What should Arsenal do with Calum Chambers?

In one way, looking from an Arsenal perspective, you could be happy that England did not use our young defender Calum Chambers as they once again flopped at an international tournament. The Arsenal player has had no chance to pick up an injury and as the Three Lions are out of the Euro under 21 championship, he will be able to have a proper summer break and be ready for the start of the season.

But I cannot be happy with Gareth Southgate for taking Chambers and not using him at all, especially when their defending was not great, as seen by them letting in three soft goals in the defeat to Italy last night. For one thing it cannot be good for the ladยดs confidence.

I am really surprised as well, because Chambers was one of the players that has been used in the senior England side but was happy to drop back down. And he has more top flight games under his belt than the other England players, as well as him and Jenkinson being the only ones to have played in the Champions League. It does beg the question of whether the young Gunner was doing it in training and if not, that is a concern for Arsenal.

Chambers did not feature much in the latter stages of the season for us, although he did say recently that he was quite pleased with the season on the whole. But he looks to have a huge fight on his hands for the right back role at Arsenal and it would have been good for him to get some international experience in central defence.

Hopefully Chambers will come back refreshed and ready to make his mark and he is still very young but do you think that Arsenal have cause for concern about him? Perhaps a year out on loan may bring back his sharpness?

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  1. Is that really a question???…but for the sake of discussion, i will answer….Keep chambers at arsenal for as long as possible..The kid will be WC in at least two seasons time and am certain and will be a direct inheritor of koscielny…Did anyone know what would become of bellerin at the start of te season??..Noooo…So keep cahmbers and he will come through…
    The real question should have been…What should arsenal do with Flamini, Podolski, Diaby, Arteta etc

    1. England doesn’t produce world class players,the U21 tournament has shown them up again that the media over hype these useless players to seem better than they actually are!

      1. I agree but would say centre back (and maybe GKs) are the only positions historically where England has produced decent players over the years. Adams, Campbell, Terry, Ferdinand etc would all have been snapped up by top European teams if they wanted a move abroad.

  2. He is a good player. If well groomed, He will be a great CB. He should learn from the senior CB’s in the team (Kos and Mert). Gabriel is a good player and he admitted He learns from Kos and Mert since they have been in the club before Him. Wenger sees something in Chambers… At the moment, Debuchy and Bellerin are ahead of Him in the right back position but the kid is not a bad lad…

  3. Chambers will end up in the centre either midfield or at the back. He is just 20 years d, plenty of time for him. Francis coquelin proved that sometimes playing the waiting game pays off. Honestly once the cech deal is signed and sorted, the next thing to do is decide which 2 players, won’t be part of the 25 man squad next season. That decision doesn’t need to be made until around the 29th August, 3 weeks into the season. Obviously if we sign some more then that number increases, but with alexis still playing, ospina and campbell too, we should hold on to as many players as possible. The 25 man squad doesn’t need to be finalised until September 1st, so make use of it, sign the players we want, start the season with 30 players if need be then reduce it a couple of days before the window closes. Important to get a great start this season.

  4. AW needs to focus Chambers on CB role, working with likes of Per, Kos and Gabriel to develop a top class defensive team. Remember last season when Kos was injured, we don’t want that again!!
    Don’t confuse the lad with RB role as he does not have the pace of Bellerin.
    2 or 3 years as CB will also give him defensive skills to convert into DM.
    Depending on who else makes the 25 man squad would consider Hayden for League Cup games etc if he does not go out on loan

  5. Loan him out and sign a centreback….

    When he returns next season…we would hv 5 centrebacks to rotate

    1. chalobah was pants. I just hope my eyes don’t see another performance like that for the rest of my life and that loftus cheek guy is NO pogba, he needs to learn to defend.

  6. Chambers was a very
    interesting 16 mill buy
    especially when we bought
    Deuchy as well for 12 mill.
    Wenger deliberated over buying a DM or CB
    then when Giroud got injured he decided to spend
    16 mill on Welbeck even tho we had Podolski Campbell and Sanogo.
    Debuchy played CB and Chamberlain played RB while Mertz rested post the world cup and then Kos got injured so Monreal played CB too.!!!
    Then Debuchy got injured but Bellerin came in then
    We finally bought Gabriel in Jan by which time Kos and Mertz were fit again so Chambers was left out for the 2nd half of the season.
    Crazy old season for Chambers but hardly his fault.

    1. English players are always over priced,over hyped yet their talent doesn’t match the price tag,Sterling is 40mil,Kane 50mill,Berahino 30mil yet we bought a world class Sanchez for 32mil last summer

      1. They are definitely overpriced – no argument there. But the market is rigged by the squad rules making this inevitable – so not the player’s faults.

  7. This home grown rule will not be good for english teams in the champions league,english players are just not good enough at the very top level of Champions league,world cup and euros

  8. As long as you don’t put him anywhere near the RB position.. He is absolutely terrible and clueless playing Right Fullback.

  9. Chambers is an ideal
    home grown squad player.
    One of the 8 minimum
    players required rising to 12 in years to come perhaps.
    Arsenal has at least 10 who should make the 25
    Bellerin (U21) Ramsey Coquelin Walcott are starters
    Szczesny Chambers Gibbs Chamberlain Wilshere Wellbeck
    are back up players..
    (U21) Gnabry Akpom Martinez Zelalem Bielik Crowley.
    are definite maybe’s. And of course VLAD ๐Ÿ™‚
    There’s money in them thar hills of HG players.
    Go forth and sell a few at general store ๐Ÿ™‚
    Bring home barrels of Whiskey, buxom wenches and Pizza ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. I think he’s a good lad to have and he clearly has heaps of potential on the CB spot. He’s a calm lad which always is a big help in that position. Whether he needs a loan or not, Arsenal trainings vs the starting forwards we have might provide better lessons than game time at a weaker side.
    We also have another League Cup campaign coming but if we decide to loan him out we can let Hayden take his place in the senior squad for the coming season.

  11. Off Topic. ‘Real Madrid to make ยฃ21m move for Koscielny’. I don’t believe this rumour for a minute. But even if it was true, I have an odd feeling that Koscielny would rather stay at Arsenal than leave. He really seems to like it here and does seem to have a big ego, that’s what lures so many to Madrid.

    1. I think you are right. We are also on the rise after two FA cup trophies getting Ozil, Alexis and now hopefully Cech. He lives in a great city. He has fans that love him. I’m sure he is happy here.

      But Real’s interest just confirms to me that he is WC.

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