Should Arsenal work out a swap deal with Juventus using Vlahovic and Partey?

According to various reports, Arsenal are looking to sign a striker in the winter transfer window to improve their attack, and there have been reports that Thomas Partey could be sold in the winter. Juventus, who have held talks with him, look likely to sign him to replace Paul Pogba and Nicolo Fagioli.

With that in mind, why don’t Arsenal consider signing Dusan Vlahovic, whom Mikel Arteta undoubtedly admires, and offer Thomas Partey as part of the deal?

Arsenal has been interested in Vlahovic for several years. On a straight deal, he may be worth more than £50 million. However, if Partey is included in the deal, the fee may be significantly reduced.

Arsenal’s midfield appears to have moved on from Partey with the addition of Rice. Though injuries have kept him out of the lineup, even when he was fit early in the season, he wasn’t used in his usual midfield position.

Partey may become irrelevant if Arsenal go ahead with signing another central midfielder in the winter as expected, which would be unfair to both him and Arsenal. If Juventus can give him plenty of playing time, he should join them, and with their financial crisis, they could benefit from a player plus some cash offer from Arsenal.

Vlahovic is a natural striker but he hasn’t had much success since joining Juventus, which may have been the incorrect decision for him given that he passed up Arsenal to join them. However, he can fix his transfer mistake this January by agreeing to join Arsenal. Who knows, he could be able to reclaim his Fiorentina form, where he scored 17 goals in 21 games (in the first half of the 2021–22 season) before joining Juve.

Would that be a sensible move by Arteta?

Sam P

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  1. I DO wish that some articles could be reslistic in their thinking. Honestly SAM, do you REALLY believe such a swap deal as you outline would be remotely of interest to MA?!! Or to Vlahovic either?

    Then you blithely trot out your opinion that “we are expected to sign another central midfielder in January.

    I must assume you mean a top quality one who would cost a packet of money.

    I must presume Kroenke tells you his financial spending intentions then. AND our clubs position regarding FFP!!

    If only, for once, your next article could be REALISTIC!! SIGH!

  2. It doesn’t get any better than this, would be like a deal struck in heaven.

    A change of scenery could do the world class player, Thomas Partey a world of good, maybe even a few quids left back from our shoes string budget after a swap deal realized.

    Expedite a deal now, both sides should live happily after.

  3. Definitely!

    Swap a 30 something midfielder who spends most of his season acquainting himself with the treatment table for one of the top strikers in Europe.

    I can see that one going through…

      1. The big difference is Real Madrid have never registered an intrest in Cedric, on the other hand Juventus has an obsession for Partey many moons now, and have actively been trying to off load Vlohovic as he’s not a natural fit to their playing style

      1. He has been held back by the old lady playing style, the Serbian still sport a high ceiling in my opinion,

        He should be unleash by a progressive gaffer in the league and rediscover his form.

        He’s a poor man Haaland if you ask me

  4. Worth exploring, as that would solve depth issues up front; Jesus as backup to striker and Saka.

    In the Summer we can go all in for a midfielder to compliment Rice in the midfield, and hopefully have a complete team of top players and adequate depth to match.

  5. Vhalovic is a no no. He would need time to adapt to a new playing style but ivan toney would hit the ground running and would definitely cost less than the overrated vlahovic

  6. If we do have to buy a another forward I think Toney would be ideal. He can handle himself against some of the most physical defenders, can hold the ball up, bring others into play and even score a goal or two. And he’s English.

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