Should Arsenal worry about Giroud´s internationals?

Arsenal fans will surely be a happier bunch after Arsene Wenger and the players put on a good show away to Watford to record a first win of the new Premier League season. Along with the three points and some good play from the likes of Alexis Sanchez, Theo Walcott, Granit Xhaka and Petr Cech there were more positives from the Gunners as key players like Ozil, Koscielny and Cazorla returned to fitness.

So by the time Arsenal next line up to play, which is a home clash with Southampton on September 10th, all of the squad apart from those on the injury list should be totally match fir and ready to rock. We should also have Aaron Ramsey and Alex Iwobi available again although I expect the boss to ease them back into action.

My biggest concern is Olivier Giroud, as the big centre forward is yet to play a single minute of club football this season but he has been called up by Didier Deschamps anyway. France have two games to play, against Italy on Friday and then Belarus next Tuesday and I think the Arsenal striker is set to play.

Deschamps has not recalled Karim Benzema to his squad so if he is to continue with the same sort of system we have seen in the build up to and during Euro 2016 then Giroud will probably be his first choice to play through the middle.

Wenger clearly feels he is not ready or he would surely have featured as a sub at least, so is this international break a potential problem for Giroud, Arsenal and our hopes of mounting a proper title challenge.


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  1. Giroud is a worry for me, he is the only person in our attacking line up that give us power and aerial dominance. Pace is important but sometimes team are happy to sit back and suffocate the space, so pace and power are both important.

    1. this is what wenger made us to feel. dilly dallying in every transfer window and buys no striker so that when all is gone, Giroud remains to be our savior once more. now people are worried Giroud might get hurt on int. matches and affect the club on the long run.. Genius old man

      1. That’s the reality. It’s not Wenger’s make. Let’s not be obsessed with blaming him all the time

  2. Didnt he play against lester?.either way good for him to get some match fitness i dont see nothing wrong with it..he play 2 games for france get that rustyness out and come bk for us ready to go wether its starting or off the bench…im also glad perez we have a whole week to train and get use out style of play before he’s thrown in

  3. If he isn’t starting for us well then we should be able to tell France that he’s not fully fit, but Arsene might like him having a game under his belt before we return. So am not sure which is best, so long as he doesn’t play every minute and comes back fit I’d be ok with this.

  4. Lacazette has been called up for France as well so perhaps not all of the burden will fall on Giroud.

    Having said that, the only worry I have about Giroud is that he starts another Arsenal game.
    I really think that guy does very little for us and his lack of pace kills some of our most potent options.

    At best bring him on in the last 15 minutes, but please never start him again, let’s go for a fast paced game utilizing the skills we have in Ozil and Santi and the pace and skill of Sanchez, Lucas, Iwobi, Walcott and Ox.

  5. worry? not at all, he has had enough rest alredi. anyway I ain’t freaked about seeing Giroud in my first choice Arsenal line up, so to me, there’s nothing to worry abt, thanks to the depth of the squad which means everyone have to sit up or gets displaced by someone else due to the competition for places in the team and this includes Giroud. so instead of me to be worried, I should be excited.

      1. hw is he gonna get match fit if he doesn’t start playing? I am not praying for him to get injured? I am jst sayin the fact that he’s gona play for France doesn’t worry me, if it was Ozil or Sanchez or Koschelny, I had be worried becuz they are one of our best players but I really can’t say that for Giroud, he’s average at best and that God we now have a striker to rival him, so I ain’t worried at all

      2. why do you think negatively? why don’t you think may be he’ll score a hat trick and some good headers in the 2 games and gets his fitness and ruthlessness back. but he can’t do that, he is average at best

        1. whether Giroud scores a brace or a hatrick doesn’t make him a world class player my friend. he’s who he is (average). he has proved that times without number. i’m just being sincere and u knw it’s the truth so stop deceiving urslf abt Giroud

  6. i am not too worried,i think wenger hasn,t been playing him because he has the international friendlies in mind too,like you he knows giroud will definitely play for france so he,s trying to manage him!!

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  7. Looks like Chambers is being loaned out to Middlesbrough.

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  8. In a word, No! There isn’t need for any panic. I think it will work out in favour of Arsenal. Whenever Giroud comes back after a break, he is rusty. And once he plays many a game, he dozes off in the pitch. If he plays for, say 15 games, he is effective from 4th to 12th game. Now, with him playing for France, just see how horrendous his finishing would be. He must be match fit at the moment, let him get some minutes for France before facing the Saints.

    Even then I would rather have Wenger pick Perez for the Saints game and bring Giroud as a sub. That way, Oliver can be fully fit and ready to face PSG.

  9. Giroud playing for his country can only be good for Arsenal, either he’ll get his fitness up and be nearer to playing for us again or he’ll get injured (good or bad you decide) but the club will know if he is ready to put the shirt on for our cause. I’m just not sure if i would start him in Champions League regardless of opponent.

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