Should Arsenal Women’s Eidevall adopt the inverted fullback system?

Should Arsenal Women’s Eidevall adopt the inverted fullback system? by Michelle

Arsenal’s women’s team needs to evolve, and Jonas Eidevall has everything to do that. Injuries last season made the Arsenal women’s boss a bit imaginative tactically. As injuries sidelined his key players game after game, he found himself tweaking and switching his tactics to accommodate the players at his disposal. The Swede didn’t have his preferred starting lineup for most of last season. But he now can, with all the quality players at his disposal (after a successful summer transfer window and those returning from injuries), unleash a strong starting lineup in games.
Eidevall’s project is no doubt going to progress and match the pace of development of world football tactics. Who knows, we could also see the Gunner women adopt the inverted fullback role like their male counterparts.
If they go into the inverted fullback role, Katie McCabe’s versatility and technical skills give her the ability to play as an inverted fullback. With this system, Kim Little & Lia Wälti at central midfield will have less pressure, which will also free the likes of Frida Maanum, Victoria Pelova, or the other midfielders to focus on attacking. It’s a system that can be used in tight games where it is predicted to be hard for the Gunners to score.

Alessia Russo is a box striker. In this system, you get the best of your striker, as chances will be plentiful. The attacking midfielder’s prowess is seen; it is easier to get them scoring or assisting. The wingers are also easily fed the ball and are tasked with giving full backs a run for their money, as centre backs will be busy watching out for midfielders breaking into their box.

There are many tactical approaches Jonas Eidevall can use. Whether he bows to pressure and uses the inverted fullback system, we will have to wait and see. What do you think? It’s a successful tactic in the men’s game – should it be adopted in the women’s game?


Michelle Maxwell

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  1. Would love to see that but there are not much crisp passers of the ball to hire for such highly detailed and demanding role and of course the footballing intelligence for such role to balance between defence and attack. i don’t think the girls should be stressed though, their game is not necessarily tactical. just let them enjoy their football (Basics) cos i think complicating it with stuff like this might cause some sort of distress.KT and walker are good examples of players who are okay with the role in it’s traditional form but not a fan of the role’s innovation.

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