Should Arsenal worry about early season banana skin?

A lot has already been said about Arsenal and the need for us to put right one of the big problems of last season, namely starting slowly. Arsene Wenger has admitted that it took the Gunners way too long to really get on a roll and although there were a lot of injury problems as well as players coming back late from the World Cup finals to contend with, everyone at the club knows that it is vital to ensure it does not happen again.

So the last thing that Arsenal fans want to hear is another possible reason for us not starting well when the Premier League season kicks off in less than a month. Our first proper game of the season, after facing Chelsea at Wembley in the Community Shield the previous weekend, is against West Ham and their new manager Slaven Bilic has issued a warning that they will have a big advantage over us on the opening day.

His reasoning is that the Europa League qualifying rounds which West Ham are due to play, which could mean six European games for them before they face Arsenal, will have his players a lot fitter and more ready for action than us Gunners.

He told Sky Sports, “It’s good for the start, definitely.

“The best examples are from your own history, not from the books, the experience you have. I only have to look at last year when we played with Besiktas, we played Arsenal in the Champions League play-off.

“We were fitter than them. We had already played Feyenoord in the previous round and we were fitter. Arsenal had only played the Community Shield and Crystal Palace and we were already in the season.”

We did only just sneak through those play-offs and the deciding goal was scored by Alexis Sanchez, who will not be available for the West Ham clash due to the Copa America and his late return to training. So how do we avoid this problem?

Well for one thing we are at home against them and we do have a few games before that to prepare. Maybe Arsene Wenger should use the Emirates cup games as a chance to get our best XI playing together more than his usual experimenting and giving the fringe players a chance.

Or should we just prepare as normal and trust in our extra quality to get us all the points in that crucial first game, remebering also that their right back Carl Jenkinson will not be able to face his parent club. What do you think?

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        1. just found this out and it funny
          Last time Tottenham finished above
          Arsenal: Gnabry wasn’t even born.Wilshere was in nursery. Apple and Blackberry were just fruits.

          1. We need to compare our selfs to the great and not to nobodys. Just imagine Bayern comparing them self to TSV 1860 München. Get my point?

  1. It’s clear what we think,we need a DM and a top striker to kick start the season. With these additions we will have a completely and quality squad. We have a good squad right now but arteta and flamini should take no part in our season if we are to lift the bpl trophy. And importantly we need a star striker to give our players a moral boos,except giroud and welbeck I guess. Only then we have a chance to start the season strong.few top class signings will boost us big time.

    1. We have no reason to not start well (win against west ham) new signings or not. That’s just it. Hope we sign 1 or 2 quality players as you mention, but we are not in desperate need for the 1st time in many years. #COYG

      1. Meh, what kind of excuse will be made if we lose our first game of the season? Hmm. #ArseneKnowsBest

      2. We are not desperate??? Just cuz we don’t show it doesn’t mean we are not desperate. Actually a majority of the fans are desperate to win the bpl.and that’s not happening without new signings. Yes we might be able to get passed westham but not the bigger tests.we need a DM and striker

  2. We going to blow them out the water no question. Sanchez, Ramsey, Walcott, Ozil, Coq, Kos, Cazorla, Bellerin, Monreal, Mert will start how they left off…and the rest like Giroud, Ox, Debuchy, Cech, Gibbs, Gabriel, Akpom, Wilshire, Welbeck have something to PROVE. We going to blow these clowns away. right after we take the community like we did last year. COYGsssssssss!!!

    1. Not sure about taking the community shield without a striker or winger plus a strker. Let’s get the players we need and start the season on a high

  3. Lets have a positive mindset, that we will have a good start in the coming new season and go on an 7 game winning streak! Coyg!

      1. i don’t need transfer rumours like i said in previous articles i don’t bother myself with our transfer? but this?? should we be worried cus they’ll play more matches in the pre season and be fitter? how many pre season matches did chelsea played last season before winning their matches??

    1. Wow, another rumour w@nker. Lol!

      WelL, there’s this guy who writes for Metro, he’s as good as Bob when it comes to misleading titles; his name is Jammie Sanderson. According to my source, Jammie and Bob are working on something big– the big one. Something that can mislead an already misled world into total nothingness.

  4. Seriously Mr Wenger, let’s buy Reus and Wanyama, two players that are within our budget and improve our squad. Sell Flamini and we will all be happy.

      1. Well I think those two would be more than reasonable additions to our squad.
        Anyway I’m off to spend two weeks on a boat trip surfing perfect waves in the Maldives.
        Hopefully there will be a signing before I get back.

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