 21 yr old with bags of potential who we could tie down for a decade then you’re not thinking straight. I’d rather pay 80 mil for Caicedo, and give him a long-term deal with an option to extend than spend 5 mil on a 31 yr old Jorgingho. FACTS

      2. He cannot be the only midfield signing or that is just poor business. As competition/back up for Xhaka, fine I can deal with that but no way should he be the alternative option for Partey. Like I have already said bring in one of Amrabat, Sangare,.Sander Berge or Edison Alvarez to be Partey’s competition/back up if the club want to add Jorginho as an extra midfield signing no problem, then you could look at loaning out Lokonga to Monaco.

  7. Just praying that Chelsea came up in this 11th hour tonight and did us another Mudryk to spare us from this disastrous financial stewardship 💔🤦‍♂️❗

    Surely there are other commercially sense options to what Brighton is asking for ❗

  8. As I said earlier, Edu is a failure. Whether he gets this over the line or not he’s still a FAILURE. We’ve needed a midfielder since last season yet here we are acting like we’ve been ambushed by injuries! This is clear Dereliction of duty by Edu. He’s the club’s go-to man for advice and updates on transfers yet looks out of his depth. He’s put the board in an awkward situation recently, chasing targets that are either not interested or clubs just do care about the cash. And the one deal that looked certain, he fluffed it with obnoxious add-ons that the selling club considered a complete joke and an insult forcing them to turn to the next available suitor.

    1. How is he a failure,coaches n directors have an idea player in mind that they need,in arsenal case most players we need are either too expensive or the club don’t want to let go, all the signings he had done was it that bad,arsenal has eyes for potential talent so whenever we see players other clubs jump on it.

  9. I said Edu has been a failure and I stand by my opinion! If you look at it, this transfer window has been all over the place. We are now scraping the barrel for a 31 yr old, going totally against our recruitment policy when we had three months to plan and a whole month to execute the plan. Edu should be fired. Simple

      1. Nah Edu is a effing failure. He had three months to scour the market for targets, talk to contacts, and get a clear picture of their situation, then another month to officially talk to clubs, but all we get is an over-the-hill Chelsea reject expected to fill in for TP! We would never be looking at Chelsea’s 31 yr old rejects if we had a competent technical director.

        1. “All we got” hmmm do you know about trossard and kiwior and the other brilliant signings previously?
          I think we may have a troll on our hands. .

          1. Indeed. Remarkable a few guys here abusing Edu. Are you seriously aying he wasn’t involved in
            And especially Jesus !?

            Or you just want to blame him for what hasn’t happened yet ?

            Seriously some Arsenal fans are never happy !

            1. Spot on! Some fans are far too impatient and demanding and havelost all touch with the reality of what it takes to turn the shambles MA and then EDU inherited , around to being league leaderand five points clear.

              BUT SOME PEOPLE WILL NEVER BE SATISFIED and expect, even demand unrealistic achievements, in far too short a time too.

          2. Pat, he regularly writes as a troll would.

            I doubt very much he is REALLY a Gooner at all. IF he is, then he is one who it is impossible to please and personally I MUCH DISLIKE THIS TYPE OF SO CALLED “FAN”!

  10. Real Sociedad’s Martin Zubimendi is an option.

    If reports are correct that we’ve been in discussion with his people then he’s available for a buyout of £53m.

    Being in a Spanish club, La Liga rules say that all the buying club needs to do to activate the clause is lodge the money with their authorities. And agree terms with the player of course.

    That’s what we did to get Partey.

    1. Zubimendi doesn’t want to change clubs mid-season and has already rejected our approach….till end of season

    2. I think the Zubimedi ship has
      sailed till the summer window.
      Rumors circulated that AFC were
      more than willing to activate the
      the release cause but the player
      had no interest in joining this

      He’d already be an Arsenel player
      IMWO if Socidad weren’t in the
      La Liga title race and CL

  11. This is a sad case of Edu and
    MA prioritizing EPL experience
    to a catastrophic fault. A
    Jorhinho/Xhaka pairing would
    be an absolute abomination if
    and when TP hits the treatment
    table and IMWO would more
    than ikely cost Arsenal a
    realistic chance @ the EPL

    Just can’t concince me that
    his EXPERIENCE trumps the
    obvious shortcomings in his
    game and Arsenal’s willingness
    to seriously consider other more
    talented options.

    Sangare, Bamba, Haidara even
    Sander Berge would be better

    1. Sander Berge is a big, tall guy, quite young, 24 I think. He play with Odegaard in the Norway team. He would excel as a DM. Maybe doesn’t have the same passing skills, but is a powerful tackler. Under normal windows I wouldn’t go for him…BUT he knows the Prem and is a powerful player who adds 6’5″ to the defence.

  12. Simply inexcusable that we still lack a backup and/or competition for Partey in DM.

    Partey’s injury record with us is not a surprise now, and still we have nothing for DM after 2 years. ElNeny has been loyal but not at the level we need for DM.

    Wenger bungled the DM position for years, and now DM is a weak spot in our roster yet to be addressed.

    Vieira money and business would have been better spent recruiting a DM. ESR is better than Vieira, and the guy has the build of a 14 year old kid, hardly fit for the rigors of the PL.

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