Should Arsenal worry about Alexis Sanchez’s dip in form?

Alexis Sanchez is enjoying a dream first season as an Arsenal player, exhibiting his entire repertoire of scoring goals, making goals and working indefatigably for the welfare of his team. Of late, however, the Chilean has had an obtrusive dip in form that has seen him score just 1 goal and register 1 assist in his last 12 games in all competitions for the Gunners. The question is: will Sanchez’s indifferent form concern the North Londoners, who currently sit in 3rd place in the Premier League table?

Prior to this dip in form, Sanchez was by far the most important player for the Gunners, who were heavily reliant on the former Barcelona winger during the early stages of this campaign. Sanchez was, in many ways, winning games singlehandedly for his team; in fact, 5 of Sanchez’s 13 Premier League goals have resulted in him earning Arsenal as many as 9 points all on his own. That is how crucial Sanchez’s early season form was to the benefit of Arsene Wenger’s men.

Since the second half of January, when the 26-year old forward entered a lean patch, Wenger has found other players of the squad come to the party and deliver the goods for his team. When it comes to scoring goals, Olivier Giroud has made a strong comeback in the last couple of months that have seen the 28-year old French striker score as many as 10 goals in 12 games in all competitions. The likes of Danny Welbeck, Mesut Ozil and Aaron Ramsey, to name a few, have come up with their fair share of goals as well, that have helped Arsenal win 10 of their last 12 games in all competitions.

In terms of creating goals: Santiago Cazorla has continued to be the chief orchestrator in the middle of midfield, although Ozil’s return to action has alleviated the workload on the Spaniard. While this Cazorla-Ozil duo has played together in the last 5 Premier League games (until Newcastle), they have combined to create an impressive 25 chances, with the German creating the most chances (18) during that period.

Looking beyond the significant aspects of scoring goals and creating goals, Arsenal, going into their last 8 games of this campaign, would want Sanchez, who has created the most number of goal scoring chances (64) in the Arsenal squad, to get back into form as soon as possible. Yes, other players have hit form and, barring an injury crisis, it looks all rosy for the North Londoners at the moment.

Sanchez, however, is a big match player and his work rate is second to none in this Arsenal squad that will need the Chilean to be on top of his game once Premier League action returns after this international break. Wenger’s wizards face the likes of Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester United over the last couple of months of their 2014/15 campaign, and will need Sanchez’s industry to win those heavyweight clashes.


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    1. Alexis in his poorest form is more worthy than all the rest of the team.The ma has a lion heart and deep in me I think he over does sometime because when he looks at the others guy he feels he has to carry them as they are not strong enough.
      In one season,the guy became the main man of a big team like Arsenal.hat off

      1. Think we have another Arsharvin,remember 4 against Liverpool we were on top of the world we thought then. I bet next season he will be hard to get a game if he doesn’t change,it’s not about resting it’s about his game, now we have more players to chose from he is only trying to score buy not playing to be part of the team. C B

        1. total bullocks. your knowledge of formation etc is obviously limited. he is a worldclass forward, form is temporary. that s what a lot of fans dont get. class is permanent. he will be back.

          with ozil and giroud back, he has been asked to stay more on the wings. before he had a free role, playing through the middle or just off the center half. not he is on the flanks, dramatically reducing his chances. also, he is nackered.

          how you can say such a nearsighted and ignorant comment shows that you need to learn a lot about the game, noob.

  1. Why is it forgotten that football is a team sport…it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t score or provide and assist…so long as he contributes to the teams win….and recently we have been winning…
    and like the comment above – He does provide a Fear Factor….besides the fans always have confidence so long as he’s on the pitch.

  2. Even when a great player has a dip in form you can still see quality moments. Did you see Alexis’s piece of skill @ Newcastle whicy he Kicked the ball over the defender’s head, ran around kept the ball in play and passed to Welbeck and Welbeck Shot was rubbish. That would have been awesome goal.

  3. Sell Sanchez… It seems like this is the new trend now days. A player goes through a bad patch and all the clubs are problems are blamed on him..

    Some players are safe from criticism while others have got to be on form each and every game to be safe from being disrespected…


  4. strange really how nobody has bothered to mention the news about ozil , the news that he was photographed out on the town the night he was supposedly ill . left out of the squad and all he was so ill . oh yes , definately the best number ten in the world , dont you all agree ?.

  5. He has stopped scoring goals – he hasn’t stopped putting in a shift on the pitch. He brings plenty to the party even when not scoring. These things happen – some strikers need a rest, re-group and start again, some need to play through it. Not sure why people automatically assume exhaustion, burn-out etc. Cazorla has played more PL minutes than Alexis along with 64 other PL players.

  6. Easy one, should we worry….. No

    He’s a footballer, not a robot. Devastating form comes and goes.

  7. I wouldnt worry about his loss of form unless we were in next round of CL and looking good for the Title. Sanchez is just too talented and hard working for this not to be a blip… its not like he was only riding luck first six months. I suppose one worry could be we might need our best players at their best if we are to win the FA cup, like others have pointed out however is that Sanchez brings allot more to the table besides his Goals and Assists.

    One thing though it really does bother me when he doesnt score as i wanted him to be the outright player of the season but even at Arsenal now he may not be the player of the season, for me he still is Arsenals player of season but their is an argument.

  8. Yes he might be wavering a bit but he does cover a lot of ground during a game. Of late he has made a few wayward passes but I think this is a small blip. Others have also been incisisstant with their passing but I think it will all come good.

  9. Adrian D. is at it again.

    I wonder if it’s in his contract to write certain number of anti-arsenal/anti-Wenger articles

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