Arsenal worried about Copa America effect on Alexis Sanchez?

First of all I have to offer huge congratulations to the Arsenal and Chile international star Alexis Sanchez. For the second summer in a row he and his national side beat the Argentina of Lionel Messi and all in the Copa America final on penalties. And just to cap off this excellent tournament for our Gunner he was voted as the player of the tournament having scored three times and assisting once.

As reported by Metro his Arsenal team mate Mesut Ozil was one of the first to offer his support and congratulations to the Chilean and while the German and the other Arsenal players at Euro 2016 could still be on international duty for some time, at least Sanchez can now rest and recover ahead of the new season.

But after the negative effect that last summer’s Copa America win had on our striker, should Arsenal fans be worried about the same happening again at the start of the new campaign. The quick and honest answer is that we just do not know. It might, but I reckon the fact that he did it last year and that was Chile’s first ever triumph in the competition will make it less likely to have such an impact on his club form.

Also we should remember that Alexis missed a few months of last season with injury and so he has not been in the same situation of playing without a decent rest. Hopefully this second international success will actually help Arsenal as it makes our striker hungry for more trophies with his club.

We can only wait and hope and say well done Alexis Sanchez!


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  1. Alexis has posted a picture of his feet on Facebook and his left foot looks badly swollen.I just hope it is nothing serious and he is in full form for the new season.

  2. Depends who we sign in all honesty…
    The gulf between Sanchez and our next best player in a wide position is huge! He’s world-class but still, we don’t have any other player who can do anything close to the role he plays for us. The unpredictability and ability to take his man on is crucial, especially with teams sitting deep.
    If we can add some more quality to our forward line with a bit more balance, it should be easier for Sanchez to adjust back in to the extremely long, regular PL season.

        1. You hit the nail on the head. we always assume that Sanchez= left wing and Ozil=AM. What happens if any of them gets badly injured? Do we have enough quality as backup. I will still say we have a few players to probably give Ozil a rest but none have the dimension which Sanchez brings. In an ideal would sell Ox and Walcott and get 1 world class winger (Rambo can also play in the wings).

  3. Enough time until EPL kick off at middle of August. Time to say to our little fella : SIT DOWN ALEXIS, ENJOY THE LIFE AND PLEASE, PLEASE STAY OUT OF FOOTBALL!!!

  4. Following the norwich game last season, when alexis injured his hamstring.

    Arsene Wenger said afterwards. “I would have rested him today but he felt perfectly alright,” he told Sky Sports. “He declared that he had no problem.” Perhaps, as Thierry Henry and Alan Smith said in the studio, Sanchez should have been saved from himself.

    Basically alexis has to be monitored carefully and forced to rest when necessary to minimise the risk of injury. Any doubt and he should not play but this is easier said than done, he will always want to play and my impression is that he will not volunteer that he has a problem.

    Basically I think he should play in most CL matches, otherwise he will want to leave. In FA cup I would generally not play him until the later stages or if we are drawn against a top club. In PL I would look to rest him against weaker teams, if we can decide who they are.

    1. We have been so reliant on Sanchez and Ozil that it’s almost a crime. Hopefully with Xhaka in the team now, Cazorla at times can rotate with Ozil. Iwobi should ideally rotate with Sanchez at LW and “Mahrez” should rotate with the rest at RW.

      Another player who i fear will burn out is Koscielney. Why we are not able to find 2 young CBs to rotate with the existing lot is beyond me.

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